[Closed] Bubblemint Open-Source Minting Solution for Aurora NFTs by AktaryTech

Aurora Grant Proposal

  • Project Name: Bubblemint
  • Team Name: AktaryTech
  • Payment Address (NEAR): shardeez.near
  • Payment Address (Aurora): 0xc7615A2E41390Faf244035cF71c296637C4939D6

Project Overview :page_facing_up:

Bubblemint is a “lazy minting” or “gumball machine” strategy that will be an open source asset for anyone launching collections on Aurora. Users will be anyone with pre-generated assets who want to use Aurora to launch an NFT collection. In subsequent milestones, Bubblemint tools will be extended into a no-code launchpad, which will make Aurora a major source of large generative art projects.


AktaryTech is a Web3 development service company. Our business builds dApps for clients. This includes DeFi, NFT Marketplaces, and cross-chain solutions. Since 2018 we’ve built mostly EVM solutions, but have since branched into the Rust-based platforms, and thus got plugged in with NEAR. Luckily, NEAR has an EVM shard as well, and we’re super excited about its potential.

We wanted our own product, so we created Shardeez. We have an NFT artist on the team who does AI generation, and we chose NEAR as the first ecosystem to grow with. Shardeez are “Sharded Blocks”, an homage to the sharded blockchain NEAR, which we believe can scale properly for the future.

We want more than an NFT, we want an NFT solution. That’s why we’re proposing Bubblemint, which is something Aurora needs and something AktaryTech can do and is motivated to provide.

Why Bubblemint? :candy:

Tagline: Gumball Machine Minting System for Aurora

On the NEAR side, TenK DAO has a good open source “lazy minting” platform; we forked it for our needs. It has a frontend site for the wallet connection and data on remaining NFTs to mint, and has different configurations based on whether your wallet is whitelisted and at what period of the mint.

We ran into issues getting it set up, including Apple M1 compatibility, whitelisting issues, UI to smart contract compatibility, and there are wallet mishaps under heavy use. But we got it working! All said, we gained familiarity with the frontend and their TypeScript bindings to the NEP-171 Rust smart contracts. This gave us the confidence to remake it. And to remake it cross-chain with the Aurora EVM.

Project Details

Key functions of Open Source Bubblemint:

  1. Mint Page: Frontend, Wallet (MetaMask), User, Pre-Mint Whitelist, Maximums, Post-Mint Reveal, other functions.
  2. Website Hosting: scalable for high traffic mint day, and DDoS prevention.
  3. Smart Contracts.
  4. Bulk Arweave or IPFS Uploads.
  5. Metadata compatibility / integration with existing Aurora marketplaces and other standards.

Most of the work will be making a frontend that communicates with the smart contracts / binds to the functions of the NFT.

We want to make a smooth and customizable experience that will be desired by anyone launching a collection on Aurora. Therefore, it will become a de-facto implementation; widely forked and repurposed. The first repurpose will be our 2nd milestone: a no-code launchpad.

Technology Stack:

  • Frontend: TypeScript, React, Next.js.
  • Hosting: CloudFlare or GitHub pages by default.
  • Smart Contracts: Aurora, Solidity, ERC-721, ERC-1155
  • Storage: Arweave or IPFS.

Ecosystem Fit

Aurora needs options for lazy minting. Aurora NFTs will benefit from additional resources to launch projects. We expect other NFTs besides Shardeez will use the code, and other launchpads besides Bubblemint will build on top of it.

Within Aurora, this project will bring a way for the type of NFTs with the most volume to use Aurora contracts—predominantly PFP lazy-minted collections.

Screenshot of the mint page demo on testnet, showing the slider, minting allowance, and remaining in the collection.

Development Status

We’ve customized the TenK code and are prepared to launch Shardeez. This system will be completely re-written for Aurora EVM using Solidity.

  1. GitHub.com/TENK-DAO/frontend-starter (AktaryTech added 29 commits to this on our own fork)
  2. GitHub.com/TENK-DAO/tenk (AktaryTech added 32 commits to this on our own fork)

Example of some of our development on the projects, and how we reference JIRA tickets (SHARD-xx) to manage work.

Work is organized and completed using JIRA.

Development Roadmap :nut_and_bolt:


Milestones 1: Open Source Frontend and Smart Contract Configuration for Lazy Minting using Aurora

Milestones 2-X: Bubblemint Launchpad No-Code Platform for Mass Adoption of Aurora NFT Launches.

Milestone 1 — Implement Modules

  • Estimated duration: 3 months
  • FTE: 1.5
  • Costs: 90,000 USD equivalent tokens
Number Deliverable Specification
0a. License GPLv3
0b. Documentation We will provide both inline documentation of the code and a basic tutorial that explains how a user can utilize all the open source functionality for their NFT project
0c. Testing Guide Core functions will be fully covered by unit tests.
0d. Article We will publish an article / workshop that explains what was achieved as part of the grant. This can develop into a conference presentation by us.
1. Frontend module We will publish the frontend code needed to start up your own Bubblemint-based NFT launch from source. This will be a static page done in React, Next.js, with TypeScript bindings to the Aurora contracts. It will change visually based on user’s wallet privileges and interaction with smart contract functions, including whitelist. The page will be styled out of the box for marketing, and has configurable theming (colors, content) for people to whitelabel their own NFT.
2. Contracts module Compatible and audited EVM contracts.
3. Hosting module We will publish a guide on how to get your own NFT launch robustly hosted for heavy mint-day traffic.
4. Storage module We will publish explanations of how to utilize Arweave or how to choose your own IPFS pinning service.

Milestone 2 — Bubblemint Launchpad

AktaryTech, along with our NEAR/Aurora NFT mascot Shardeez, will create a launchpad on top of Bubblemint’s open source. The details of the build are mostly TBD, but you can see our history below and know that we have handled many Web2/Web3 components like this. It will involve administration settings for user configuration, and come with a whole marketing service to get their project introduced.

  • Estimated duration: 3 months
  • FTE: TBD
  • Costs: TBD

Marketing :speaking_head:

AktaryTech is devoting significant marketing resources to this launch (full time marketer, blog posts, Twitter, conference speaking). The goal is to gain attention from inside NEAR/Aurora NFT communities, outside of NEAR/Aurora with other EVMs, and even outside of Web3.

The DAO-governed ecological mission of Shardeez will take center stage in the marketing efforts (which is how we intend to bring outsiders in). NFT giveaways can drive insider attention. This will drive other projects to Bubblemint and Aurora in general.

Background on Shardeez :white_square_button:

Tagline: Shardeez are “Sharded Blocks” on an Eco-mission.

:earn more Shardeez.com

  1. They look crazy cool.
  2. Our team agreed on utility: an ecological mission. The Shardeez DAO will fund environmental projects (possibly make one on Aurora too).
  3. Sharded blockchains are the future for settlement layers. Shardeez are their mascot.
  4. We love our story and rarity trait formation. The 13 Clans are in groups of Eco-Defenders, Ecocidal Maniacs, and Degens. Each item has a Genesis Block, a Shardness Level, and a Clan. Each Clan has a King and Queen.

See this blog post from AktaryTech about how we formulated Shardeez. Find us on Twitter: @ShardeezNFT.

The careful attention we paid to trait rarity.

Shardeez are currently on Aurora! We partnered with the 3six9 Marketplace to sell a unique group of 300 Aurora Arctic Defenders, with Aurora Borealis and other arctic traits :wink:

Future Plans :signal_strength:

The Bubblemint Launchpad will be a revenue generating product that AktaryTech, or a spin-off of, will support long-term. We will focus on onboarding new talent and creatives by giving them a full NFT launch solution with the power of Aurora.

Revenue model of the launchpad will include a fee on sales to align all stakeholders. Much of this is TBD and dependent on further conversations, including VC introductions.

Team :busts_in_silhouette:

Our US team is based in Portland, Austin, and L.A.


Legal Structure

  • Registered Address: 701 Brazos St #500, Austin, Texas 78701, USA
  • Registered Legal Entity: Aktary Enterprises LLC.

Team’s Experience, Code Repos and LinkedIn

Shane Neeley — Dev / Artist / Experimenter — Web3 dev, NFT artist and community manager. Previously in machine learning for biology. Author of two books on AI art. Launched and sold out generative art NFTs; built backend for token reservations. Skilled in technical writing, Python, Tensorflow, Node.js, and is learning Rust.

LinkedIn.com/in/neeley1 || GitHub.com/shane-neeley

Adam Kecskes — Projects Orchestrator — 25 years tech veteran with a background in project management, operations improvement, frontend and backend architecture (C/C++, JS/React, Rust, more), M&A software due diligence, technical writing. Degrees in Math and CS.

LinkedIn.com/in/adamkecskes || GitHub.com/adamk72

Geoffrey Ballard — Senior Engineer — Design savvy senior engineer with experience delivering complex and scalable applications for web and mobile. Skilled in Solidity, Node.js, React, Next.js, TypeScript, AWS, Google Cloud, GitHub CI/CD, and Graphic Design.

LinkedIn.com/in/gaballard || GitHub.com/gaballard

Luke — Backend Engineer — Experience in data analytics, DevOps and deployment with AWS, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean. Skilled in Python, Node.js, and smart contract programming with Solidity and Hardhat.

Jared Childers — Blockchain Engineer — A Gitcoin KERNEL Fellow and a Gitcoin + Filecoin APOLLO Fellow. Collector of metaverse assets. Skilled in Solidity, Hardhat, IPFS, Web3.py, Ethers.js, Chai testing and GitHub CI/CD.

LinkedIn.com/in/jared-childers || GitHub.com/JaredChilders

Paul Giordano — Asset Manager — Chief Investment Officer of Keccak Capital. Thirty-nine years of experience in finance and trading. Skilled in treasury management.


David Aktary — CEO — Founder of AktaryTech and three other companies. Founded ERC dEX, one of the first Ethereum token trading platforms in 2017.


Kim Albee — Director of Marketing — Founder of the B2B Online Marketing Group on LinkedIn, and is also on faculty at CEOSpace. She was named a Top 40 Digital Marketer in 2020.


Jill Love — Operations Manager — Handling day-to-day operations tasks across AktaryTech’s departments.

:card_file_box: Team’s experience

Below are service delivery highlights, with some names obfuscated of not-yet-released work.


We built the backend and frontend of an NFT marketplace that is focused on anime-themed NFTs. The app is a full marketplace, where artists can create and mint NFTs, and sell them on the primary and secondary markets. We used ImmutableX, a zk-STARKS layer 2 of Ethereum for the source for minting and the secondary market provider.

Client A

We built a smart contract education for a developer-incentivized blockchain. It’s a free interactive code school that teaches developers how to create their own CosmWasm contracts and deploy dApps to the network. This app trains devs on the Rust programming language.


A unique automated cross-chain yield aggregator. We built the interconnecting architecture for their liquidity terminal. This architecture was a transport layer for interactions between chains. This comprised of Solidity smart contracts and relayers via Node.js, TypeScript and Redis.

Hummingbot Connectors

Hummingbot is an open source algorithmic trading bot for CEXs and DEXs. We built connectors for clients that link Hummingbot’s internal trading algorithms with live information from different exchanges. They interact with an exchange’s REST API and through real-time interactions via Websockets; such as by gathering order book data and sending and canceling trades. We built connectors for speed in Python, Cython and AsyncIO. The projects we’ve done:

  • IDEX — connector for a hybrid liquidity platform with an off-chain order book + on-chain AMM
  • System9 — a crypto market maker who needed an OSL Exchange connector.


We built a beautiful dApp for a cross-chain DeFi hub for lending, borrowing, rates, staking, and interoperability. We built the frontend in React and managed many backend smart contracts and integrations. Our contracts are currently running on a Cosmos-based chain as well as Ethereum Goerli and Kovan testnets. The interface was featured on CoinBureau.

Client B

An on-chain game, modeled after a roulette wheel where bets are placed in BNB tokens on the Binance Smart Chain. For game logic, we used Chainlink VRF, and Chainlink Keepers for trustless spinning of the wheel. We used the Graph Protocol for indexed user information and Tailwind CSS Framework for the UI theme.


We built and designed an system to place limit orders on Uniswap v2. Our React + Web3.js front-end provided an intuitive, user-friendly interface that interacted with the Uniswap contracts and submitted orders to the server process for processing.


We helped build a protocol for cryptocurrency donation-matching on L2s (Polygon and xDai) using React, EthersJS, Web3.js and Gatsby. This matching fund allows for small contributions with low fees and integrates to existing donation sites.

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