[Closed] An Introduction Article of Aurora by Chinese

Hello guys, thx for checking my proposal

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Some articles about Aurora & Ecosystem by Chinese

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China, Asia

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Near上的极光世界 - Aurora全面解读 — jazzlost (mirror.xyz)


Introduce myself
I’m a developer from China, sometines i write articles to analyze those projects i’m interested in.The link above is one article i wrote about Aurora just after the release of Aurora+. I have to admit that’s quit impressive by those new services offering right now. Im sticking into aurora ecosystem and trying to get more experience, from Aurigami to Trisolaris, Bastion, Metapool etc, almost every project give a happy time.

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The first article i wrote is about Aurora & Arora+(I put the proposal link at the beginning of article to prove myself).I would like to write another article to introduce and analyze the ecosystem of Aurora by chinese. Article will also be published by web3caff_zh which is one of the best crypto media in China.

Funding Details
All i want is doing something for one of my favorite project and Aurora community, just buy me cups of coffee is enough.

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Thank you very much for your proposal.

Sounds excellent. Glad to see Aurora believers in the Community :grinning:


@Fei could you please connect with @jazzlost ? Thank You. I believe it can be a great collaboration.

Hi @ell , good morning. Thanks for your suggestion. I will dm @jazzlost for the collaboration.

I believe we will have a lot to talk about Aurora.

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Hi @ell , thanks for suggestion, I’m getting touch with @Fei

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