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Introduction Guild, community, project name;

(Previously worked as NEAR Concierge Team - Project Ops)

Project-Ops team provides support, coaching, advice, connections, feedback, promotion, and general assistance to Projects.


Our team gathered vast experience in the Project Operations field, so we are helping project leaders and teams to apply for grants, share tips, and insights, connect with guilds with projects, and find contributors or developers; basically, we are in daily communications with the projects on the ecosystem, the successful ones already listed on AwesomeNear and others that are on their first steps.

3 members:

  • Hai Vu
  • Fritz:



In the NEAR Ecosystem

  • 178 onboarded projects since February 2022 using our form: https://forms.gle/5RmCbcVkWhPx2U8w5

  • 2 Utilities, 3 Ecosystem, 43 Infrastructure, 65 DeFi, and 146 NFT projects where we had the delight to connect and provide assistance.

  • 5 VC teams whom we are connected with. We build relationships with MOVE Capital, Stealth Capital, Proximity, Cogitent Ventures, and MetaWeb.

  • 7 Projects received support to get grants from scratch.

  • 24/7 support in the #greantee-support and #ecosystem-chat channels in discord.


What: AURORA PROJECT OPS to support existing or new EVM projects to build on AURORA

When: from Aug 2022 - Aug 2023

Where: Aurora Ecosystems and other EVM ecosystem

Why: We, Project ops, have experience in supporting 300 projects to build on NEAR, AURORA, and OCTOPUS ecosystems:

  1. Introduction and Bi-weekly report:
  1. Overview of Scope of work: [REPORT] Project Ops - Q1 & Q2 - Community - NEAR Forum

  2. Detailed overview of Services on nearprojects.guide

Value proposition

Thanks to our strong organizational, multitasking skills, proactive approach, strong understanding of web3, great knowledge of online communities, and a variety of backgrounds, we are enthusiastic about proposing the following value proposition to the Aurora Community:

  1. Assistance and services provided by the Project-Ops team to thrive the Ecosystem growth:
  • Grant application guidance

  • Listing on AwesomeNear (https://awesomenear.com/)

  • Partnership announcement on NEAR blockchain twitter

  • Organize and host AMAs (Twitter Spaces, Telegram Chat AMAs, Discord meetings)

  • Connection with Guilds to run promotion campaigns, including AMAs (Legal, Social media, Marketing, Regional Guilds)

  • Project Support and Coaching - Guidance regarding UX/UI, Pitch Deck, Website, and others

  • Recruitment - Connecting with Developers, Promoters, Designers, and other web3 experts

  • Cross Collaboration - Connecting with Venture Capitals, Communities, and other services providers

  • Content Creation like Medium Article Guides and Stories

  • Review video by KOLs

  • Testnet launching campaign consultant

  • Development documentation

  • IDO platform prior to Mainnet

  • Token Airdrop

  1. Development of ideas and proposals for the launch of initiatives that solve gaps in the ecosystem

  2. Contribute to the Community Moderation among projects and Ecosystem

  • Building a sense of community(SOCI) and facilitating the process of people helping each other.

  • Relay and review feedback from the community

  • Maintaining and improving engagement

  • Organize and host community calls

Funding scheme

Monthly - 10,000$ for the team with KPI as below:

Expected impact and value for the Aurora community/ Metrics/KPIs to track results.

  1. Onboarding 45 projects per quarter (15 projects per month)
  2. 20 meetings/coaching sessions per month
  3. Support for 30 entrepreneurs per month
  4. 2 AMAs organization and hosting to promote projects per month
  5. Get feedback from the project based on our support for feedback: satisfaction points calculation of more than 7/10 quarterly
  6. Reporting evidence of diverse support given to projects such as Grant amount approved, Listing link, Tweet thread promoted link, partnership announcement link (as mentioned in the Bonus below table)

Salary & Bonus:

  1. $2,800 for each member x 3 = $8,400 in total
  2. $1,600 for bonus allocation: is based on the achievement of each project as follows:
No Achievement KPI/ Proof Bonus
1 Grant application accepted Granted amount $200
2 Listing on AwesomeNear Listed link $20
3 Partnership announcement on Aurora Blockchain Twitter Tweet link $20
4 Organize and host AMA AMA link $50
5 Connection with Blockchain Comunities to run promotion campaigns Partnership announcement $20
6 Recruitment - Connecting with Developers, Promoters, Designers, and other web3 experts Recruit member $50
7 Connecting with Venture Capitals and get fund Funded amount $100
8 Cross Collaboration - Connecting with Projects, Communities, and other services providers with positive results Partnership announcement $50
9 Testnet launching campaign consultant Testnet Campaign $150
10 Content Creation - Develop a document (Presentation, Medium post, Process Diagram, similar) Article link $50
11 IDO platform prior to Mainnet IDO campaign link $150
12 Token Airdrop or collab with Aurora campaign Airdrop or Aurora collab campaign $200
13 Twitter Thread creation and promotion with micro-influencers Twitter post $20
14 To be updatedโ€ฆ

Long-term plan:

ECOSYSTEM DEVELOPMENT DAO powered by an AURORA PROJECT OPS Council team to distribute fast grants to ease MVP development.


I have seen the value this team had given, I am here to show my support :slight_smile: GL!


Thank you KC for your support! :pray::fire:

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if indeed the proposal can support other projects to apply for grant and build on Aurora then hands down the best


I work with @Hai and @FritzWorm and they always add value to the projects. I will be attentive to this initiative


thank you for your support! :nerd_face:

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Thank Jose, the pleasure was mine when working with you too! :innocent:

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Good evening. Thank you for the proposal and great job. Our Community on an early stage, so we can come back to your proposal sometime later.