[Closed] IqraCrypto Elearning platform for the MENA Region: 400M population - Grant Request

1. Project Title
2. Description
IqraCrypto platform will be fully launched in 3 weeks from now.
The goal is to become the first online eLearning platform to train and educate eagers and professionals in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in the MENA Region.

3. Manifesto/Vision
IqraCrypto will support all entrepreneurs to build their project in the MENA Region.
Being the first platform teaching in Arabic and assisting learners in Arabic, will grant us a good market share, with your support, reaching these goals will be easier!

4. Problem

  • No Reference Platform
  • Less assessments
  • Language barrier
  • Unavailability of online teachers
  • Limited Courses
  • Lack of courses
  • Unfriendly website
  • Arabic is not available
  • Boring videos Unsystematic format
  • No Live Sessions

5. Solution

It provides an easy interface of website for students to find information easily &
study material given in a systematic format.
Iqracrypto is a perfect platform and provides various educational solutions for
an affordable fee.

6. Product Features
•Courses in Arabic
•Assessments and Quizzes
•Recognized Certificates
•One on one Sessions
•Live Sessions

7. Validation

Users of niche brands seek a distinctive mix of benefits that are either greater or less than the average needs fulfilled by the large brands in the market.
Adding to that, the Spanish platform Bit2Me saw a very wide success by being the first Elearning platform in Spanish, it is currently expanding to Italy.
Bit2Me market size is slightly bigger than IqraCrypto.

8. Progress
Please note IqraCrypto did not launch yet!
• Operational platform (With Dashboard)
• 6 Courses fully recorded in Arabic
• 3 Crypto Guides
• 50 Students registered thru our newsletter
• 500 followers on Twitter: https://twitter.com/iqracrypto
• 320 followers on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/iqracrypto/
• 305 visitors (Google Analytics)

9. Differentiation (from other projects)
Currently there are no Elearning platforms for the MENA Region

10. Team
I am Zied Chaabane a crypto professional been in the space for 5 years.
I am CryptoConsultant from the United Arab Emirates, Dubai. I have rich experience in blockchain, project management, marketing and fintech, I worked on 20+ crypto projects.

Wael Ben Said has been in Crypto for the past 3 years.
Course Editor and Graphic Designer
Wael worked in Saudi Arabia most of his life

11. Grant Request $ : $10 000

Near Wallet: ziedchaabane.near
12. What the Funds Are For

Milestone 1 ($4 000)
Course 1: Introduction to Aurora (Non technical course, very basic about Aurora early days, history, purpose and more)

Creation, Design, Hosting, Translation, Recording, Editing, Backup, Quizzes, Certification and Marketing

Milestone 2 ($6 000)

Course 2 Using Aurora ( How to use, create, Aurora and the utility)

Creation, Design, Hosting, Translation, Recording, Editing, Backup, Quizzes, Certification and Marketing

Guide: More details and translation of some of the content to Arabic

How metrics will be tracked & reported:
Reporting Source: (Views, Builders, Certificates, Quizzes)
Process: Document will be in Excel format comparing the month with the past one
Frequency: Monthly for 1 year

13. Help Requested

Review content before translation to avoid any issues.

14. Additional Resources, Links, Portfolio
We have secured grants from Stacks, EthSwarm, Ideaology and UD


Good evening! Thanks for your proposal. Would you like to launch Aurora MENA region community guild?

We are looking for Community members ready to launch dedicated Aurora social media ( Twitter (in native language), telegram, hold AMAs and meet-ups, write articles on Medium, work with local YouTubers, etc.).


Hello El,

Thank you for your reply!

Yes I would be interested in doing such things. I have considerable experience in similar positions.
Adding to that have one course fully in Arabic will help all the people in the Region, some facts:

  • 400 million estimated Population where Arabic is a mother tongue
  • 103 million students across the Middle East and North Africa

Hy @IqraCrypto
I have a question, are you targeting a specific country or region?
Which countries and people?
Which Middle Eastern countries do you mean?


Looking forward to seeing the updated proposal. Thank You :blush:

Hello Mohamad,

Thanks for your interest!

We are targeting the whole MENA Region from Morocco to Oman.
Regarding people, it will be mainly students and professionals.

We will be organizing events in Dubai and Riyadh if everything goes smoothly.

Looking forward to seeing you on our platform!


Hy @IqraCrypto

This is great

I also live in the Middle East

Keep it up man :clap:


Good evening, thank you, for closing this proposal and looking forward seeing to a new one. Thank you