[Closed] NEAR Ocean going AURORA


We are NEAR Ocean - also AURORA Ocean soon? :eyes:

Our goal is to provide valuable information within the NFT space at one centralised point, so that it easy for people to inform themselves about what’s going on in a short amount of time!

One of the most important aspects is that we want to show that you are sustainable while helping causes beyond your project - that’s why we are donating 25% of our mint and royalty income to (not only ocean related) causes.

What do we do
We have automated and manual tools.

Our first automated tool is a message fetching bot that is automating getting messages from Discord servers. This is implemented to get announcements and provide them as a feed - similar to Twitter. If you hold our NFT, this feed will be customizable. Through this there is no need to go through all the Discords any more to be up to date - you can simply visit our website.

At the moment we are feeding a news-stream for different Discords with manual data from all the NFT Discords. Additionally we are trying to give an overview about things through but not limited to:

  • Project summaries
  • Daily overview over the crypto markets

Other services

  • Helping people starting out on a new chain by providing (all the) useful information at one place
  • Support projects we are positive about / that are bringing value to the space
  • KYC projects
  • Incubating projects to the space / helping them onboard for non crypto natives
  • Helping new people network in the space and link them to the best possible partners for them get exposure
  • Support (Ocean related) causes by donating 25% of our mint and royalties
  • Collect data from projects’ communities (in a relevant, efficient way) to see what tools are most needed

Who we are

We are NFT enthusiasts that have met in the NEAR NFT space. We started out as a small project wanting to sell the generative art and donate a portion - but over time and through interaction with a ton of people in the space we decided to create a platform that summarizes what we are doing each day anyway - our researched information.

Additionally we added some valuable tools described further down to the list and here we are - in the midst of building the foundation of having a research platform that will server our website with the most valuable information but also centralises all the info that the projects are putting out on daily bases. Our main drive is to support NEAR and become an institution that people and projects want to interact with for support, education or simply Alpha.

The majority of us have met in the bear and we are here to stay!

What are our goals

We started this because we thought it is an easy way of providing value to others with just writing down what we gather each day anyway. Thinking about it, it was a valuable goal for us to make it easy for investors from other chains to add NEAR to their portfolio - so our goal is to create educational beginner content as well as having the information all at one place. Also we want to support valuable projects that are good for the ecosystem and help them stand their ground against shillers and marketers with value beyond that. Over time our network will grow, and with that we can help smaller projects early on to meet the right people to have an easier time starting out in the space.

All of that will lead to people being more educated - so that more liquidity stays in the ecosystem through less rugs being succesful but also people investing their money where it is most efficiently. We wanna spend the time and energy to see whether projects are made for the long-term or they just want to create hype that could die down pretty fast.

The same service is obviously accessible for project founders, too. To stay engaged with your community and the whole space you need to know what’s going on - and that takes time away from your building time. Alpha can be provided and shared as well - we don’t mind if our (public) information gets spread as long as we are being mentioned as a source.

Also with good informational content people will have a more frictionless experience starting out on NEAR (or AURORA) - having everything they need to know in one place.

Why is this valuable

  • More money will stay in the ecosystem
  • Project’s success will be accelerated
  • More succesful mints —> More people will move over to the given chain
  • We can connect founders (of different chains) to another - learning from each other is very valuable and can accelerate the growth, too
  • Having an overview ready can make people that took a break from the space “come back” easier - a lot of things are about reducing friction

What do we want to create

We want to move over to AURORA because we believe in the technology and the growth prospects of the economy. We are big fans of people building for and with NEAR - getting the best of the Ethereum and NEAR world is a great prospect.

We want to be part of the ecosystem as early as possible and meet the smart people in the ecosystem before they are busy with other projects. It’s a great way of showcasing and improving our plans, getting feedback from a new audience and learning more about AURORA early to help create and spread educational marterial.

All in all we just want to utilize the ability to be early and become part of AURORA as a whole!

Automated tools

Announcement stream
The core of our automated tools - having all announcements at one place. We created a bot to get them from Discord and will then forward them to our database to show them on our website. Everyone (holding our NFT) will be able to customize this stream only following the type of announcements and projects they want to follow. Making it easy to get all the info of what was going on the past day or two at one place

Twitter space calendar
Having all Twitter spaces at one place

Manual Tools

Mint Calendar
A lot of projects tried having a Mint Calendar additionally to their other utility - but since we are gathering information non-stop anyway we are in a good position to have the most complete and up-to-date mint calendar in the space

Market updates
Giving an overview about the state of the NFT space at least once a week

Daily updates
Giving an overview about the crypto space as a whole in a superficial and short way

Giveaway overview / Calendar
We will implement tools that make it easy for projects to send us their giveaway through their Discord server - reducing friction to share information - and we will go through the giveaways and sort them to the respective projects.

Project summaries
Summarizing projects at one place to give people the ability to read up all the big players that are in the space

Incubating projects
Using our network and support system to be of help for projects that are starting out. Also we want to onboard projects that are not native in web3 to the space and help them around starting out.

Project support
Giving feedback of what worked and hasn’t worked in the past can be a valuable guide for new projects to not have to recreate the same mistakes that were already be made. That’s why we want to talk to projects as much as possible - and support them with our experience.


All in all we are trying to make information and experience accessible through storing it on the website or pass it on to project founders. This has all kinds of positive affects - as lined up above - if done properly. Also one of our goals is to bring together founders and very active community members that wouldn’t otherwise hang together. This is helpful to increase the overall amount of creativity in the space.

But also we are open and flexible to ideas and changes as we do not have a product that is only fitting for one problem. All in all we are here for the ecosystem(s) - doing what they need most in order to grow. Because we will grow with them.

What do we need


For starters, we are not native in AURORA and we want to get to know as many of the big projects and thought leaders as possible. Also to figure out what is really needed and what we can help with.


The issue with information aggregators is that in the beginning it’s really hard to get funding or income. We are just providing value that should not be paid for. Down the road we can implement subscription services for our tools, but in the beginning we just want to build and showcase that building - making ourselves valuable.

The majority of our tools is done and can be copy-pasted. Writing summaries and other stuff would probably need a team of 4-5 people working 10-15 hours a week. A budget up to 5000$ would be very comfortable per month.


  • What problem is the proposal solving?
    • Education - making it easy to start out on a new chain which can be challenging
    • Education - keeps more money in the ecosystem
    • Education - saving project’s teams time
    • Tooling - making it easy to add a chain through time savings and notification systems
    • Support - interacting and networking to figure out who’s there for the ecosystem (and more importantly who is not)
    • Incubation - helping out projects with no prior web3 experience to start out and bring in people that would not normally be in the space
    • Network - bringing projects together and increase the amount of creativity flowing through the space
  • How is the problem being solved?
    • A lot of people researching and interaction - like an internal Alpha chat
    • Spending time with the projects brainstorming
  • Expected impact and value for the Aurora community
    • Less rugs
    • More exposure (to other chains)
    • Faster onboarding of new projects
  • Metrics/KPIs to track results
    • Discord members
      • The amount of people joining us wanting to use our services.
    • NFT market cap (indicator of how many people are using the tool)
      • Some tools will have premium functions only to be unlocked by holding a “Friendly Turtle” - if our service is needed, the floor price / marketcap will rise
    • Chat interaction / Alpha channel discussions
      • Our project is destined to create interaction in the different social media channels - so having more messages per day will be a good metric to see how much we are being recognized and used
    • Amount of interaction with other projects
      • We want to help projects in the background - if we are doing a good job the word will spread and projects will approach us to ask for guidance / support or just advice
    • Amount of projects approaching us for support / exposure / partnership / implementing our tools


Discord: https://discord.gg/Ytg2s3jeHQ

Twitter: https://twitter.com/nearocean_

Website: https://near-ocean.com

NEAR wallet: nearocean.near


Good morning, thank you for your proposal. Could you please apply for a grant here? Thank You

Hey ell!

I will do that once our pitch-deck has been prepared. Thank you for letting us know.

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Ok, thank you. Looking forward to seeing your proposal.