[Rejected] July-August Content About The Aurora Ecosystem

Hello everyone.I have been in cryptocurrency since 2020, I buy cryptocurrencies, and I also have my own blog on YouTube.I like cryptocurrency,I really like Bitcoin and several altcoins, such as ETH,BNB,DOT,ATOM,NEAR…Also recently I noticed Aurora and I liked it too.I want to offer you a series of reviews on my YouTube channel about Aurora and applications on Aurora, which I liked more.
A little bit about me…I am a crypto enthusiast and have made good money on cryptocurrency, and I also like to make videos about cryptocurrency.I have collaborated with such cryptocurrency companies as Gate io Exchange (130 training videos), KuCoin Exchange (20 videos), Bybit,Huobi and Binance.I also love NEAR, and I also like to study it and tell others about it, so I have already received a grant for NEAR and made 15 interesting videos.
My videos will be for those who know Russian.
Here is an example of one of the grants for NEAR, which I have already completed)

Now about what I want to offer you)
Topics on which I want to make a video:
1)Overview of AURORA Tokenomics and why it is needed.
2)Amaterasu Finance
4)Arken Finance
5)Rift Finance
6)Attarius Network
7)Video in which I will tell you how to buy AURORA(from DEX to exchanges), where to store and why.
There is also one meme contest for my community.
100*10=1000 $- For 10 reviews
250$-One Aurora-related meme contest
In total:
Links to social networks
My YouTube channel, where 1930 subscribers:

My telegram channel where 243 subscribers:

My suggestion will help people learn about interesting projects on Aurora.
My wallet address:
I’ve already made a video about Aurora+)
And these are some of the videos for NEAR)

Waiting for a response from you)NEAR-POWER, AURORA is an interesting project that makes life easier.HODL BTC,NEAR,AURORA!)Thank you for your attention and hope for your support, I love my job.
My proposal Solves The Problem of recognition of the Aurora ecosystem.I’m making a video that will be watched by hundreds, maybe thousands of people, more people will learn about Aurora, someone will even use what I’m talking about.
And I will also help newcomers to understand the Aurora ecosystem, namely, I will tell you about Aurora, projects on it and it will become more clear to the beginner how and what is happening.
How is this problem solved?
I’m making a video that a lot of people will watch, so Aurora will become more popular.And also beginners will learn a lot of new things by watching this video.And there will also be a meme course in the interse form, where people will make memes about Aurora, when they make memes, they will ask what it is and some of them will use aurora.
Expected value:More people will learn about the Aurora ecosystem, j, about the projects built on it, as well as newcomers will find answers to their questions.In total, the recognition of Aurora will increase and new users will come.
The key indicators will be views on my YouTube channel, usually 500 views.


Good evening! Could you please update some information:

  • Links on social media and how many members in the social media;
  • What problem is the proposal solving?
  • How is the problem being solved?
  • Expected impact and value for the Aurora community;
  • Metrics/KPIs to track results.

Thank You!


Thanks, I added everything from this list


how do you like my offer?

???))))??))how do you like my offer?

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Thank you for your proposal. It’s not from me at the moment. I am suggesting to you update your proposal with the guide and reapply later. Thank You.