[Closed] jma_dao Aurora Boat Part

Continuing the discussion from [Proposal] JMA_DAO Native Web3 Community Series A Funding Request:

JMA_DAO is a Native web3 startup tech unicorn project under development, Our MVP will be lunched on the Aurora Network by 2023!

And we are currently seeking a series A funding of $4M to develop and lunch our MVP in 2023.


JMA_DAO Aurora Boat Party

Highlight of the jma_dao Aurora Boat party! Life AURORA Airdrop!

Purpose: The purpose of the Aurora Boat party is to create awareness while we host our community first public appearance as we go into the process of seeking and receiving funding request. We would be inviting and interacting with professionals, vendors, farmers etc. The masses that makes up the jma_dao community.

Find and follow us around the entire ecosystem

JMoss-Architecture-DAO on Github!

jma_dao on twitter

jma_dao on sobol.io

jma_dao on youtube.

jma_dao survival fund on juice.money

jma_dao guild.xyz.

jma_dao discord link.

jma_dao on medium featured Aurora is Near Article

The Importance of funding this party.

  • Connect with the Masses to be onboarded on jma-dao in preparation for 2023 Beta Testing!

    We are developing a native and diversified community for the masses on aurora mainnet, we need to official meet few (by extension all our community members) of our important community members to be completely onboarded and to be Intune with our goals and mission.

For Example meet Yamie Integrated Stores one of our community members, a vendor store with more than 8,000 customers and three active YouTube accounts.

  • Introduce jma_dao web3 community project on Aurora to the commercial and the professional public and the general masses, in preparation for our testnet activities.

We would introduce Aurora to the public and show how to use the Aurora mainnet, in preparation to using the jma_dao wallet and payment system on Aurora mainnet.

  • Discuss and Introduce the jma_dao mission , goals, strategy and development to our current major sake holders and community members.


  1. Yamie Integrated Stores CEO.
    A major stake holder, a collection of skincare stores with more than 8,000 customer base. They have agreed to be onboarded to the jma_dao community. The process has been initiated via;
  1. Rogue Studio co-founder.
    A major stake holder, a 3d visualization design company with more than 3,500 customer base, they have accepted to be part of our community and we have initiated the onboarding process in preparation of our MVP on Aurora Minnet.

Verified Executive Attendee Community Member List.

Vendor community member.
CEO + 4 representatives from the YIS community.
Current followers 8,000 plus on Instagram.

3d visualization design company.
5 representatives; co-founder 1, co-founder 2, CTO, Inhouse Blockchain Expert, Staff member.
Current followers 3,500 plus on Instagram.

Local Market place for tailoring needs.
5 representatives; CEO + 4 community members.
Current followers 14,400 plus on Instagram.

  Shopping and Retail Jewelry Accessories Brand.
  3 representatives: CEO + 2 community members.
  current followers 1,400 plus on Instagram. 

Plus other members not listed here, making a total of 50 community members to be present at the Boat party, including local frontend and backend developers within the community.

jma_dao Aurora Boat Party!

JMA_DAO Aurora Boat Party.

Event Program.

Funding Request Allocation.

Highlight of the party, Aurora Airdrop

Aurora is Near.

Report and Project Status and deliverables would be updated here!