[Rejected] Aurora X Anza Academy Nov/Dec/Jan

Guild, community, project name
Anza Academy

We are an educational platform dedicated to onboarding the next generation to web3 through easy to follow written, visual, and hands-on learning content.

Region, country (for statistics), a number of members in your guild, community, or project
Formed in FL, USA
~1000/month Unique Visitors to https://anza.academy

Links on social media and how many members in the social media
205 Twitter Followers https://twitter.com/anzaacademy
30 Discord Members Anza Academy

Please, introduce yourself and your teammates
Founder and Lead Developer of Anza Academy. Former Google Software Engineer and teaches game development for Unity at https://youtube.com/samyam. Has 30K subscribers and has been sponsored by Unity in many videos. Recently won 1st place at the NEARCON 2022 IRL Hackathon.

Alex is a DeFi wizard and former high-school teacher immersed in the blockchain education space, gaining certificates from Coinbase, Unit Masters, and currently with the Global Blockchain Initiative (GBI).

A Software Engineer at Microsoft and has significant experience developing blockchain applications.

Currently a Senior Product Manager at Kongregate. Has worked as a Creative Director in education for over a decade.

Funding scheme: Monthly / Quarterly / KPI-based / One-time

What problem is the proposal solving?

  • There is a lack of non-technical content regarding the Aurora Ecosystem.
  • Onboard more users onto Aurora.
  • Provide regular updates regarding the progress of Aurora.

How will we solve this problem?

  • Introduction to Aurora and Aurora+ course on Anza Academy.
  • Blog and Twitter Thread summaries of weekly Aurora Twitter Spaces.
  • Monthly AMA Twitter Space Hosting.
  • Short informational videos on the Aurora Ecosystem.

Expected impact and value for the Aurora community in the next 3 months

  • 200-500 users onboarded to the Aurora Ecosystem
  • +300 Twitter followers
  • +200 Discord members

Metrics/KPIs to track results

Funding Details
$3000/month x 3 months = $9000 content creator part-time salary
$300/month x 3 months = $900 video production costs


  1. Near Wallet ID: anzaacademy.near
  2. Name: Sam Garcia
  3. Telegram handle: samgarcia22
  4. Email: sam@anza.academy

Thank you.


Unfortunately we cannot provide you a grant for now.
Feel free to resubmit proposal next quarter.