Genadrop Live on Aurora Mainnet: We Want to Help Launch NFT Projects

We haven’t been funded by Aurora and got our grant rejected, but we are still building this none the less because we love the NEAR Ecosystem at Minority Programmers.

We have deployed our beta version on Aurora Mainnet for Genadrop


  • Mint generative collections (launch aurora nft collections by the thousands)
  • Mint nfts with image file uploads
  • Mint nfts as an image “Instagram of NFTs”
  • Mint videos as gifs aka “Short”
  • Explore aurora nfts
  • Buy aurora nfts
  • List aurora NFTs

Future features we want to implement

We are looking to have people try our product, and helping projects launch their generative collections.


by the end of the week we are implementing a new marketplace redesign


Hello! Thank you for the information! Feel free to join our community.

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how could i miss and didn’t notice your post here - surprises me a lot !

please, write your TG contact, I’ll add you to our Community core chat, where you’ll be able to connect to every regional guild (growing community of active members), ecosystem media project (supporting pr and promo activities of the community), and active project teams that are building on Aurora :green_heart:

also feel free to share here all the socials of Genadrop, so community members could join to you there

have a wonderful day !

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We added Soul Bound Minting, proof of sesh, text to AI since then