[Closed] Near Coverage - Twitter Media Site (AURORA Community Grants Program) August 2022

Hello, AURORA Community.


It is with very pleasure that I write this proposal for AURORA to join the Community Grants Program.
I’m Cris - Co Founder and Business Development Manager at Near Coverage. Our NEAR team consists of two researchers (Trong, Edward), a designer - Trung, and our COO - Ducky (head of research at BSC News)

Our team also has growing and active Twitter pages like: Polkadot Insider, Fantom Insider, Celo Insider, Avax Insider, All things NFTs,…

The research team have experiences in Near Ecosystem from day one and gained huge investing accomplishments when participating in Near Ecosystem. Our Twitter Page - Near Coverage also has good connection with Octopus Network, Trisolaris, and get the attention from Near Community after two months contribution.


First, please click in this link to check out Near Coverage.
Followers: 4,9K+ Followers
Monthly Impression: 40K+ impressions
Monthly Engagement: 5K+ engagements
Number of Likes: 1K+ likes (last month)

These are some of our products for the partners:

  1. Highlights of Octopus Network in June 2022.

  2. Octopus Network Accelerator Program

Some AURORA mentioned materials

  1. Why AURORA?

  2. Hot Cross introduction on Aurora

  3. Top DApps on Aurora


Twitter page: Near Coverage
Our monthly plan for Aurora:

  1. Project Overview: we will introduce Aurora via condensed infographics with full information. Ecosystem update is monthly bonus in our work in project information part.
  2. Thread: a clear instruction for education about Aurora definitely a need for gaining more users. Or we can analyse why your project is competitive.
  3. News: We support updating all the news of Aurora in our page (feature guideline, weekly recap, events and partners news, flip news,…)
  4. Insightful analytic data: We create weekly on-chain data about Aurora (highlight performance, exclusive feature mindmap for users, feature metrics, and others,…)
  5. AMA generation - there two kinds of AMA we can host:
  • AMA thread: we collect questions from community through a giveaway and answers from Aurora team then we make a thread in Twitter page. Furthermore, the thread will live in the beginning with the presence of Aurora’s team member.
  • AMA call: as same as above way, but the AMA call will be generated in Twitter Space.

The AMA will be permanently on Near Coverage page.

  1. And lastly, we can retweet Aurora tweets.


We kindly request the starting amount of $2000 in $AURORA tokens (1,6$ at post time).
The package include:

  1. Weekly Campaign: 3 analytic/insightful graphics
  2. Project information (overview and monthly update)
  3. Retweet Support (all tweets from Aurora)
  4. 1 Thread/Month
  5. Update All News Support
  6. Weekly Meeting To Discuss
  7. 1 AMA generation

Of course we can have a further discussion about other customized plans with different funding amounts.
Near wallet ID: c65e4635fc4776d63a1997f384e2b92bc390525d30ead65a7d147fa006b5e4f7


Expected impact and value for the Aurora community
With a focus on communicating and educating users about the Near blockchain, we affirm that Near Coverage is capable of making Aurora more popular on the Twitter community through eye-catching, concise content formats. Besides, connecting Aurora with other projects to bring an overall blockchain system to users is also our target. Thereby helping to increase infrastructure, cash flow along with new developers and users coming to Aurora.

Metrics/KPIs to track results
We’re aiming for an incremental and stable metric of results over time along with Near Coverage’s growth. We can together exchange and comment on monthly metrics through Twitter’s analytics dashboards.


With the achievements we have achieved, especially at Fantom Insider, Polkadot Insider (over 140K+ impressions/month), we fully believe that Near Coverage will grow along with the growth of Aurora’s users when accompanying us.

Thank you for the consideration!
Hope we can make a great collaboration and bring excellent contribution for Aurora ecosystem.

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Best regards,


Good evening, Cris. Could you please compare Near Coverage with other media teams

  • Near Insider;
  • Nearity;
  • Near Daily;
  • Flying Rhino

Thank You