[Rejected] Aurora Tribe (University web3 social club)

My introduction here

Hello Community.

West Africa where I come from is endowed with a lot of brilliant minds and the youth generation is fast evolving.
This lead me to come up with the tribe movement which is a web3 social club dedicated to inspiring, educating, and exposing youths in higher institutions to the vast opportunities in Web3 building a fully functional community of young minds ready to explore.

A few months back we held the first-ever Tribe event and we planted the first club cell which was tagged “Near Tribe” LASUTH. Currently, now we have about 30 active members in the club all discussing web3 and possible infusion into their field of study which happens to be medicine.
Read the blog post here

Existing tribal leaders:

  • Name: Adekunle Abdulganiu
    School: Lagos state university college of medicine (LASUCOM) Department : Pharmacology
    Year: 2nd
    wallet: thegalliums.near

  • Name: Ayantunji Roseline
    School: Lagos State University College of Medicine (LASUCOM)
    department: Pharmacology
    Year: 2nd year
    wallet: rose-line03.near

  • Name: Adebusoye Abiodun
    School: Lagos State university college of medicine (LASUCOM). Department: Pharmacology
    Year: 2nd year
    wallet: abbey02.near

Our goal is to engage and directly chart the course of these potential young people to a future in web3 and Aurora.

Social clubs in higher institutions or universities are not entirely a new thing and some clubs go as far back as the 90s.
Below are a few schools with lists of registered clubs in their schools:

Each school consists of various departments covering many studies in sciences, education, law, engineering, medicine, and so on. we believe web3 can be fully utilized and integrated into any field regardless and we want to expose them to Aurora.

In achieving this, we have decided to pioneer this social club community titled: Aurora Tribe which we look to establish in universities across West Africa focused on empowering these youths with the right information to harness their skills and groom them to their fullest potential exposing them to the vast opportunities in Aurora.

My initial target region is Nigeria and her total number of privately owned universities was estimated at over 170 schools to date with Lagos State estimated to have over 11 universities inclusive of privately-owned schools.

We look to establish Aurora Tribe in these schools over the next 2 months duration.

Tribe monthly curriculum Schedule
Seminars:- Seminars will be hosted Bi-monthly where web3 facilitators/enthusiasts from around Africa will be invited to discuss with the students.
School activities:- Bi-weekly meetings will hold as they discuss weekly topics in the course outline presented to the tribal leaders in each school.
Competitions:- These will hold monthly or Bi-monthly depending on their school syllabus and school activities.
Events:- These will be organized monthly by students with catchy themes each month.
Reports:- Reports will be presented by school tribal leaders on a monthly bases for follow-ups and to see better approaches and implementations.
Aurora Tribe Social
We want to take this a huge step further by creating social channels which students can follow and get up-to-date information on tribe activities done in other schools to inspire them about what they could do in their Tribe community. We will be setting up social pages on these platforms:
Discord (Tribe Channel)
Also frequent blog posts on blaqk stereo as well as medium will be implemented


  • Establishment of Aurora Tribe clubs in 5 universities.
  • completion of at least 3 events and seminars in these 2 months duration.
  • opening of fully operational Tribe social pages.


Hawwal: Team lead and founder:Blaqk Stereo Dao & Tribe Club - In
Timi: Project Manager - In
Benny: Community manager - In
Shola: Social media - ln

We request $10,000 for the next two months (December & January / February (holiday season excluded) in the execution of this project.
We estimate to spend $1,500 USD in each school and here is a detailed breakdown:

Description Cost ($)
Graphics including The tribe logo design 100
Tribe cover letter magazine for (LG) 100
Refreshments for the event (Food and drinks) 300
The Tribe Booklet for 100 club members ($3 per copy) 300
Sound for event 100
Branded Tribe T-shirts for 3 club officials ($10 per shirt) 30
Logistics (transportation) 20
Banner print 2x ($50 for a banner) 100
Esco’s salary is $50 per month (x3 months) for 3 Tribal leaders a school 150x3 = 450
Total 1,500 x 5 schools = 7,500

Socials plan:-

Description Month cost ($)
2 posts a day(graphics) with 4 motion graphics a week & 2 event videos a month month 1250
Total 2 months 2500

email: emmslogs@gmail.com
wallet: hawwal.near

tag: @ell @Alex_j


This is proposal is great. Onboarding new people to the web3 space is dear to my heart especially in Africa. This project should be handled collaboratively with Aurora Nigeria team and as initiative from Aurora Africa since the leaders of Aurora Africa are from Nigeria no need for different subgroups from Nigeria. I believe you should speak to @israel_igboze to see how best you guys can working together.

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Thanks so much for your thoughtful input and your desire for the future of web3 in Africa. I’m more than happy to collaborate with Aurora Nigeria @israel_igboze or anyone available as I am a very goal-driven person and what’s most important to me is the successful completion of this project as there are dimensions to the projects to mention:

  • Full construction of the student’s web3 study syllabus (updateable)
  • Constant revisitation to the schools and regular check-ups
    and so on…

We are building an entire web3 institution on Aurora and I want to see this project materialize and spread even outside the shores of Africa as we will see to it that there is constant and rapid growth on this. So it’s not limited and exclusive to Nigeria alone.
We are one Aurora community no matter the region and this isn’t a subgroup. :slight_smile:

This context sound somewhat assertive, I believe your choice of “should” could be “could” but your opinion is welcomed.

Hello! Unfortunately we cannot provide you a grant for now.
Feel free to resubmit proposal next quarter.

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