Grantees & Fast Grants: how to submit report

How to submit report?

Reports are an essential part of transparency in the Aurora Community.

  1. Create a new post (button +New Topic) in the Grantees & Fast Grants category on the Aurora forum


  1. Make sure your post title begins with [Report]
  2. Give a project’s name you’re reporting in the title, for example: [Report] ABC decentralized exchange

Structure of report:

The following is the structure for this reporting and suggested metrics for project success:

  1. Project Name;
  2. The project overview;
  3. Links on the website, and social media;
  4. Project Status: in progress or completed;
  5. Highlights:
  • Share your successes and your achieved milestones.
  1. Compare results with initial milestones.

Thanks :grinning: