[Rejected] NearFox on Aurora blockchain (April-May)

Background information:

Since the end of 2021, when I first learned about the Near protocol, I decided to enter this blockchain (with helping of my brother Konstantin, who is interested in different blockchains) with my NFT collection called “NearFox” (completely hand-drawn, consists of 444 foxes) on the Paras marketplace. Initially, I had no knowledge about the blockchain, about its purpose and role in digital art, but during the year of work in the Near ecosystem, I met many people, collaborated with projects and understood all the processes of working with the blockchain and its opportunities for young artists.

It is the original «NearFox» that I drew for Alex Shevchenko - he uses it as an avatar in telegram.

Team members:

Core team:
Konstantin - manager, project leader. Higher education in the specialty: Economics. Previously, he worked as a manager at the petrochemical company. He is a crypto enthusiast and has a lot of knowledge in the field of blockchain.

Luda (me), an artist who graduated from an art university, decided to try herself in the field of NFT. Completely “NearFox” NFT collection, consisting of 444 foxes, is hand-drawn by her.

Masha - Luda’s assistant. Helps in creating scripts for videos, writing articles and preparing material.

Dimoon - community and cooperation manager.

Khanhdn - NearFox representative and community manager in Vietnam.

Current KPI for NearFox ecosystem:
(File with description of NFT collections on Near - Our Experience - Google Docs)

“NearFox“ collection on Paras: total volume - 80k$, 444 NFTs, 645 unique holders (as collection includes NFTs with 3, 10 copies). (NearFox - Paras)

Joint comics collection with artists and creators of AILAND Metaverse (Metamorhoses): 403 unique holders. (MetaMorphoses - Paras)

Charity comic joint with Paras: 456 unique holders. (NEARFOX COMIC - Paras Comic)

Twitter followers: 1450+ (twitter.com/Luda_nft)

WhitePaper (Introduction NearFox - NearFox Whitepaper)

Why I have chosen Aurora as the next step in my development:

Now I want to enter the Aurora blockchain as a L2 solution for Ethereum and I consider this blockchain very promising, at least for artists and NFT projects, because the integration with the Ethereum blockchain is very cool, which gives many opportunities for growth and development, as well as with a low gas commission.

The goals of my integration with Aurora blockchain:

*previously, the idea was discussed with @ell and @Alex

  • To increase the number of transactions and key indicators of Aurora.

  • Popularization of the blockchain as a cool technology for creating NFT projects on it and attracting new artists.

  • Attract community to NFT developments and investments on the Aurora blockchain by creating a collection of “AuroraFox” consisting of 777 foxes.

Tasks to achieve goals:

  • Joint collaborations, partnerships with the projects on Aurora and Ethereum and creation of joint activities.

  • Creation of the first educational Learn2earn platform on Aurora blockchain for young artists and reviews of existing projects.

  • Creation of the «AuroraFox» NFT collection together with (on) the 3six9 marketplace.

To accomplish these tasks, I need to obtain funds and solve certain points:

  1. First Learn2earn educational platform for young artist (mainly) and people who are interested in projects connected with NFT developments.


Art and culture are part of our life and characterize the society in which we live, it is important to support them and those who work and are interested in this area.

The NearFox platform (this name is connected with the development which is grown “around the foxes”) is not just a website, it is a whole ecosystem that will be filled with different features both for ordinary holders, NFT creators, those who are interested in passive income, and mainly for young artists who want to enter the NFT sphere, create own project, understand how the NFT system works on Aurora, as well as help at every stage of our artist’s promotion.

The platform will be done in a learning format with knowledge about blockchain in general and how it benefits the world and digital art, the work and benefits of Aurora blockchain, its connection to Etherium, how to work with the wallets, with marketplaces, with interaction with the community, to the complete transfer of physical work to NFT, the creation of new unique NFT, support for authors in promotion, collaborations, recognition in the vastness of our blockchain.

Feeding information into the educational platform:

  • We will create a detailed course with tutorial videos (with my personal experience as well as guest guests - creators of NFT projects, NFT developments, marketplaces)

  • Additional podcasts about other dApps on Aurora and interaction with them (their benefits and USP)

  • Articles that will be written as stories about new projects and updates in projects. Also projects on Aurora and Near (both new and old) will be able to submit articles about their projects by themselves.

  • Quizzes (tests, practical tasks) will definitely be created after each video tutorial, podcast, article. Correct answers will first be awarded project points (after IDO – swap in NFOX token, based on Aurora blockchain).

/To sum up/

It will attract new names to the Aurora ecosystem. Young artists will understand the blockchain and will be able to build a project themselves or find a job as a designer in existing projects.

It will help Investors, holders and community to get information about existing projects in the ecosystem and their updates.

  1. Creation of the NFT collection “AuroraFox” in the amount of 777 pieces on the Aurora blockchain to increase the number of transactions and statistics of the blockchain.

The collection will be placed on the 3six9 marketplace. Each Fox will have different utilities associated with the learning platform (detailed in the white paper).

Holders of the first collection “NearFox” (444 pieces) located on the Near blockchain will be attracted to the Aurora ecosystem by receiving free NFT “AuroraFox” (more details about airdrop are also described in the white paper).

Long term plans:

  1. Offline events: Launching offline events and meetings around the world to attract new artists to the Near/Aurora blockchain (with help of educational platform).

  2. NFOX token on the Aurora blockchain, tied to activities on the platform (the utilities are described in the white paper).


Proposals for grant:

Raise funds for April-May

  • The part that can be covered by Aurora Community DAO:
  1. Ordering a platform design that will be attractive (mobile and computer version) - 150$

  2. Renting a room, creating a content (script), recording and editing training video lessons and dissemination of the material through social networks (15 pieces) (100$ - 1 video) - 1500$

  3. Creating a script and creation of joint review podcasts with some projects related to NFT on Aurora and dissemination of the material through social networks (of the confirmed ones: Apollo42(?), 3six9 marketplaces. (8 podcasts) (50$ - 1 podcast) - 400$

  4. Writing unique review articles about Near Blockchain, Aurora, projects useful for artists, members and crypto enthusiasts (with creation of 1 picture for the article) (20 articles) (30$ - article) - 600$

  5. Community giveaways and contests (in different projects on Aurora/Near/Ethereum partners channels) (1 contest - 30$ (3 winners 10$ each) 10 contests - 300$ (in Aurora tokens)

  6. Creation of our second NFT collection called “AuroraFox” (777 pieces) and publication of the collection on Aurora blockchain: 3six9 marketplace - FREE (I will completely take care of this work (therefore it is free).

Total request number for creativity - 2950$

  • The part that can be covered by me and my project in general - development (but if there is such an opportunity to help me, then I will be glad, if DAO or Aurora is cover the initial development costs)
  1. Hiring a developer - 2000$/1st month.

Total request number for development (optional) - 2000$/1st month

Total request: 2950$ + 2000$/1st month (optional)
Wallet: luda.near
Telegram: luda_create

Unfortunately we cannot approve your proposal

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Can you tell me why you made this decision? My goal is to develop the ecosystem, to build a new project, which has no analogue on Aurora. My activity related to both the platform and the NFT collection is aimed at increasing the number of transactions and popularizing Aurora.

I currently do not have the funds to finance this initiative myself. Can you consider financing at least some part of the project with weekly reporting from me either personally or on the forum as a report.

We can contact you via video, chat in a telegram and discuss the details about the project. I’m asking you to give me a chance to do what I have in mind.

I ask you with councils come together (@ell , @Alex_J , @johanga), as well as to involve @Alex in my initiative and realization of the project. I no longer have the opportunity to ask for a grant from other community. Only you can help me.

I will be waiting for a prompt response from you (whatever it may be).

  • no last grant report (Near Foundation);
  • negative feedback in Community;
  • focus on Near NFT marketplaces;
  • no capacity to track results.
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@ell You know the whole situation, I communicated with you via telegram and previously discussed on the Near forum. Do you know how sad I am to hear all of this?

  1. You know why and what happened, we discussed it with you here [Proposal] NearFox March 2023 - Creatives DAO - NEAR Forum. More such problems will not happen again, the money will be distributed in small shares (ready to provide a report every week)

  2. There is negative feedback from some holders of first collection - I agree. I have already begun to solve this problem: I talked to some Vietnamese holders and they will receive AuroraFox airdrop. This is stated in the description of AuroraFox collection in WhitePaper.

  3. The platform will be an observation for both the Near and Aurora ecosystems. However, learn2earn process will be developed on the Aurora blockchain. The AuroraFox collection will be released on the 3six9 market (already negotiated with them). And the focus will be on the Aurora ecosystem in the first place!

  4. I am ready to provide a report every week/2 weeks to you in DM or a report on the forum. Funds will be used strictly for their intended purpose and reports will confirm this.

Please give me a chance! I do not require the entire amount at once, agree on the amount for the first 2 weeks, I will show the result, you will be impressed! I am ready for any grant option to start development. I’m just asking you with all my might!