Hello Aurorians!

As the Aurora ecosystem and project is growing faster and wider everyday, it’s good to have the community have some fun knowing how we have done so well.

So, these are the steps to this.

  1. Introduce yourself, your name
  2. Tell us from which regional community you got onboarded
  3. Tell us how the community has helped you learn more
  4. Tell us which area you would want to go deeper within the Aurora ecosystem
  5. Suggest areas you think the community should improve on.

Thanks :grin:
One love :two_hearts:


1.My name is Diana Mary Omajari commonly known as Marydian, Rastafa,Sniper or Janga.

  1. I’m from Aurora Africa community.

3.Aurora Africa community has enlightened us on Aurora, how it provides Ethereum compatibility, Near protocol scalability, and industry first users experience through affordable transaction.
Also through Aurora Africa community academy classes I have learn about Blockchain, cryptocurrency, cryptography(their types), Bitcoin and also web3.

4.Well I will like to go deeper into NFTs design, will love to create stickers, games, I will also love to go into cryptocurrency :blush:.

  1. I will suggest the community should improve in their NFTs design and should also have classes for that. :raised_hands:

1…My Name is Victory Olivia Ihuoma Agina Aka FREE☯︎UPDATE

2… I got onboard from Aurora Africa

3 … The community has helped me learn more in the aspect of knowing about projects and The Aurora Ecosystem​:blush::blush:

4… The area i what to go deeper is the Solidity aspect

5… Community Games​:grin::grin::grin::grin:

  1. My name is Esther Edwin-Attah
  2. I’m from Aurora Africa community
    3.the community is still helping me learn more about it’s self and how it’s operate effectively.
  3. Would love to know about how the community works and operate, and also learn trading and cryptocurrency .
  4. the community should teach more on its works, more knowledge on things to be done and how to make it grow faster and wider in the Aurora community at large

-My name is Abdullahi Sani Bello
-Proudly frm Aurora Africa community…we the aurorians :muscle::open_hands:
-To be very honest…I can’t list the things aurora has done to help…buh I could try…they really helped in giving us incredible knowledge… through em I know alot of things…nd so much more
-I’d love to go deeper in Nfts’…memes…gaming is also my thing so I’ll go for it
-I suggest they dive deeper in gamings…with a touch more on cryptocurrencies…

  1. My name is Badmus Raphael Gbenga, also known as RMbadmus

  2. I got onboarded from Aurora Africa Community

  3. Aurora community has helped me by giving me insight on Aurora Ecosystem and how it can be beneficial to its users

  4. How to create NFT, especially how artiste can benefit from NFT and the procedures involves on which market place is best to sell NFT.

  5. Create new activities and engage users.


1- My Name is Usman murtala Usman also know as Halalboy4real…

2- I’m from Aurora African community…

3- I was a novice in Crypto and blockchain, but when I joined the community (Aurora African).
I have learnt alot on crypto and Blockchain and how to secure my crypto future in the most reliable and scalable way…

4- I will love to go deeper into NFT’s, MEMES, STICKERS and GAMEs.

5- I will suggest and like the community to improve and go deeper in Memes and NFT’s.

Thank you :pray:
Peace :v: out.

  1. I’m Daniel Kwansah Banson.

  2. I was onboarded by the Aurora Africa community.

  3. The Aurora Africa community frequently hosts AMAs where they bring in experts from various sections of the Aurora Ecosystem which help us understand more about their projects as we discuss them during the AMAs. This has helped me broaden the scope of my knowledge about the Aurora Ecosystem. Also the highly competitive weekly quizzes have pushed me to learn so much about the Aruroa Ecosystem.

  4. Gaming, NFTs, blockchain development, coding.

  5. Bigger and better community events​:grin::grin: And also more classes about how we can make the most out of the Aurora Ecosystem and help Africa in builiding a great web 3 space.

  1. My name is Favour Samson.
  2. I got onboarded to the AURORA AFRICA regional community.
  3. The Aurora Africa community has helped me in understanding and being more knowledgeable about web 3 projects in it’s ecosystem, how they work, there benefits and all that.
  4. I’d want to go deeper in understanding NFTs and also how to monetize what ever knowledge we’re gaining from the community.
  5. I’d advice the community to find a better solution for hosting twitter quizzes that’s if they intend to continue having quizzes on twitter .

Thank you and God bless you :v::clap:


1.I am Ajayendra aka Your Senpai (An Alias)
2. I am from Aurora NFT Club
3. Aurora NFT Club has helped me in keeping myself updated on news regarding NFT’s various NFT contests, Trendings NFT collections, User friendly NFT Dapps on Aurora, Weekly Updates and a lot more.
4.I would like to explore more about NFT’s in Aurora as i think its the field of Aurora which has hardly been scratched and AURORA NFT CLUB is doing great by bringing awareness in that regard
5. As said previously i would like community to emphasize more on Aurora NFTS.


Hello I’m Damilola (scarman) from Nigeria
I got onboarder through aurora africa and NFT aurora club
Itself helped me gain more insights concerning the ecosystem and how to best utilise the tools at hand.
I’ll love to go deeper in degen activities and music nfts creation.
I think the community needs to improve on integration of newbies on how things work


-My name is Suman Mondal.
-I am from Aurora NFT CLUB.

-Few months back I join the community. It’s help me to learn about nft ecosystems on aurora. I participated in the workshops conducted by NFT CLUB and learned a lot about how mint NFTs on different NFT platforms. Due to weekly events it’s easy to get knowledge about what happening inside Aurora Blockchain. Frequently hosted AMAs are really helpful to know about new NFT projects.
-I would like to explore more on NFT marketplaces and bring popular collectibles from other chain to Aurora.


Hi, im Alvaro (kidoke6262) from Portugal
My comunnity is AuroraBrasil
AuroraBrasil helped me to learn about Aurora, about NFT, Genadrop and the Aurora Ecosystem
The area i would like yo deep in are: staking and NFT creation
Areas to improve: gaming


I’m Carmem Lucia, I come from the Aurora Brasil community.
The community helped me to find out more about how to have passive income through liquidity staking, I also learned that I have free transactions on the Aurora+ platform and I really liked it.
I want to delve deeper into other functions of Web3 and the Aurora+ platform.
I would like to suggest that there are more videos in Portuguese about the Aurora+ platform and about the Web3 applications on the Aurora network.


Hi My name is Murilo Hernan , I come from the Aurora Brasil community. The community helped me to discover a lot about Nfts, how to create and how to sell my Nfts through the Aurora+ network. I want to delve deeper into Nfts markets. I would like to suggest that there are more events about Nfts in the Aurora community.


My name is iraneide da Silva, I come from the Aurora Brasil community, the community helped me to get to know the features of web3, I didn’t even know what that was, I also learned about Nfts and vNfts, and I learned about the Aurora+ platform. I would like to delve deeper into the Aurora+ platform I want to learn more about its functionality, and I would recommend that Aurora do more tutorials on the Aurora+ platform and how it can be better explored.


Hello my name is Danilo Barreira and I come from the Aurora Brasil community, I have learned a lot about web3, Dapps, Bridge, Oracles, I really knew very little about it, and thanks to the Aurora Brasil community I learned a lot about these subjects. I would like to delve deeper into Raibow Bridge , liquidity staking and the functions of web3 . I would like to suggest that Aurora develop an easier way to connect to the Aurora+ platform via mobile, and also the option of wallets other than metamask.


Good Day Aurorians
I am Jose fernandes from Portugal and I belong to this community through AURORANETWORKBRASIL. I started with a photo contest and watching the weekly updates. Espectaculo.
This community helped me a lot to understand the AURORA project and all the releases made in the Aurora ecosystem. Thanks AuroraBrasil
I would like to have a better knowledge of staking solutions and commercialization of NFT.
thank you very much


Great, Welcome to the community Esther. You will find great pleasure to be part of the community.

Hi everybody!
my name is Ulises Marin from Aurora Venezuela
I had no idea that Aurora would be that huge before getting into its community!
now I’m one more contributing and sharing knowledge and helping the community indeed on its way to grow!
there is a lot to learn yet.
There are many unexplored Dapps to experiment.

We all need to become ambassadors and spread what we experiment with in this ecosystem, the benefits obtained by interacting with its so many options and incredible tools that the Aurora Network can offer to the crypto world.