[Rejected 2] Aurora Logia - Education and community development

Our first proposal to grant

Got turned down for our first grant, and didn't get an answer to change the budget to remove marketing

Guild, community, project name

The project will be called Aurora Logia (From our Crypto Logia project of the same name)

Our Plan

We plan to create a learning hub for the Aurora ecosystem At the moment you can see what our ecosystem will look like approximately

We want to make a hub where everyone can learn about the Aurora ecosystem, how to interact with it, about DEX, how Aurora works, and a special section for developers

Region, country (for statistics), a number of members in your guild, community, or project

Nigma Labs ecosystem has about 4000 members, we plan to monetize them into our project

**Our main resources:**

https://t.me/nigmalabs - Telegram Channel (1.4k followers)
https://twitter.com/nigmalabs_com - Twitter (180 followers)
https://twitter.com/nigmadao - DAO Twitter(1021 followers)

Proposal summary, be sure to include

  1. What problem does the proposal solve?

Aurora awareness, we will create a certain hub around us, where everyone can learn about Aurora, study the documentation with clear guides and create a product that is consistent with the Aurora ecosystem, which would be easy, simple and understandable for all (By understandable for all we mean to make a multi-lingual site ENG, UKR, POL, GER, ESP, etc., as long as our knowledge is enough)

  1. How is this problem solved?

We will create a website where everyone could go deeper into the Aurora ecosystem, we will also make guides for developers, and do a partnership with the entire Aurora community (this will help all parties).

  1. Expected impact and value to the Aurora community;

Anticipated impact, we would attract more people from different language communities and thereby increase the number of Aurora users.


Part I
  • Obtaining a grant
  • Start of site development (
    We plan to launch our site in 3-5 weeks)
  • Content creation: (English, Ukrainian, Russian)

Part II

  • Launching beta version of the site
  • Creating tests for new users
  • Early Adopter campaign
  • Partnerships with Multilingual Communities

Part III

  • Creating Tests for Developers
  • Hold events

Funding scheme: Monthly / Quarterly / KPI-based / One-time

Site create:

  • Hosting - 400$ for 4 year
  • Developer - 6000$
  • Content - 90*10$= 900$
  • Maintaining the site - 500$


  • Managment - 700$
  • Twitter - 500$
  • Events - 400$

All proposal - 9400$

Funding Details

``` yeeeeeeeeehor.near ```

Great idea

Unfortunately we cannot provide you a grant for now. Let’s continiue conversation on telegram, Thanks .

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Ok email me here Telegram: Contact @yeeeeeeeeehor, or give me your contact information

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