[Proposal] JMA_DAO Aurora Activations

The JMA_DAO Aurora Boat Party is a little out of the greatness and potentials that lies within the jma_dao community as we build on Aurora!

Proposal JMA_DAO Aurora Activations

Description Pop up jma_dao activations and seminar within the local and developing communities. The events will feature Crash courses on the Aurora Network and how we are building on Aurora, plus onboarding new users onto the community.

Funding Request $5 000/Month. For the month of January/February

Activation Kickoff Location; Maigida; Off Alaja Road, off Ayobo-Ipaja Road. Lagos Nigeria.

Projected Attendance; 1000 community members.

Funding Allocation

Location; $ 500

Media, Graphics and Marketing Supports; $1000

Data Collection and Onboarding new Community Members ; $2000

Light refreshment by Aurora Kitchen; $1000

Miscellaneous and tx fees ; $300

Report collation and documentation; $200

Contract Account: jmadao.near

Proposal by JMA_DAO.


Great Auroreans @Alex_J @ell @RoundElephant and Manny others.

I wrote this article Aurora is Near on the 22nd, of May 2022.

It wasn’t motivated by any reward because I wasn’t expecting one, we were simply in love with aurora.

This Particular Proposal is 23 days old, and its of utmost importance and a prerequisite for the @jma_dao $4M Proposal that has also been communicated via @system for building and developing the @jma_dao MVP that in this first quarter. The jma_dao community has been, interviewing, selecting and inviting talent recruits and resources for a smooth execution. Its what we’ve done in the past for the shinning stars communities in the past.

We are now behind schedules by more than 10 days.

What schedule?

The activations for prepping and preparing the local communities of more than 3 million residents, with a KPI of physically interacting with 1000 people/month along side building our MVP, simultaneously.

The Proposal for this activations is S.M.A.R.T.
And our proposed $4M pre-seed Funding to develop our MVP is also Very S.M.A.R.T.

See our github again

The result of both Proposal will exponentially increase visibility, awareness and adoption of Aurora in Nigeria, In the Millions.

Hello council members, please approve tonight if possible.

Spoiler alert, JMoss Architecture DAO has a good and long standing relationship with the Federal, State, and the local government authorities in Nigeria.
Let’s make aurora what the locals are talking about.

The most preferred Account for payment is:


Proposal Amount: $5000

Top KPI/month: Onboarding 1000 individuals to be followed up on immediately and preparing them for testing our MVP.

Great stuff right! I’m known to always pioneer great stuff.

Thank you.

I look forward to posting a [Report] in a few weeks.

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The monthly activations and seminars will host and onboard 1000 new users to the community monthly, making a total of 12000 new users by the end of 2023.

The Aurora Kitchen will record, keep and use customer data for future testing of wallets and dapps, where meals can be ordered and paid for with $Aurora, using the jma_dao native wallet.

The Aurora Kitchen will stake 10% of its monthly net profit using $Aurora

Info About The Kitchen

Aurora Kitchen LOGO

1 year Payment has been made for the kitchen space.
The Kitchen has been completely furnished to local standard with all required equipment.

The Kitchen will serve an average of 50 plates of delicious meal per day, 1200 plates per month.

The Menu


So far we have spent $4700 on setting up the kitchen and marketing activities.

By the second week of January we require $700 to purchase bulk food stuffs and to cover operational cost and launching cost for the first month of opening.

An average of 1200 plates per month = $1400 per month
10% of monthly net profit to be staked = $200 Aurora (average estimate)

The Aurora Kitchen will Onboard an average of 20 new users per month and will be the official food vendor for all our activations.

The kitchen space set up and furnishing was sponsored by a Ghost Investor within our community.

Request for Tip!

Aurora Kitchen urgently require a $700 Aurora Community Tip for the purpose of …

January we require $700 to purchase bulk food stuffs and to cover operational cost and launching cost for the first month of opening. …by the second week of January.

Wallet address to receive the urgent tip is 0x8604CB8ed74a9AcC91581d9785467ae04256A06B
Any interested community member/manager/aurorean can send the urgent tip and post the tx receipt from auroscan here, as a response to this reply.

The Activations will add an average of 12000 users to the community by the end of 2023, while the kitchen will add an average of 240 new users to the community by the end of 2023.

The #ecosystem needs to be diversified and creative in onboarding new users and creating new use cases for a broader community members participation.

@zubairansari07, @rencznik and @Liquidus thanks for your support and encouragement.

Please don’t for get to Tip! :sunglasses: #community:ideas You must agree with me that Aurora Kitchen, a decentralized web3 kitchen is a great idea for new use case category.

Please don’t hesitate to follow us on Twitter for some cool Aurora Kitchen updates.


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Huge money spent on this. Must be a big kitchen

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Can you elaborate on this please.


@israel_igboze thanks for the questions. Two shops combined, furnished with wall papers, one big gas cylinder, one small gas cylinder, two industrial gas burner, deep freezer, fans, plates…and so on. This was provided by a sponsor, one of our community members @jma_dao made that available via partnership.

Here is the kitchen

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We are literally going to be onboarding and interacting with 1,000 individuals per month.

Hey, that requires a lot of man power and incentives to those to be onboarded a those seating down to make it happen.

After that is a follow-up on to make sure they are completely onboarded and active.

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@ell @johanga @Alex_J @Aliaksei its officially a month ago that this proposal was posted om the forum, please does the community has double standards/principles?

No feedbacks, no approval…?

Any reason, perhaps an explanation?

Hello @jma_dao ! Could you please reach me out on Telegram @kmotov


Hello Aurora

I’ve reached up to you via @JMoss19

On Telegram

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Saturday Feb 11, 2023


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I watched the video of the kitchen and i am wondering about the $4k plus used to set it up.

Are the people going to pay for the food?

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You’re wondering more about the set up than I did.

That has been settled, no payments required from Aurora through the grants system.

A partner sponsor got that done, and Yes, people are paying for the food they purchase/ order.

Where @jma_dao come in, is partnering with the kitchen during activations to supply meals needed during activations and the onboarding of 1000 people.

Also you get to hear about Aurora while you eat at the kitchen.

Focus is on: Onboarding 1000 offline people Monthly.

@israel_igboze are you satisfied with my response or l should add more details like…

The rent of both shops combined was paid for by the sponsor. (Annual fee for both shops, details of payments not to be disclosed) Based on agreement.

All required kitchen apparatus bought by sponsor.

Electricity, security, disposables all paid for by sponsor.


Where jma_dao come in is, branding and managing. No Funding required from Aurora at this level.

The relationship and connection with Aurora is at the jma_dao Aurora Activations, where we onboard 1000 offline individuals on Aurora, hereby preparing them to test our upcoming MVP under development.

This here, is a standard best practice.

Jma_dao is an open source web3 community building on Aurora.

Note: @jma_dao has initiated an interaction with the @system regards our soon to be Proposal $4M pre-seed Funding Request.

There is a big, bigger and overall vision on building for the masses that are most times left behind.

Check this YouTube video for more insight.

JMA_DAO A Million Drops of Web3 for the Masses.