[Closed] planet lukukul’s grand onboarding party

hiii aurora community :vulcan_salute:t5:

i’m reespect, a rap artist based in lagos nigeria.
my web3 journey started a year ago and in that time i’ve worked professional roles, put out music nfts and started building an experience world called planet lukukul

here are some of my music nfts:
great silence
you think

we are working towards a massive onboarding event to create awareness of the web3 technology and that’s why i’m sending this proposal.

the event will double as an all female line-up live performance show and triple as the listening to my forthcoming ep.

the day before the event will be a pop-up event at the same location to introduce people to community collectibles and build awareness for the event.

provision for a silent listening will be made available for the first 100 people who are at the location.

it is to hold on the 21st of april, 2023.

if we get the support of aurora as the sole sponsor, we will spotlight aurora in every branded content from the promotion of the event, to the main day, to even after with media coverage and conversations. we would also love to have representatives from aurora speak at the event.

this event will concurrently take place in the metaverse and will be tokengated.

funding request: $13,100 one time request.

estimated guest: > 500

estimated reach: >20,000


location for 2 days - $1000

5 b/c-list female musicians - $1500

live band (an all female band of 5) - $1500

2 dj’s for two days - $700 (dj aniko, dj camron)

3 mc’s for the two days - $1050

headphones for silent listening ($3 for 1) - $300

rehearsal (transport, feeding, space renting at least twice) - $1000

viral publicity (we have a viral content i currently can’t share) - $1800

publicity (content creation, placement and ads) - $800

media coverage - $500

2 guest speakers from aurora - $500

a branded tour bus that moves around days before the event - $350

pop-up (branded stands) - $800

security for the artists - $500

free drinks (for the first 200people with branded cups) - $800

thank you for your time, i’m open to questions and feedback.


Hello! Could you please apply here : Grow your project on Aurora

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yes, i’ll do that, but i already did that about a month ago. i don’t know why i got no response. i’ll do that again, right away.

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