[Closed] Near & Aurora Malaysia Guild Quarterly funding (mid Jul to mid Oct)


Hello there, Near Malaysia Council here! We came here referred by Near MarketingDAO, who let us know of this promising initiative starting up.

“Near Ma… what?” I hear you say? Check us in here!
Twitter: https://twitter.com/near_malaysia
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @NEAR_Malaysia

Although if you want to get to know us like really well, then read our monthly reports here!

We are committed at chronicling our adventures in Near (and Aurora soon, hehe) and broadly around the crypto space, not only in Malaysia but in the whole South East Asia region.

In these reports, we mention the incredible traction we have gotten over the last five months:

• We have quickly positioned ourselves, thanks to our pluridisciplinar and multi-ethnic team, as one of the leading communities in Malaysia.
• With 50 builders and 730 members, we are making waves! No other L1 blockchain has a similar footing (except the defunct Terra with 500 members and an active community).
• We aim to help NEAR position itself a household blockchain name in Malaysia. To have the honor to partner with a government organization (MRANTI) to teach Malaysians about blockchain is nothing short of ambitious given we were born JUST 5 months ago.
• We will continue focusing on education and Web3 entrepreneurship.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here is our traction so far summarized in 5 pics:



These are some of the events we have lined up for July, August, and September.

  1. Several AMAs lined up (aiming to do at least one every 2 weeks): Fusotao, Paras, Octopus, an NFT creator, a Web3 entrepreneur.
  2. 2nd edition of myBuilders (Malaysian builders) meeting for brainstorming & networking (first one can be accessed here: [REPORT] MyBUILDERS Kick-off Event by Near Malaysia - Regional Hubs - NEAR Forum )
  3. Attendance to events by partners & friends in the community (BNB Chain, Starkware, Future Trends…)
  4. Attendance and sponsoring to the Aurora 3six9 marketplace launch in Lalaport Mall, KL, in July.
  5. Attendance to university events (APU).
  6. Featured Speech on L1 Blockchains at the Future Trends Summit on 1st to 3rd July.
  7. September: next big physical event. Topic: L1 blockchains & Web3 Entrepreneurship. Near Malaysia is a leading organizer. ~300 attendants expected. Confirmed L1 representatives include Ethereum, Polygon, Near, Avalanche, Solana, Osmosis, Cardano, and Fantom. WE NEED TO FEATURE AURORA TOO!!!
  8. Participation on Atocha, Octopus, Near Starter events.
  9. Study potential collaborations with Women In Blockchain Asia (WIBA) and other universities in the region.
  10. Finalize collaborations / sign MoU with MRANTI, APU, myEG & Zetrix Blockchain.


We must confess we have not been much Aurora-centric for now.
But let us step up the game. We will Aurorify ourselves as follows (and please if you do have recommendations, we are all ears):

  • Spotlight on “building on Aurora chain” on ur next myBUILDERS event
  • Spotlight on DeFi in Aurora on our next Defi-related onlone & off line event
  • Feature Aurora-related AMAs (e.g someone from Aurora Team, Aurigami, …)
  • Slot in the L1 Blockchain party of 4th September for Aurora chain (need somebody who can give me some slides so somebody from the council can present them :D)
  • Trying to get Aurigami (a Malaysian team!) to be involved with our community / be a keynote speaker, etc
  • Better understand the grant process so we can support projects building or thinking to build in Aurora to ask for grants (for now, 3 projects have been adviced on Near Grants, and 3 others are in discussion / talks with people from the Near Foundation thanks to our introduction).
  • Potentiall add Aurora developer courses in the Education Branch on our future Asean Hub.


For this, we are requesting the following funding:


Over the next two and a half months (till end Sept), we intend to :
• Help connect 5 project founders create 5 pitch decks and connect to VCs (3 done so far YTD)
• Help 7 projects submit Grant Proposal in Near and 3 in Aurora (3 done so far YTD in Near)
• Help 20 new Malaysians sign up for Near Academy & Near University Courses
• Sign MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with MRANTI (govt linked institution), Asia Pacific University, and myEG (public listed company).
• Hit 1200 members in Telegram and Twitter
• Hit 90 members in myBUILDERS group

Do let me know if you have questions in the comments. @Alex_J, @ell, we’d be looking forward to hop on a call with you guys.


I was also thinking what clever way to integrate our name into the Guild name we could use.


  • Near & Aurora Malaysia Guild
  • Neaurora Malaysia Guild
  • Neaurorians Malaysia DAO

We could also revamp our logo a lil’ bit


aaah! How did you think of this first?? Neaurora to the moon everybody


Thank you very much for great job! Would you like to laugh Aurora Malaysia guild? Thank you

Hi @ell I didnt get the question! You mean if we should call it Aurora MAlaysia Guild?
It is actually a very good question, I would like to have a conversation with rest of NEar Guild leaders who are also covering actively Aurora (e.g @Vladislav_vl25) to see what is the best “renaming” to be inclusive of Aurora, if any!

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As I know there are going to launch Aurora EE guild soon :blush:

It would be great to have Aurora Malaysia guild (with its budget and runs separately from Near Malaysia).


That is really interesting. Looking forward to know more.


Everything is good and soon many guilds will be formed regionally and this is very gratifying
But I feel some problems
Please see this as a criticism of me for the development of society

  1. We are not yet decentralized enough

  2. We need some decentralized councils in the association to speed up the review of proposals and to be in contact with the guild managers of each region.

  3. The time of Approval or rejected of proposals is not yet clear, and the time should be sufficient and appropriate so that the budget is given at the right time and does not cause the Guild to slow down.

  4. We should design a post and a program about the amount of budget that is requested so that the average amount received by each department is a function of it

Currently, the speed of approval or rejected of proposals is the most important issue for guilds,
Thanks :tada: :clap:


I agree with this but this is the initial stage, so i believe as the program mature more community members with a high level of trust can join the Council.
This was what happened at the initial phase of the NEAR GOV FORUM

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Thanks for your suggestions.

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That’s great, we’ll see in the future :grinning:


Just to clarify- I’m trying to make sure we’re awarding funds appropriately from the Near Marketing DAO.

We already dispersed funds for identical projects in July and August:

Can you please explain the difference between these proposals?


Hi Klint,

I understand your point. After discussion within the guild and with Elliot, a new Guild will be created in Malaysia, we are currently looking for representatives.

That council shall lead the Malaysia Aurora roadmap.

Initial internal discussion is: to have a separate Governance & Twitter / Social media presence, and to only share the TG group with Near Malaysia (to capitalize on existing
traction there).

we can close this proposal then.


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Are you ready to launch Aurora Malaysia Community as a separate Guild?