[Approved] Aurora Community Telegram Tipbot - Front End Development

Hello Aurora Community,

Thank you so much for all the love and support towards the Aurora Community Telegram Tipbot. We are in the No.1 Position in Aurora Ecosystem Transaction and Active Wallet Wise.

Quick stats

  1. 8.5 K Transaction & 684 Unique Active Wallets Over Time.


The purpose of this proposal is to request a budget of $1500 to cover the cost of developing the front end of the Aurora Community Telegram Tipbot website https://auroratipbot.xyz/


The front-end development will cover the following components:

  • Development of a responsive design that works on desktop and mobile devices
  • Integration of the front-end with the back-end of the tip bot to ensure seamless functionality
  • Implementation of appropriate security measures to protect user data and prevent unauthorized access


The front-end development is expected to take approximately 4 weeks to complete, with the following milestones:

  • Week 1 - Front-end development and integration with the back-end
  • Week 2 - User acceptance testing and bug fixing
  • Week 3 - Final testing and deployment to the production environment
  • Week 4- Release


The total budget for the front-end development is $1500 + 2500 Unlocked $Aurora Tokens ( $400)

Total Amount: $1900 (in equivalent Aurora tokens.)
Wallet Name: Monish016.near

Thank you

Kind Regards

  • Will you design your own, Đľr did you get a finished design?
  • Wasn’t creating a “dashboard frontend” part of your previous proposal?

Hi @Tolmindev

1.We have received the design from Aurora hunters team for both desktop and mobile version

  1. Yes it was, we have a fully functional Dashboard frontend part already. This is a new design that was given to us after the development. Also aligning the style of auroradao and wordle etc.,
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Your proposal is approved. Thanks


Your proposal is approved

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Hello, I see that you have already transferred the design. I would like to note some mistakes that you made during the transfer. This is the absence of shadows, incorrect colors, text and font. In addition, there is no important functionality - the history of transactions, and many elements are installed crookedly.

The mobile version also has many inaccuracies.

If you guys agree to do some work, do it wel.


Hello @Tolmindev Thanks for your feedback. We have released the alpha version last week itself for the community to check if any issues were there. Again yesterday we have released the beta to the mainnet. The points which you have told are already noted and the team is working on it. We are trying to do our best.

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And we follow the agile model where we deliver quickly and iterate things on top of it. And FYI we haven’t made any announcements officially to the community that the mainnet is updated with all the necessary changes. Before that judging the work done by us that too in a public forum is unprofessional when you have our contact in telegram. We always welcome constructive feedbacks. Thanks again!

And there is no access keys to be displayed in the bot, which you have pointed out in the first picture. If you are the designer you could have directly contacted about these changes to be fixed, because that’s how every software development team works together with the design team. Thank you!

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make all the necessary changes according to @Tolmindev message, thanks


Hi. So, if you’re following the agile model, it’s important to remember that agility promotes flexibility and adaptability. The agile model does not restrict users from responding in public forums. So your first response adequately resolved the situation. It was enough to understand what you were working on. And it’s great that the points that @Tolmindev mentioned have already been taken into account and the team is working on it. Thanks for your understanding and willingness to get feedback.


@Monish016 Hello! could you please share a report? Thanks!