[Closed] YouTube weekly show "Space Station "Aurora" + "Guides to the Aurora" episodes

Hello Aurora Community,
My name is Anton, and I am a crypto-YouTuber from Ukraine.


In a few episodes, I covered the NEAR and Aurora ecosystem projects.

Here is some positive feedback about my videos from big projects:

I propose to create a weekly show about the Aurora ecosystem. The draft name is "Space Station “Aurora” Such a name comes to my mind because I am a Web3 Pilot who helps onboard new users and helps them navigate through the crypto space.

There are two formats I suppose to create:

  1. Weekly show in 8-15 mins format, covering the main news.

The main idea is to keep people engaged in the life of the Aurora ecosystem. Also, to encourage them to use new services, play metaverse games, etc.
It also can be some fun formats like parties in Metaverse, challenges, and quizzes.

Short version of the show spread to Shorts/TikTok/Reels

2.“Guides to the Aurora” - episodes with step-by-step tutorials on using services from the Aurora ecosystem. I am trying to do it in a fun, optimistic way.

There always will be some things to cover in this area: “How to use service,” “One service VS another,” “TOP-5 services,” and “How to play Metaverse.”


Best crypto domain service: ENS vs Unstoppable domains - YouTube

My vision:

I am focused on onboarding new users to crypto. And give them guides on how to safely use services, get some yield onchain and interact with others. In the near future, I am preparing for a deep dive into the Metaverse projects.

What I am not going to do is to talk about price and give trading recommendations. Also, there is no room for scam projects on my channels.

All my videos are well search optimized by the latest trends in creating video content for YouTube.
The channels are relatively young, but they are at the top of the search feed by many keywords.
Some videos get 10-12 000 impressions on Twitter + YouTube. (I am ready to provide access to analytics).

The short version of the proposal:

Four "Space Station “Aurora” weekly show episodes per month;
Four “Guides to the Aurora” per month.

I am asking for the equivalent of $2400 per month.

That’s a lot of work to do, and it, obviously, doesn’t cover all the expenses. But I am ready for the endeavor to contribute to the future of Aurora. If everything goes well, we can reevaluate the budget after three months.

Thanks for considering my proposal! I understand that my channels are relatively small for now. But I am constantly working on improving my videos’ quality, editing, and skills. And I believe that I can create an engaging and competitive show. I hope to get support from the Aurora fam.
I am open to discussion and constructive critics.

See you on web3!

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Hello , Anton. What the difference?

Actually, not a big difference. I am still focused on the ecosystem. But if I get some funding, I can shift the focus to the specific part of it.

As far as Aurora Community has a different DAO. So maybe you have a different marketing approach.

I didn’t mean to hide that proposal. Before submitting here, I reached out to @Alex_J, sent that link, and told him about it.

As I said at the end of that proposal, I will produce some video content anyway. But, without funding, it’s next to impossible to grow up the channel.

I clearly understand how competitive YouTube is, and betting on a new channel is risky. But I believe I can do that, ready to share my vision and defend the strategy on community calls if needed.

Ok. It’s look like your YouTube channel on an early stage…
How many videos would you like to make for $2400? Thank You

As i mentioned before:

"The short version of the proposal:

Four “Space Station “Aurora” weekly show episodes per month;
Four “Guides to the Aurora” per month.”

So, it’s eight episodes per month. Around 30% of the grant comes to advertising inside YouTube (I have made tests and can share analytics)

Obviously, It has to be a channel in the early stage. Highly unlikely that you can do it with an existing audience. I bet they would show shallow engagement, eventually killing the channel. The only proper way is to create a show and steadily gain an audience, so your subscribers know what to expect from the channel.

$2400 for 8 videos? It’s not a reasonable reward. The average price for your kind of channel is ~ $50 per video.

Alright, we are definitely not on the same page. I offer to create content.
Which is well optimized for search algo, and shows good average view time and CPV.
Without that, it’s impossible to make a viable show.
What you just said about 50$ could be based on advertising on a channel with a similar number of subscribers. But you cannot get the content that would perform well for that money.
But I got your point. So I don’t want to waste your and mine time anymore. Let’s close the proposal for now.
I would start creating the content on my own, and if there is some traction - we will talk again in the future.

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Thank you, feel free to re-apply later.

Great idea!!!

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