Community Collaboration Activity


It’s great writing to you and for us once again!

It is not a lie again that The Aurora Ecosystem is expanding faster than we could ever think of. Many projects are receiving grants and some are connected to Aurora.

However, one thing must not be left out. Having a community for these projects is one thing we can’t leave out.

We know that a project without a community is good as dead, and hence, I have come up with this idea and also am calling on every @community member to have us build these projects together.


The major focus here is to be able to

  1. Help new projects have a community to adopt their products organically
  2. Provide marketing-related job fills. This means these projects are also able to get into good hands within the community to manage and further enhance their mass growth.

How shall this be done?

As a community-driven ecosystem, these collaborations are free and only require other negotiations with various communities depending on the extra activities required.

However, as an Aurora Africa community with three sub-country communities inclusive, we are offering all new projects that need this community-driven onboarding for free.

  1. Projects that are at the stage where they need organic community members are to fill out this form
  2. Those that need further collaboration that requires chain activities are to fill out this form
  3. Those that require marketing-related job fills such as community manager, community moderator, social media manager, and others are to fill out this form.

We hope and push for a better community to enable us to make Aurora the BEST EVM Ecosystem.

Thanks and wish you all best of luck in your activities.

@Community for support and working together


Hi Isreal,

First and foremost really good work and initiatives with Aurora Africa, you sure are contributing a lot to the development of blockchain and in our particular case Aurora in Africa.

I love your writeup as it is the very foundation of the work we do and have been doing at Aurora Community Native. @Community members can Checkout this and this links for reference in our Near Forum articles written earlier on this.

This is very reason why made the conscious effort when onboarding new legitimate teams to give them Admin rights and access in the Aurora Community Native TG as we believe this is a faster way help them build legitimacy in onboarding users amongst Aurorians. Now we have about 75% of founders/teams have full Admin access to our community.

We have also gone further applying same principles with community builders building on Aurora by not just giving full Admin access to help them build their communities

We acknowledgement other communities doing great work on this also for the ecosystem, but we all can still do a lot more.

I however believe this should be the very core of what every community should be offering before every and anyother thing.

Again… very lovely insight on community pathway forward