[Closed] Aurora Community Continued Funding


Aurora Community is the heart and melting hub for Aurorians, we are not just another community, we are the community built by the community and for the community to help build the Aurora ecosystem. We provide support, Marketing, advice, connections, feedback, promotion, and general assistance to Projects.

We have gathered vast experience working closely worked with the Aurora Core team ranging from the Operations team to the Business Dev, Marketing, Community and Event teams since Nov 2021 and with that built an encompassing Aurora community ecosystem

Website: www.theauroracommunity.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/auroracommunit3

Telegram: https://t.me/Aurora_community

Medium: Aurora Community – Medium

What we have done and still doing In the Ecosystem: Project/Protocol side

  • Working closely with the Aurora Business DEV, Aurora Marketing team and Operations team to onboard over 150 projects since November 2021
  • Working closely with Aurora Marketing team to provide marketing and promotions to project launching on Aurora
  • Working closely with the Aurora event team to organise both virtual and live Aurora events from EthDenver 2022 in February to NearCon coming up in September 2022 while also organising monthly Aurora Community Virtual events and having panel Speakers such as Alex Shevshenko of Aurora, Kendall of Proximity and many more founders from Trisolaris, Bastion, Aurigami and founders/teams of other Top protocols on Near and AURORA as speakers. E.g: https://twitter.com/auroracommunit3/status/1506584934865113096
  • Built an all round ecosystem group across Telegram, Twitter and Medium Where Teams/developers come to promote their projects, get feedback and also get their initial member/investor base on the Aurora ecosystem
  • Help teams/Projects come to build partnerships and collaborations with other Teams/Projects in the ecosystem. This Is possible because we have 90% of the teams/founders developing and running projects on Aurora in the Community
  • 24/7 support for new and ols teams navigating around Aurora ecosystem

What we have done and still doing: Community side,

  • Built an all round ecosystem group across Telegram, Twitter and Medium Where users and new members come to discuss projects and Aurora, get feedback on the Aurora ecosystem
  • Where we help facilitates quick onboarding of both new users and teams into the Aurora ecosystem with education on the mainnet, support and guidance navigating around the ecosystem and protocols
  • User enlightenment and education,
  • Proper user ecosystem navigation
  • Organizing AMAs and Events in collaboration with the Aurora Core marketing team and Event team to enlighten and introduce community members and protocols to updates from both Aurora and New Protocols launching on Aurora
  • Built infrastructures such as the Price Bot, The Aurora Community Website to help users identify projects that are kyc’d or are grantees in order to lower their risk. And lastly but not the least built an Aurora Community Contract Revoker to allow the community to easily revoke contracts they do not fully trust anymore and the Price Bot tool that lets community easily track the prices of all tokens on the Aurora network
  • The Aurora Community Telegram and Twitter page has also become the de facto community group where users are assured to air their views and also get feedback from not just the community but from the right and intended source.


  • Continued Funding of the AURORA Community Team.
  • Time Period: from Aug 2022 - Aug 2023
  • Where: Aurora Ecosystems

Introduction and Bi-weekly report: Template report which will be sent to you bi-weekly or uploaded in the shared Aurora Community - Aurora Community Dev team shared google drive

Further Value proposition

  1. Assistance and services provided by the Project-Ops team to thrive the Ecosystem growth:
  • Working closely with Aurora Marketing, Operations and Community teams to navigate legal grey areas where the Aurora Core teams are not allowed to speak on or engage on such as pricing, exchanges etc.
  • Helping teams in building partnerships and collaborations with other Teams/Projects in the ecosystem. This Is possible because we have relationships with 90% of the teams/founders in the ecosystem and they are also developing and running projects on Aurora in the Community
  • We have built and encompassing ecosystem where Teams/developers come to promote their projects, get feedback and also get their initial member/investor base on the Aurora ecosystem
  • Smooth onboarding into the Aurora ecosystem for both new users and projects as our foundation and guiding light, the core of our purpose at Aurora Community especially at this very early stages of the Aurora ecosystem.
  • Organize and host AMAs (Twitter Spaces, Telegram Chat AMAs, Discord meetings)
  • Partnership announcement on Aurora Community ecosystem( Twitter, telegram, Medium)
  • Content Creation like Medium Article Guides and Stories
  • Partnership and collaborations announcements to the communities
  • Technical analysis and detailed write up on projects.
  • Recruitment - Connecting with Developers, Promoters, Designers, and other web3 experts
  1. Development of ideas and proposals for the launch of initiatives that solve gaps in the ecosystem

  2. Contribute to the Community Moderation among projects and Ecosystem

  • Building a sense of community(SOCI) and facilitating the process of people helping each other.

  • Relay and review feedback from the community

  • Maintaining and improving engagement

  • Organise and host community calls

Funding scheme

Team x7

  1. Aurora Community Lead: Head of Partnerships, Collaborations & interactions With Aurora Core: $2500
  2. Writer: Head of Medium and analytic writer: $600
  3. Graphics Designer: $600
  4. Mods x2: $500Ă—2= $800
  5. Community Rewards: $500

$500 community rewards in terms of contest quiz or support for any small Aurora Community related project thats not funded.

Monthly - 5,000$ for the team and community related project with KPI as below:

Expected impact and value for the Aurora community/ Metrics/KPIs to track results.

  1. Onboarding every projects that is launching on Aurora working closely with the Aurora Marketing team to achieve this
  2. 24/7 Support platform through the Aurora Community Telegram, Twitter channels and upcoming Youtube and Discord Channels to everyone on Aurora from project teams to the community members
  3. 6 AMAs and hosting to promote projects per month
  4. Marketing promotions and collaborations with 10 projects/Monthly
  5. One Monthly Aurora Community Virtual event. Here we have a panel discussion from leaders in the ecosystem on a chosen topic.
  6. Get feedback from the project based on our support for feedback: satisfaction points calculation of more than 7/10 quarterly

hi! not clear from the proposal - what the team does? what is the project?
for 10k for 1 month - is it app that saves our lives ?

6 ama and 10 collaborations - for 10k ?
according to such a logic, NEAR/Aurora believers would never stop receiving payments to their wallets

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Hey this is very similar to what we have been doing for Near, and we want to start doing it on Aurora with the good experience we have been gathering.

Will be great to cross Collab with other Community Teams from Aurora and add value from our experience running Project Ops.

One week ago, we shared with you Ola @Inspiratibiz, the google doc for our proposal, I see you use our NEAR Forum reports to show what we are offering, and there are very similarities here with what we shared with you.

@Hai let’s share our proposal


Hello @Inspiratibiz

We believe the project operations of your proposal is extracted of our proposal here [Proposal] AURORA PROJECT OPS , which we reserve our copyright and the authenticity.

Therefore, we think you should ask for our consensus before using it and posting it here as your services.

However, we still open the door to cross-collaboration based on mutual respect.


Hello @Hai

Kindly note that everything written in the proposal above is what we have been doing with the aurora community ecosystem and Aurora Core team since Nov 2021 and still doing. So we are not extracting what you do as it’s what we have been doing since Nov 2021 and still doing as indicated above…

And as indicated during our discussions. We mentioned we already do what you are proposing us but also indicated we are willing to collaborate.

Like @FritzWorm mentioned… We however do like your bi weekly reporting which we feel is efficient and that we indicated as a “Template” with links that leads back to your work which shows reference back to you.

Again everything written is what we have been doing and still doing since Nov 2021


Great proposal Would definitely love to be part of it


Budget funding is huge. How much exactly worth of peoples working for this.? Other communities only recieve $200 a month for just doing mod and admin. Even i can do both infographics and doing reports etc. I only recieve $200 and never complain.

Besides if this projects been doing since 2021 , means u ask a huge amount from several reports back then. Means u even ask from other projects proposal too. Pls correct me if im wrong.


@ImJami2017, where you coming from is understandable. But in each countries, the cost of living varies, so for example here in our country, big mac is $3, in other’s its $30 more or less. So it doesn’t mean that 200 is huge for you, it should be the same for others.

Also, I am not supporting the proposal without proper breakdown right away. Just wrote this comment to educate you. Hoping you appreciate.


Ok i understand whats the difference of every country. And so your saying is, it is alright people can only ask huge amount in every projects just because they have a very professional job? And what about for the small people who have less education.? They can only ask for small budget.?

Even if they have a breakdown. Are you saying is you can agree to it.?

Here is my example breakdown to their job :point_down:

Aurora leader cost a month = $2600
Writer cost a month = $1000
Web Developer cost a month = $5000
Graphics designer cost a month = $1000
Mods Ă—2 people cost a month = $400

Total of $10,000 just for 1 month, not included rewards to help people onboard also no for the rewards of bounty and contest.

Have you read my reply properly? @ImJami2017

Yes i read it clearly that you were insisting because of their living varities. And so the breakdown ur looking for i gave the example of it.

Please refer to this if you haven’t read my reply properly.

Yes for now you wont support because theres no proper breakdown… but will wait till they edit it. And see for the reply of their final answers.

Hello @ImJami2017

Your breakdown is almost to the tea… however we have edited and included breakdown above…

That being said…

If you read the title of the proposal again you will notice it says continued funding which shows we are have been funded by Aurora for a while now and in the course of this we have built integrity and reputation with the Aurora team the Ecosystem community as a whole.

Thank you for pointing out the breakdown.


Nice for changing out Mod salary monthly. I dont disagree in the projects. I just being shocked for the rest of your salary compared to other projects that trying to build also in Aurora ecosytem.

Anyway it is not for me to decide but the main council. Some people are all agree even miss @kc_sollano agree to your proposal from other post showing your metrics and etc.

Thanks for the responce and good luck to the projects.

@ImJami2017, this is my reply

So you saying this:

Is pointless. Also, if you are rwferring to concierge team, they are different from each other. They just have the same gist of what they tryna bring to the table. That’s why @Hai and @FritzWorm pitch in for collab.

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Sorry miss @kc_sollano as i see you gave already the support for their 1st proposal of the same projects they proposed at “Proposal of Aurora Project OPS” with the same funding scheme metrics.

I hope this clarrify. Thank you.

Jami, I wont repeat this again. The concierge team/project ops that is presented by @Hai and @FritzWorm are different from this proposal that’s why you can see this pitch above:

And this:

This proposal only have same structure as the concierge team/project ops but totally differ in members.

The title above saying “continued” doesn’t mean its related to the concierge team/project ops’ post. It means that they were asking for “continued” funding scheme.

This is my last reply to you here, I have made my points and I hope you are making reading a habit.


Thank you for your proposal.

  • How many articles would you like to write?
  • Web Developer: Manage the Aurora Communityecosystem website, bots, and Contract revoker and any tools we will be building - could you please share statistics? How many community members use the platform daily?
  • Graphics Designer: $1000, how many infographics?
  • Mods x2: $500Ă—2= $1000, it would be great to see the mods report from January till now.

Thank you

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@ell find below answers to your questions

  • 4 Aurora Community SpotLight Articles
    4 Educational Series Articles
  • Articles recommended by Aurora Marketing team( number depends on what we get from Aurora team to work on)
    *Collaborative and promotional Articles e.g AMA articles, Project Launch articles etc.( Number we can’t outrightly say)

We are however Between 8 and 15 Articles to be be written/Month with a minimum number being 8… And this is excluding Twitter threads’ post

In the last 30 days,

*267 different wallets used the Contract Revoker App to revoke access to any protocols on the aurora network

*1222 users used our telegram Protocol Profile Bot to link the Aurora community website to make further research on protocols they are doing research on…

We don’t track/count users that uses the Price Bot… however the Aurora community price Bot is what’s being used by Trisolaris Price TG group and Aurora community telegram group for price updates.

This being said… we also have other free use community development tools we are working on to be launched soon

The Graphic designer is doing much more than just info graphics… She is also producing all graphics content for all the Articles and stories to be written and will be written for every Articles, Educational series, every collaborations/partnerships, announcements, Tweets/tweet threads, AMA or contest giveaway and every Article while working closely with the

So we can’t put an exact number to what she will however be producing nothing less than 15 graphic contents.

We brought in Paid Moderators in the group in March. All we had before then was myself and a couple community members that were volunteers. The way the community was headed showed we need paid full time mods which instantly showed its impact in the stats image below

Find attached Mod report and impact on Community from February till July.

Report link below