[Approved] Aurora Türkiye Web3 Blockchain Event

Hi everyone, I am sending a new proposal regarding the Web3 blockchain event in Izmir/Turkiye scheduled for June 2023.

Country: Türkiye
City: Izmir

Guild / Community Name: Aurora Türkiye

Funding scheme: one time

Introduction, Shortly about who we are and what we are doing:
Since March 2021 we are representing NEAR to Turkey and in August 2022 we started to represent Aurora to Turkey. We are a team of over 10+ members and aiming to help people understand, get ideas and examine mechanics to successfully present the original coverage and latest news about Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in the turkish speaking area.

Link to the social media accounts:

Event details:

Respect Trade has been providing benefits to people interested in Blockchain and Web3 for about 5 years. Especially for cryptocurrency investors, analysis and development of trends that support the development of the community with free training courses in various areas. Their social media, sticking closely to her structuring and design, has about 20000 community members on Telegram and over 70000 followers on Twitter.

Event announcement: https://twitter.com/RespectTrade/status/1614655082200535044?t=p5jbkStfVzGCpbXGaL3ZRA&s=09

Event they have organized in the past https://twitter.com/respecttrade/status/1580587494843633664?s=46&t=sEPu4iByGEJA9Yw_eR7fBw

Istanbul Layer2 Event

Ankara Event

Event Date: June 2023

Owners Twitter account: https://twitter.com/KriptoDayii https://twitter.com/Prospecttrade https://twitter.com/RespectTrade

We as Aurora Türkiye will participate in the blockchain event in Izmir Türkiye and open a stand there.

The stand will consist of

  • Aurora explanational docs, Aurora Cloud, Aurora Community, Aurora Partner program
  • QR Code which redirects to AURORA+,
  • Aurora Türkiye Merchandise for event participators (Caps, Pens)
  • Food & Drink


  • 8-10 new artists and minted collections on Aurora NFT marketplaces;

  • 3-5 new apps in our Ecosystem (leads, who interested in launch on Aurora);

  • Aurora Cloud (leads)

  • 80-100 new registrations Aurora +

  • 200 new users on Aurora Türkiye Near Social

  • New community members: Aurora Türkiye analytics Aurora DAO Dashboard

Additionally: Communication with influencers, crypto enthusiasts, students during the event.


  • Participation Sponsor Fee: 3000$
  • Flight cost 1 person: ~100$ (*2 person = 200$)
  • Hotel costs 3 nights: 300$ (*2 = 600$)
  • Aurora Stand rental with QR Code + desk, Aurora banners on the stage, moderators and speakers: 3000$
  • Media announcement and marketing from Influencers and RespectTrade social media channels Telegram, Twitter, Youtube: 1000$
    • Over 70000 followers, over 100K Impressions
  • Preparation of the explanational docs, Communication with influencers, crypto enthusiasts, students during the event, preparation of the Aurora content, merchandise, cups pens tshirts: 2200$

Total costs: 10000$

NEAR WalletID: cizi31.near
Telegram Handle: Telegram: Contact @cizi31
Email: sezercoinnet@gmail.com

Thank you for your support! :sparkles:

@ell @Alex_J


Happy to support. Thanks you


Your proposal is approved