Introduce yourself here

Thanks. It’s great you are here too😁. Great job you do.

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Good day all, am Damilola Oguntola Team lead NEAR NIGERIA. Been in the blockchain space for the past 5yrs and among the early adopters of NEAR as at 2020, love to be here


Let Aurora take over whole Nigeria!
Nice to see you folks moving here.


Thanks bro, we would continue the good work


Hello :wave:
Brindon from Uganda :uganda:, I’m a community builder and crypto awareness specialist, i founded Skill Haven which focuses on awakening the crypto enthusiasm in youth allover the continent.
It’s my pleasure to be on here :innocent:

Here are links to;
My Twitter

Skill Haven Twitter


Hello everyone.
My name is Hawwal, I am a British Nigerian currently living in Lagos Nigeria and I’m the Founder of Blaqk Stereo Dao Linktr. I’ve been into the web3 space learning and adapting for about 2 years now and I’ve been part of the Near community for over a year. I am a filmmaker, actor, 2D animator, digital artist and singer. My desire is to see my country Nigeria and West Africa as a whole embrace the web3 era with the application of blockchain tech with its various dapps to their everyday businesses and lives as a whole. I believe web3 and decentralization is the cure to a society that has been crippled by centralization due to the selfishness and corruption of small group of people in power making bad decisions everyday and I strongly believe that Web3 will liberate my people from the confines that these centralized people have designed for them.
I look forward to spreading the good news of web3 and Aurora with her applications to everyone I come across, we have done a great job with Near and I believe much more work has to be done in spreading the word. it’s great to be here and I’m so eager to learn more as we grow as a community.
Thanks :blush:


Hi Aurorians,

I go by chiggimps on Twitter, and I’m creating the Sharded Blocks NFTs called Shardeez. About me, I’m a developer / artist, and I have a previously successful NFT collection of AI generative art Radishes. I want to contribute to Aurora development as I believe it will be a top EVM for the future. Using Aurora Plus feels so smooth, and I’m confident about the team here.

Shardeez are primarily minting on NEAR, but are so interested in Aurora that we created 300 “Aurora Borealis” looking Shardeez just for Aurora. Some are currently listed with our Aurora partner, the new NFT marketplace

These are on an arctic-defense mission; and funds from the mint will go to our Shardeez DAO to to support eco-missions. Aurora needed an arctic mascot like this! I want to use these 300 Shardeez to help build the inevitable NFT community that will come to Aurora.

Take a look at one of these buggers!


Hey Hawwal, you got plenty of artistic talents! :heart_eyes:


If some help with newly onboarded Aurora Dapps are needed, can fill the form:

In nearest future might give some assistance with promo also to projects as @Shardeez mentioned.


Thanks so much @Edgar I’m always excited about learning and upgrading my skill set :grin:


Meow! Keep the hustle. :smiley_cat:


Hello Aurora Community. :star_struck:

Hoping you are doing great, I am very thankful for the opportunity of meeting all the members with this thread.

My name is America Castro @ame9986. I am from Venezuela. I’m a blogger, content writer, marketing specialist, and blockchain enthusiast, willing always to learn new things.

I am also a current member of the NEAR Protocol ecosystem in Latam, helping grow awareness with the NEAR Venezuela Guild.

It is a privilege for me to be part of this community, learn from everyone here, and now help grow Aurora even more.

Big hug to everyone :hugs:


*Tell everyone something so memorable that we’ll remember you for.

I am Hepzibah. I’m a crypto and Blockchain enthusiast. I love learning new things, I love adventures, and so I find myself with many skills😄
Catering, writing, natural cosmetics making, natural healing, jewelry making, sewing, event planning, interior and exterior designing landscaping, plants and animals agriculture. Worked as a presenter and duty continuity announcer on a State owned Radio and Television station.:person_facepalming::smile::smile:. Having all this skills made me very good at problems solving and ability to build serval intiatives and ideas.
I have also served in many leadership positions (President, secretary, P.R.O. etc) where I had to deal with hundreds of thousands of people.

*Share how you want to contribute to this community.

I intend to put all my skills to good use to build a bigger Aurora community, ensure more people know about the Protocol, source for talents that can build on the Protocol. Embark on projects that will ensure massive adoption and use cases for the Aurora token.

*Tell us how Aurora can help your dreams.

  • Opportunity to put my skills and ideas to good use building on Aurora.
  • Funding

Cheers :clinking_glasses:


Hello, my name is Solomon Sule (@alphaflex) I’m a social media growth hacker. I have worked in the following positions SMM, CM, CMO, AMBASSADOR in and out of the NEAR ecosystem and I have been in the NEAR ecosystem for a year now.

Been on the NEAR ECOSYSTEM for quit some time as @alphaflex and love it’s advancement so far it’s good to be here.

Looking forward to adding more quality to the AURORA community.

Currently the SMM/CM of ( formally 9ja musical) having contributed to it’s success of it’s physical and online events and spontaneous community growth on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, discord, medium and telegram within a short period of time.

SMM at puzzle crusades NFT gaming built on Solana boosted their online presence on twitter within the space of four month.

Promotion Maneger at ( where I supervise all content and promotional activities related to (Instagram, twitter, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Discord, website trafficking).
Degen at Auroranftclub, ambassador at ovtogamex

Links to my social media handles

Discord: alphaflexhub#3192


Hellow everyone,

Hellow Aurora Fam, Im Jami and im here to introduce my self as a member community of Aurora Community. Most of the time i spend in Near Community, My Introduction is here, and as i stay almost half of the year, i manage to handled my own groups and so on different groups around Near Ecosystem, Handling on Marketing collaborations and creating reports and giveaway events or acitivities around the groups.

As i wanted to be part of Aurora Community, im looking forward to explore and learn about the aurora ecosystem. Soon i hope we can build connections and bring people into web3 blockchain ecosystem.

One of my dreams is to create my own projects that i can help people, by the time they couldnt afford to learn blockchain ecosystem. This projects will bring people understanding, adopting it and afford it to achieve and used their talents in order to create or participate in dffrnt events.

Well i hope so this dream of mine can make it come true. :hugs:

Have a great day and thank you everyone. :blush:


Hello Community,

I am COTMUSIC, I’ve been in the web3 space for close to 2 years now. And over time, I’ve gotten to love the whole concept of the web3, decentralization and its transparency
I’m a music creative, freelancer, graphics designer and and creative director based in Lagos Nigeria.

An active member in the near ecosystem and a council member in the BLAQK STEREO DAO Linktree

My dream is to spread and propagate web3 and Aurora and see a world where it’s incorporated in everyone’s day to day lives.


:eye: Greetings, I’m Carlos Piñerúa, Venezuelan, living in Caracas, Venezuela; marketing profession, Bachelor of Administration and Superior Technique in Marketing.

With 10 years of experience in marketing; acquiring valuable managerial experience in the areas of Sales, Purchasing, Customer Service, Logistics, Inventories and Projects; with a recognized track record.

In search of undertaking new challenges and with my managerial experience, I ventured into the Real Estate sector as General Manager.

Since 2018 he has actively and enthusiastically participated in courses, workshops, forums, conversations, under the environment of blockchain technology, Cryptocurrencies, DeFi, Metaverse; I obtained the NEAR trophy: (Near Certified Analyst NCA) and :trophy: (Near Certified Teacher NCP) protocol certifications through Near Hispano.

I currently actively participate in the Open Web Academy, Aurora, Near P2P, Paras, Nativo, Aurora, Burrito Battle communities and as a promoter of the Free Horses Project, during the period from July 18 to August 1 of this year, in which published daily on the Twitter platform, from my English account @globalccus, on topics related to blockchain, Near Protocol, Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, Free Horses Incubator, Near p2p, Octopus Network, Ref Finance and My4future, Burrito Battle in which I was awarded with an NFT granted by the community and the acquisition of an NFT Free Horses and in native NFT.

Waiting for your support by following my accounts and being able to interact in the communities in which I find myself, both professional and blockchain technology, and always available. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello everyone !!

I’m Dk, One of the most active member of AURORA/$NEAR Ecosystem :slight_smile:


Ana de Morales, Venezuelan residing in Caracas; Graduated in Cultural Promotion and Education from the Central University of Venezuela and the Simón Rodríguez National Experimental University, she With 25 years of experience holding teaching and management positions in the educational sector; I have participated in courses, talks, workshops, conferences; that have allowed me to acquire skills under technological environments, in marketing for social networks, didactic and pedagogical strategies, among others.


Hi everybody!
my name is Ulises Marin from Aurora Venezuela
I had no idea that Aurora would be that huge before getting into its community!
now I’m one more contributing and sharing knowledge and helping the community indeed on its way to grow!
there is a lot to learn yet.
There are many unexplored Dapps to experiment.

We all need to become ambassadors and spread what we experiment with in this ecosystem, the benefits obtained by interacting with its so many options and incredible tools that the Aurora Network can offer to the crypto world.