[introduction] Elan Institute

Hello, my name is Solomon Sule (@alphaflex on the $NEAR and $AURORA forum).

I am a Blockchain enthusiast, community manager, web3 educator, and social media marketer. I have worked in the following positions: SMM, CM, MOD, AMBASSADOR in and out of the NEAR ecosystem and I have been in the NEAR ecosystem for a year now.

Currently the SMM and CM of TNEsociety (www.tnesociety.com formally 9ja musical) a NEAR guild.
Having contributed to it’s success of it’s physical(3) and online events(multiple) and spontaneous growth within a short period of time.

Currently working as degen at The Aurora NFT Club, working towards creating awareness for the AURORA NFT projects within and beyond the ecosystem.

I have been in different communities on Telegram and Discord as I was constantly growing, learning and improving my knowledge about the web3 space.
With the time I’ve been in the blockchain space, I have seen how building in the web3 ecosystem and creating of NFTS could be so innovative and mind blowing.
I have continuous plans to continue improving and evolving in the crypto world.


A community just formed, at its primitive state with the vision of giving proper education to members about Blockchain (NEAR AURORA being our main priorities), recruiting creatives and creating more enterprenuers in the Blockchain space.
Attracting enthusiasts from other Blockchain communities and onboarding them into the AURORA community.
We aim to make some of the best Dapps users, crypto technical analysts, $NEAR $AURORA traders, content creators, and community managers capable of running project communities under AURORA.

Major priority is to build AURORA BLOCKCHAIN communities in Nigerian university.





  • Recruiting and onboarding blockchain enthusiasts into NEAR. Help them understand the NEAR network, Dapps, how they can benefit from it, also empowering them with skills necessary to work on projects built on NEAR. In this way, we promote NEAR.

  • We will onboard new members into the blockchain space (NEAR), give them the proper education about NEAR and projects built on NEAR ecosystem e.g Rainbow bridge, Ref finance etc. and how they can use this knowledge effectively to benefit and grow with NEAR.

  • To attract and educate enthusiasts from other Blockchains about the NEAR ECOSYSTEM. (Blockchain Campus Societies).

  • Our Primary Target Audience Is The Tertiary School Students and Blockchain communities on other Blockchains.


With my previous experiences and other discussions amidst friends and also some questions asked, I got to an understanding that:
Students at tertiary institutions in Nigeria are constantly looking for understanding about the crypto, blockchain, defi and web3 too, one of the reasons is because they only see it mostly on trendy posts or in some peers’ discussions, but the majority have a common problem: no one is willing to take out their time to teach them all these. And the only time they might get a chance to learn, they are asked to pay, but unfortunately most of them cannot afford it.

AURORA has about 800 projects functioning and more still intending to build and would need to recruit their teams when need be but are limited to only a few skilled and experienced blockchain enthusiasts on the ecosystem.

There are over 150 universities in Nigeria, and over 150 other tertiary institutions. This gives us a wide range of choices to explore for our target audience.
We will strategically pick out schools to visit at our early stage, beginning with schools with crypto communities.



Social Media Communities will be given proper education on a regular basis and Articles will be created for each class and Articles from AURORA medium would be used too, together with the Weekly Quiz contest to enable us to understand the members’ level of assimilation and how we can improve them in certain areas of the ecosystem.


During the course of this event, we will pitch $AURORA, recruit more creative enthusiasts and them give guides on how they can build on $AURORA.
Recruited creatives e.g Artists,devs,musicians etc. would be guided on how to mint their works as NFTs in $AURORA market place.
And those interested in RUST and Solidity programming will be guided on how to enrol in the NEAR University.