[Closed] Community guild to create quality media content for Aurora


The sole purpose of this proposal is to create a community of digital creatives and creators to collectively collaborate on creating quality multimedia content like adverts, guides, tutorials, presentations and documentaries for projects and applications on Aurora or by Aurora.
This community would in its dedicated coordination create audio visual materials that can be utilized throughout the Aurora ecosystem by those needing knowledge or awareness about a particular project or application in Aurora. The end goal is to build a reputation to be the official go to community for production of materials required by projects and other community endeavours within the ecosystem. This approach would expedite the production of audiovisual content for various needs within the ecosytem, but as it is… we as a community have to first prove our mettle by building a reputation within the ecosystem and how do we do this? by receiving the support of Aurora in our inception stages for us to create multimedia materials which the ecosystem as a whole would gauge their quality and applicability.


Once the community is fully fledged and ready to deploy, we would approach the project leads of different applications on Aurora, consult with them and extract brand and contextual detail about their project. Next thing would be for the community to have an open call for which roles would be assigned to interested community members per their applicability to the project and then the content is created. The content created would be given to the project’s team for usage in whatever respect they deem and also the content would be archived within our own community as a project antecedent which we would also be broadcasting through our various social channels “altogether to broadcast anything that helps the aurora ecosystem expand”


This community would strictly comprise of contributors from all demography of digital content creation. Scope of community membership would constitute graphic designers, 2D animators, Video editors, photographers, writers, copywriters, Illustrators etc.

Admission: Any interested contributor that intends to join the community would have to go through layers of vetting, Identity and portfolio as such. In as much as we are trying to keep everything decentralized as possible, we are also going to make sure that the community comprises of core professionals since the initiative has a quality standard it has to abide by in order to meet its anticipated goals. Anyone is free to join the community’s social but they would need a membership badge to be able to qualify as a confirmed contributor. This membership badge is only given after the supposed contributor has been granted the merit by the community administration and lead. Requirement would be based on a working potfolio and proof of legitimacy (individual)

Governance: The community would operate a centralized -decentralized governance architecture in its administration. The community would have a team of administrators who govern the tenets and ethics for which the community abides by. These administrators are not leaders or rulers but only custodians of ethics for which the community would be reminded of. Decentralization would be evident in project role assignment, lets say that the community wants to create a guide for a Dapp on aurora, the community would create an open call for interested contributors who would like to be assigned various roles per the execution of the project. Once interested contributors signify their availabilty, the community admin would then choose which contributor gets to be assigned the role from these metrics:
1.Quality of portfolio
2.Conciseness evident in the written text preceeding the application

Metabolism: The community would keep its members engaged with varioius ongoings within the ecosystem so that they can be abreast of issues and know how to position themselves within the ecosystem to contribute where they can and also find other opportunities within the Aurora ecosystem inspite of the numerous opportunities evident in our community. The community would in subtle forms suggest incentives for referrals so that freelance professionals can refer themselves to join the community which means the community grows exponentially with freelance professionals joining its ranks

                                            **PRODUCTS AND ACTIVITIES**
  • Guides and tutorials for native or Aurora related projects (Videos and Animation)
  • Social media flyers and banners for posts (in collaboration with communities within Aurora ecosystem)
  • Auroracyclopaedia website
  • Weekly Twitter Space ( AMA, discussion and education about Aurora)
  • Monthly web3/crypto podcast with crypto savvy enthusiasts discussing trends about the space and other web 3 related concepts

Justification and Benefits

It is a known fact that Aurora is expanding and while it is engaging users to utilize its services as a layer 2 chain it needs to have some social presence that sells it in concise light and mass application. Having a community as ours that engage in activities as below is a necessity and a plus for Aurora to achieve its goal of reaching far and wide for mass adoption

  1. Create professional brand and advert materials for projects delpoyed on Aurora
  2. Create guides through videos, animations and articles for easy interfacing of aurora products and services without it being solicited for by concerned brand insofar project is deployed and ready to use
  3. Create montage and graphic descriptions for AMAs, social media posts and other miscellaneous items needed to bring awareness to a particular concept on Aurora
  4. Organize weekly twitter spaces to discuss on the state of Aurora regarding collaborations or upgrades to the network and many more
  5. Be a go to portal for everything Aurora through dedicated telegram channel and forthcoming Auroracyclopedia project
  6. Create monthly web 3 general purpose podcast about the crypto industry, blockchain consensus algorithms, NFT projects and concerns with decentralization. Podcast would occasional Aurora montages and breaks in between to advertise Aurora as a preferred layer 2 blockchain solution and as the official sponsor of the podcast

With all these outlined activities, we are looking at a comprehensive social media presence for Aurora within the web 3 space and this would surely bring about the expected effect Aurora seeks in expansion of its operations to users


The team overseeing the community would consist of a community manager/ builder, social media managers for various arms, project manager/president, PR/reporter.The team as stated earlier would handle subtle administrative duties without encroachin on the " Decentralization Narrative" with which the community would abide.

Projects that would be created would be purely handled by the freelancers in the community through a very thorough decentralized consensus procedure. Roles for projects would be assigned according to the procedure as stated above in METABOLISM. In short, to say that projects would be assigned according to interest from contributor, strength of portfolio and collocation

All members of the team are KYC compliant when and if requested by Aurora

Project Manager/President : Dare
Product Designer, UI/UX, CEO curator of www.designisfun.school

Community Manager/Builder: @Chaos
Abstract and Conceptual Photographer, Writer, Poet

Digital content creator

PR/ REPORTER : @Dabbie
Physics Major, Writer

MILESTONES (6 months)

M1 Build a community of freelance creatives within the sphere of necessity for community projects and Aurora benefit. Create social media presence and awareness and biiuld followership of up to 50 followers on various platforms. Vet portfolios of contributors who have membership badge within the community and incentivize lightly for sample creation of one single Aurora Dapp guide/tutorial

M2 Build community to 100+ members, full on indexing of all Dapps on Aurora, creating descriptive and usage application guide for each Dapp on Aurora, uploading contents to community Youtube and other applicable socials, create traction for viewership of community content on community socials. Increase followership on twitter to 100 followers, garner minimum of 50 subscribers on Youtube. Launch full scale telegram channel for Q and A to service newly onboarded users on Aurora. Begin weekly AMAs on twitter and garner

M3 Continue creating digital montages and audio visual content for new functionalities to previously existing Dapps while creating content for new products on the chain, kickstart web 3 documentary podcast engaging various web 3 stalwarts and erudites, Podcast would follow sequence of various segments that would entail audiovisual presentations and have Aurora ads in between the podcast to remind viewers of Aurora sponsorship.

M4 Build community up to 500 active members by incentivizing members to create referrals for other freelancers to join up, engage social media sponsorship to spread tentacles of awareness of podcasts and Aurora Dapps through community socials, create web3 documentaries, build liason with web3 veterans and pioneers who would find the monthly podcast alluring enough to join in and participate. Lay the groundwork for creation of Auroracyclopedia website

M5 Continue previous monthly activities, open bounties for community members to gather information throughout the ecosystem for information indexing to be used to build Auroracyclopaedia website. Contract front end web developer to build Auroracyclopaedia website, finish Auroracyclopaedia website and deploy to ecosystem for acess to communities
M6 Continue previous monthly activities, Build Aurora monthly magazine


N.B Request for funds for this project would be per milestone set and it is also good to point out that only monies which would serve as payment for community stewards would be directly requested while monies for creation of Dapp tutorials, guides and ads etc would be evaluated by the community per how much the contributors are willing to charge after the community has chosen the contributors that would participate in the project outlined

M1 $3000

$600 Community builder salary
$600 Project Manager Salary
$400 Social media Manager
$400 PR/Reporter
$200 Brand Creation and Montage for socials
$800 Bounty for community contributors to create decriptive guides/tutorial/application of 3-4 Dapps in Aurora for a start

M2 (To be accrued according to project requirements and scorecard of M1)
same for M3, M4, M5, M6

Quality of Multimedia content created about Aurora Dapps
Increase in Aurora users since community members would engage with Aurora products and would be paid in Aurora tokens
Social media traction and engagement with posts entailing community projects and suport from other aspects of Aurora community giving Aurora broad reach for engagement by prospectives off chain

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