[Rejected] Music on Aurora (MoA)

Hello Aurora!:heart::heart:

I present Music on Aurora (MoA)


Music provides practical use cases for Aurora on many levels. Forbes magazine, in an April publication, named Web 3 “the future of entertainment” - and rightly so.

With Music On Aurora, we plan to explore all the possibilities in fostering an efficient and workable collaboration between music and entertainment and Aurora, by building out a DAO, and various music projects and initiatives on Aurora along with other compatible apps in its ecosystem. For the past year, I’ve seen it done on Near’s NxM and have participated closely both as a musician and as a Community/Social Media Manager. I would love to replicate and scale these results on Aurora.

What Music On Aurora Will Offer


This DAO will serve as the governance tool for the global community we will build. To be established on either Sputnik or Astro, our DAO will enable decentralized voting, decision making and rewards disbursement. We will proceed with the creation as soon as this proposal is approved.

A Community.

Music On Aurora will have a vast community of musicians, singers, music producers, songwriters, etc. as its nexus: the backbone around which all our endeavours will be built. Telegram and Discord are powerful tools for building community participation and discussion. We will onboard and build out a thriving global community there, and beyond. Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube will be engaged to showcase musical projects building on Aurora.

The Projects

Every month, we will aim to support the most Aurora-centric music projects by providing small funds. Musical projects like concerts, albums, EPs, interviews, etc. that use and showcase Aurora will be considered. For instance, musical concerts that will use NFT ticketing supported by any of the NFT marketplaces on Aurora will receive priority.

A Streaming Service:

We hope to later develop an NFT-backed music streaming service where, unlike traditional web 2 platforms, middlemen are eliminated and music makers and consumers can connect and relate directly. This project is a long-term plan.

We offer to solve the problem of Aurora’s near-absence from the Web 3 musical space with the above intiatives and more, creating a liaison between musical creatives and all the tools available on Aurora.

Metrics And KPIs

  • Create the Music On Aurora Telegram group of 400 musicians in one month and at least, 800 in 2 months

  • Create the Music On Aurora Discord server for Aurora with 1000 members in 2 months.

  • Create and manage Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts for Music On Aurora with at least 2/3 posts per day.

  • Organise and/or fund Aurora-centric music projects monthly.

  • Collaborate with projects building on Aurora to create theme songs and anthems for marketing and publicity purposes.


Gabriel @AugustKinge

I’m an Independent Musician, guitarist, songwriter, poet and teacher. I have written about 200 songs. I am enthusiastic about making Web 3 more relatable to end-users and everyday people by providing practical web 3 based innovations. Music is my passion and I intend to live it. I am the Community and Social Media Manager of NxM’s Telegram and Instagram. I have also completed the Near Certified Entrepreneur program in Near University.
I have several NFT songs that I minted myself, using Mintbase extensively. I have collaborated with DAOs and projects to create songs. I worked with Tamago as a host for its Metaverse Open Mic shows on Nearhub.

Song I made for Nearnauts

“Follow Me” a song from my latest NFT EP

I particularly enjoyed making Feeling Lucky

Check out my collection on Mintbase.

Social Media BUDGET {2 Months}
Creation, Management and Moderation

Graphics, Content Curation, Management

Content Curation and Management

Content Curation and Management


Moderation and Management


Musical Projects {2 Months}

Project 1

Aurora Theme Songs

Music On Aurora (MoA) will create two songs about Aurora and promote them massively as a means of creating awareness and publicity for both Aurora and MoA.


  • Create awareness
  • Generate traction and footfall to all our Socials
  • Create our first music NFTs


  • Create 2 high quality tracks
  • Generate over 10,000 views and listens across all socials
  • Mint 2 NFTs of the produced tracks


*Recording 2 Tracks $400

*Production, Mixing and Mastering $500

*2 Videos - $600

*Album Art - $100

Total: $1600

Project 2

Aurora Talent Hunt and Onboarding Bounty/Event

To announce Music on Aurora and onboard a diverse collage of musical talents from all over the world, we will have a bounty announced on every platform asking Musicians to post a 1 minute video of themselves singing an original song for a chance to win prizes. They’ll be asked tag and follow @auroraisnear and all Music on Aurora socials.


*Best 15 entries will $70
*Overall best winner will get the chance to have *3 tracks sponsored for $ 1000.
*Video with most engagement - $100


  • Being MoA and Aurora to the knowledge of Musical creatives globally
  • Create traction and footfalls on all our existing Social Media
  • Generate organic community growth and engagement.

KPI and Metrics To Track Success

  • At least 30 video entries
  • Up to 30 new artistes onboarded
  • At least 5 video minted
  • At least 3 tracks minted.
  • At least 5000 views on our major Socials


Best 15 - $1050
Video with most engagement - $100
Overall Best - $1000
Graphics, Adverts/Publicity - $200
Curation & Moderation - $200

Remuneration for 2 months

Total Funds Requested:


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Unfortunately we cannot provide you a grant for now.

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