[Closed] AuroraTunes. Web3 music

Hello Aurorians! How is everything going?
Hope you are having a wonderful start of the year! Here I have with me a proposal to develop a music dapp in Aurora. We created the idea a couple months ago with @jeph and @Alecaseg and presented it into Near. We have not heard back from them and we would like to know if there is any interest to create a music app within Aurora

We will follow the next category of funding

This is the original document presented in Near:

This is the original document regarding Tokenomics and the creation of SYM token:

This is the original figma prototype for the web:

Changes to bear in mind:

  • Everything will be rebranded to AuroraTunes
  • Developed in Solidity
  • 3 DAOs instead of 5 (Founders, Artists, Holders)
  • Mechanism adapted for Aurora
  • Whole frontend adapted into Aurora colors and fonts

If there is a real interest in a project and dapp regarding music in web3 we can create a whole different figma if needed. We are showing the last presentation since we know there is a big screening and research process and maybe it does not even get into the initial stages or there is no funding for developing apps for the moment.

If there comes to be an interest we will create a Figma prototype and rebrand the whole documents for the later stages.

Regarding step by step eligibility:

Stage 6: Launch Your Project

Approximate Project Eligibility


  • Is the requested grant amount reasonable?
    A: We are requesting a grant for 25.000 USD in Aurora tokens to be distributed via milestones. In this way we are making sure to go step by step the development of our project and to continue just in case there is an advance in the dapp and the milestones to complete. We expect to separate it into 3 different milestones detailed in the Figma above but of course this can change and we can distribute it differently.

  • Are the project roadmap and team size reasonable?
    A: We are a team conformed by 3 members. @jeph , @Alecaseg and myself. The team expertise is detailed in the original document and our roadmap in the Figma.

  • What exactly is the grant requested for?
    A: The development of a web3 music dapp.

  • What is the estimation of developers’ working hours to achieve project goals and follow the roadmap?
    A: Also detailed in the original document above. I dont know if its appropiate to detail this here but if there is any need to specify more details we can of course (they are in the documents anyway)


  • Is the team experienced in Web3?
    @jeph : Near Certified Instructor and developer within Near. @Alecaseg Near Certified Analyst and Professor, translator and socials. @nacho.near Near Argentina Founder, former Aurora Latam co-lead. Near Certified Analyst as well.

  • How many Web3 projects have they launched?;
    @jeph Launched two projects. NEAR Learning App - Application to support developers to enter the NEAR Protocol, separated by topics, with snippets that developers can copy and paste, for Android and iOS.
    and also: NEAR NFT Gallery - Application ​to be able to see your NFTs from an application, without having to access your wallet on your PC.

@nacho.near mostly created web3 guilds and community and took part in educational projects as well introducing new users to Near and Aurora in its ecosystem.

  • Do they have live projects on other chains?;
    Not at the moment. But also open for it

  • How many years of experience do the team’s developers have?;
    @jeph around 9 years of experience in backend and mobile development.
    @nacho.near 3 years frontend development experience.

  • Have their projects had security audits?;
    Not at the moment.

Project type

  • What value will it bring to the AURORA ecosystem and community?
    A music dapp in the ecosystem. Music brings people together and its a good starting point for every community to build upon. Will reinforce community strength and also will educate people into how to use Aurora and interact with its ecosystem.

NFTs: marketplace, art, music, collectibles, memes, sports moments, domain names;

Project Token

  • What is the token economy?
    Tokenomics explained in document above. We are not yet sure to create a token, but we will if it is of interest for Aurora within the Aurora ecosystem
  • What platform will be used for token launch/IDO?
    We will see in the future which is best for our product.


  • Any other relevant criteria depending on the project.
    If there is anything to discuss we will be glad to talk it through :blush:

To summarize

We would like to thank the Aurora community and everyone here to give us the possibility to present this project to you via this channel. We like it that is this detailed and that we can have a one on one talk with everyone if needed! If there is any other question feel free to voice it out :blush:
Let us know your thoughts! @ell @Vladislav_vl25 @johanga @Dk_51