Complaint against Aurora Tip Bot

good morning, and thank you for your active contribution to the Aurora Community life! :green_heart:

this topic was already opened by AuroraHunters members also here

and here

as for me personally, I have received thousands of complaints and I couldn’t agree more with all of them.
but, mostly there’s a lack of suggestions :blush:

what I can offer from my side: we can organize a community voice chat on any community Tg (the official one, or Hunters), to call tipbot team as guests, and give a chance to speak to everyone who has ideas about solutions from the community.
before that, we’ll collect questions and propositions from community members to create an agenda and moderate this voice chat accordingly, without making a mess )

I see the chance that it will be open code of the bot, so we’ll be able to create a bounty and call for community devs to improve it, but generally speaking, I’m not a technical person and it’s better to achieve ideas from devs, by my view