[Dejected] Homieverse multichain DAO

Hello there, Aurorian


We are a multichain DAO focused on supporting people in Web3 builder top-on with NFT.

Who are Homieverse

The positive energy from Lunatics first inspired Homieverse. However, due to the unfortunate collapse of the Terra ecosystem in May 2022, we have decided to switch to the NEAR ecosystem and decided to develop a project in a multi-ecosystem.

Homieverse focuses on the concept that Homies support Homies, and the first thing we want to achieve is to build a solid Web3 space. In this way, everyone can participate. We also have plans to go cross-chain to help support other NFT communities. Homieverse will be a DAO-focused top-on with NFT collection and information-sharing NFT project so that we can support other NFT projects in the multi-space. This aligns with the concept of decentralization. We also plan to push our project to be the top digital asset brand on all the chains we are in thru project partnerships.

We love our Homies, and we want our Homies to grow together with us. Therefore, various benefits will be rewarded to the Homie DAO members in multiple profit-sharing mechanisms, an exclusive educational platform, and access to our NFT analytical dashboard. The NFT analytical dashboard we are building will use Web3 tools and a DAO-like system. It will allow users to share their knowledge of Web3 with the community in a simple-to-use platform. Our products will also combine information with data analytics that go beyond the standard tools to help the user access the project’s alpha.


We are committed to driving the community with the potential of the participants. So our mission is Not only to benefit the growth of the Homieverse, but we also look forward to spreading this idea to help a broader audience we are involved. Finally, the outcomes of these processes will give DAO members access to the genuinely Web3 educational platform.

Pre-process We have created a space for exchanging information and learning in Web3 during project launches before minting. So that you don’t need previous experience to participate, we called this Alpha Hub through the community Discord server and the beta version of our Dapp to deliver the Utility to the community initially.

Post-process We’ll continue to develop the Dapp that we already did during the pre-processing. In addition, we will disclose some of the information we include for the benefit of education to the public and will reserve some analytical data for only the DAO members.

Long-term goals We intend to publicize the knowledge and experience of users to make income in the world of Web3 by leveraging our platform to use their unique expertise to work effectively with other organizations or even build their business in the future.


We have allocated utilities into multi-functions to serve members’ interests with a wide range, and each part will take a different time and results to deliver to members.

As we explained in our milestones, the DAO project is one of the best ways to kick off from scratch. Web3 is different from Web2. It is not that I’m going to make it, but that we’re going to make it. Thus, only community base strategy would only lead us to the desirable mark. The primary tool we are building is the Analysis dashboard, unlike other tools where the team or admin gathers in-depth information and arranges it on the board. This dashboard is made up of community thoughtfulness. With the community knowledge and experience, we can seek the potential project and put supportive effort into it with efficiency. We will implement a rewarding system to incentivize a solid report and community interaction. In the first stage, we divided our product into two channels: the site dashboard and the strategic discord bot.

Homie DAO is a collective DAO. It will work based on the knowledge of an entire group rather than an individual. The governance is utilized through the community engaging in Discord and partaking in poll-based decisions. In Homie DAO, we want to foster the community culture of Homies support Homies by giving each Homie a platform to have a voice and to be heard. It will be a community where Homies share their ideas, knowledge, and experience and actively navigate the future direction of the Homie DAO. Community input is the driving force of the ecosystem.

What do we aim to benefit the ecosystem?

We strongly believe that experience and knowledge have the limitless and essential power to drive the ecosystem from the root of the community by developing residents with the potential for long-term collaboration. In addition, we can attract VCs in different areas to join the network we settle with the processes and tools we create.

What is collective DAO, and How does it work?

In case the Homieverse DAO treasury will re-invest in Defi and NFT projects(Low-Medium risk assets), then the percentage of profit will share with members. The profit from minting Homie collections, secondary market, and Dashboard subscriptions will be allocated to the treasury to ensure constant revenue. It will also provide the sustainability of Homie DAO treasury.

Did we mention that the payout to the holder will be in the L1 token? Yes, you read that right! We believe the payout should be in L1 coin or stablecoin.

Holders will also benefit from knowledge sharing within the community from the Web3 knowledge. Homie DAO will have them covered and ready for the community.

Product & Use case

Education platform

Key feature:

  • Training center for those who want to look for learning in Web3. Publish by People with real experience where members can learn by doing.

  • Job Board: forum job postings open to the public come with a rating and review score system.

  • DAO members’ courses: Members can create classes and open the subscription service through the project platform to make self-income.

Analysis dashboard (Main deck)

Key feature:

  • Project in-depth information.

  • Community vote (react).

  • Community report (input data).

  • Report scoring system (community result).

  • Rewarding system (top contributions gets rewarded).

Strategic bot(Support tool)


  • Data input from multiple streamlines

  • Data arrangements.

  • Push notification / Command function

Key feature:

  • One for all command (one-stop command: information/floor price/volume trade)

  • Rank checking, Push notifications for significant updates (floor change, big volume, significant volume)

Future product

Web3 Wikipedia

Key feature:
A site that collects and updates information from leading blockchains for accessing various information benefits the user’s investment planning and open source for developers.

How far have we built?

Today, we build communities while manually delivering research and educational information via the Discord server.

Application in beta version It is in the experimental and development phase. UX/UI is available, but we cannot release it in the trial phase as we still need to input the information to make the app more comprehensive for a better experience and the first impression of users.

What have we done upfront

  • Ux/Ui for multichain calendar.
  • Data input page.
  • Near library(Dapp, defi, nfts dex/cex information) also make Aurora library soon.
  • React and Notification systems.

monetization model

  • Monthly subscription from our dashboard.
  • Mint fund and secondary fee from the Homieverse NFT.
  • Fund from Collective DAO.


  • Information & Connect

We need basic information about Aurora projects, such as a high-performing project that operates under the current network. Then, we need to connect to them to discuss how we can support them to benefit the space in the long run.

  • Funding

Because most applications provide insights and specialized study courses usually followed by a high monthly subscription, this is due to the cost of data collection that requires a lot of human resources. Therefore, the charge is high as well.

So we need funding to solve this gap to enable most people can access to our services. The ecosystem will benefit directly and indirectly from having high-quality people in the network.

Which the acquisition of such qualitative data, We need to hire specialists to drive the product. The budget for the building will be 5000$ per week; within six weeks can get us a smooth start.


We built a DAO designed to focus on delivering the Web3 experience through a community-based learning process where everyone can create their course, and members can be both givers and receivers simultaneously. In this case, our products feature communities more comfortable and save time by collecting, sorting, processing data, and delivering results to the community in one place. With these elements, communities can move forward long-term with efficient reinvestment, as we set out in the roadmap.

Contact info
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Homies_nft
DC: Homieverse
DC ACC: Homie<3│Homieverse#5500
Medium: Homieverse – Medium
Beta site: https://homieverse-bf55b.web.app/ (will be available soon)

We look forward to being part of the ecosystem and are open to all questions/suggestions.


Very well structure of this article! I highly recommend everybody here to visit the Homieverse discord and share some awesome spirit.
Since I found about the originally terra based crowd I am sort of addicted to drop my daily visit here.
The NFT Comic are just excellent art as far as my uninformed eye can distinguish


Hello, could you please fill out the form ?

Thank you


Sure thing! Thank you


Yeah… Homieverse is a Dao project with difference, have been on Near for over 6 months now and I must say am glad Homieverse came to Near cause the future is Near…

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@Expert : There is no website, just Twitter and Discord. From Twitter it is not clear what they even do, except only that they provide analytical tools.

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Thanks for the feedback. We have published educational articles on web3 and research analyses via Discord. We’re also working on the features we referenced in the proposal through a demo version that will be released to the public later.


I can attest to that… come to discord if you wanna know about @Homieverse

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