Complaint against Aurora Tip Bot

Hey I am Ronit Kumar a happy member of aurora community from almost 10 + months. In the past 10 month I had no problems with anything going in the community, But from few weeks me and my friends are irritated with one of the most used bot of the community THE AURORA TIP BOT.

Firstly why are the communities even using this S**T bot and why such a big ecosystem like AURORA is not creating any other tip bot.

This bot charges ** 20% of tax ** yes you heard me right 20% tax that’s equal to USA tax regime and not only this even after charging so much fees the UI sucks , it doesn’t even support withdrawal from inside the bot and is one of the most complex bot I ever used.

On the other hand near tip bot have a fix fees of 0.003 near irrespective you withdraw 1 near or 100 near, While if you will use this AURORA TIP BOT you will be losing your 20% of fund for withdrawals ( 20$ for 100$ to give you an idea ) Clown moment :clown_face: right.

Now I have following questions from the developers and communities who are using it

  1. Why the fees is 20% and what do you do with the money ?
  2. In starting days when the fees was zero ( almost less than 0.5% probably ) and everything was working fine than what was the need to increase fees.
  3. Who are your illiterate developers who cant even code for withdrawals from inside the bot even after looting so much money?

    ERROR 404 illiterate devs found :clown_face:
  4. Why cant we connect multiple metamask with your bot like we can do with the near bot. Always got this error while trying to connect multiple metamasks.

Request to the community

Please don’t use this bot when you tip us for AMAs , Quiz’s or other events we really don’t feel good after seeing 20% getting deducted. Imagine yourself getting the 4000$ funding from AURORA and when you want to withdraw it 20% ( 800$ ) of funds are lost because of some s**t bot.


See that’s how you can make a easy to use and better bot which charges less withdraw fees try to learn something from near tip bot devs.


@ell @johanga can you please look into this matter, even many users lost there funds and also everyother day the bot is down.

Result:- Community suffer from this and stuck there funds or in some cases lost in funds.

Providing a sustainable resource to the community us Aurora agenda but this bot is not reliable at all.


I am requesting that you take action to address these issues. I believe that the app should be made more reliable and that the tax should be reduced. I would also like to see the app be made more user-friendly.

It is total waste of funds if this Bot Continues as the same

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good morning, and thank you for your active contribution to the Aurora Community life! :green_heart:

this topic was already opened by AuroraHunters members also here

and here

as for me personally, I have received thousands of complaints and I couldn’t agree more with all of them.
but, mostly there’s a lack of suggestions :blush:

what I can offer from my side: we can organize a community voice chat on any community Tg (the official one, or Hunters), to call tipbot team as guests, and give a chance to speak to everyone who has ideas about solutions from the community.
before that, we’ll collect questions and propositions from community members to create an agenda and moderate this voice chat accordingly, without making a mess )

I see the chance that it will be open code of the bot, so we’ll be able to create a bounty and call for community devs to improve it, but generally speaking, I’m not a technical person and it’s better to achieve ideas from devs, by my view


That will be great if its possible

it’s possible to be made by any community member :wink: