[Rejected] Aurora Logia - Education and community development

> Guild, community, project name;
The project will be called Aurora Logia (From our Crypto Logia project of the same name)

**Region, country (for statistics), a number of members in your guild, community, or project;**
Nigma Labs ecosystem has about 4000 members, we plan to monetize them into our project

**Links on social media and how many members in the social media:**
Our main resources
https://t.me/nigmalabs - Telegram Channel (1.4k followers)
https://twitter.com/nigmalabs_com - Twitter (180 followers)
https://twitter.com/nigmadao - DAO Twitter(1021 followers)

**Please, introduce yourself and your teammates;**
Yehor Twitter - Founder, Full-time work in crypto, Creator of Nigma Labs ( ex KUB CAPITAL), Nigma Labs leads such resources:
Telegram - 1400 subscribers, created from scratch telegram channel about crypto
Twitter - it was not especially developed but it has already gathered 130 subscribers.
Crypto Logia (ex kubuniversity) - successful crypto-library. Its articles were published in different blogs and have total number of views more than 120 000
Nigma DAO - Closed community, for Nigma Labs, where every day published analytics on the market, reserch projects and more
In the portfolio, a collection of NFTs created from scratch for our DAO, and a website was also written for the NFT mint

Vladislav (Contant Maker) has worked at Nigma DAO since 2021 as a project hunter and NFT & P2E positions.
He resides in Ukraine. He is a multilingual and talented project hunter. His responsibilities will include Twitter
Vladislav will coordinate with other team members to cover and promote projects on Twitter as well as review and approve infographics and video content.

Denis - Ukrainian project hunter and content creator for Nigma Labs. My cryptocurrency career started around the beginning of 2021, I was interested in this field superficially. In 2022 a war broke out in my country, I lost my job and had to run away to another area so as not to die from shelling by missiles, about that time I realized that there was only one way out - cryptocurrency. Since then I learned a lot, and took every opportunity in the crypto-industry, went deeper into learning English and can keep up B2B conversations, I spend a lot of time every day learning about cryptocurrency jobs with a lot of enthusiasm.

My name is Dima, I have been in the cryptoindustry for more than a year and a half. I am a doctor by education. Now I’m working on deep learning of trading strategies and creating my own. I am interested in socialization of cryptocurrencies and their implementation in normal life. I have experience in getting allocation in early stage projects. Serving as a team leader in our community. Among languages I know: Ukrainian, Russian, Italian, English (beginner level), Polish (beginner level).

**Funding scheme: Monthly / Quarterly / KPI-based / One-time;**
We need the sum of 10,000 U.S. dollars, this amount will go to:
Payments to designers
Paying the creator of the site
Paying Content Makers

**Proposal summary, be sure to include:**

  • What problem does the proposal solve?
    Aurora awareness, we will create a certain hub around us, where everyone can learn about Aurora, study the documentation with clear guides and create a product that is consistent with the Aurora ecosystem, which would be easy, simple and understandable for all (By understandable for all we mean to make a multi-lingual site ENG, UKR, POL, GER, ESP, etc., as long as our knowledge is enough)

  • How is this problem solved?
    We will create a website where everyone could go deeper into the Aurora ecosystem, we will also make guides for developers, and do a partnership with the entire Aurora community (this will help all parties).

  • Expected impact and value to the Aurora community;
    Anticipated impact, we would attract more people from different language communities and thereby increase the number of Aurora users.

**Funding Details**


hey! quite an interesting proposal - could you feed my interest in it? :slight_smile:

do you plan to include russian-language version?
as i can see by previous proposals on this forum we already have here different languages communities. and as far as i noticed from NEAR, Portuguese is one of the most popular language with huge community, also Spanish, and Ru-Guild )
what do you think about performing small language research?) - probably it could show certain language-audiences that are not covered at all, but you can be free from work concerning Persian or Spanish , and english from marmaj :slight_smile:

have you consider in mind to use any web3-app instead of website? :blush:

just yesterday write2earn web3 platform was launched on mainnet , as i understand, i’m curious to explore it with marketing purposes. could it work for you probably, or other platform on Aurora Ecosystem ?

and just a kindly advice - would be useful to give more details in this part :

it helps to go through many other amazing proposals from regional communities here to get inspired with examples :slight_smile:

have a peaceful day ! :pray:


Hi, yes of course!

Yes, ENG, UKR, rus, etc. are the priority languages.

Well, look, we want to attract new people to the ecosystem, so to rely only on the top languages that are already in the community is not very

It depends on the grant, but I would like to make a web3-app

I think maybe why not)



here i mean definately that you can rely on statistics info and translate into the languages that are less presented in Ecosystem :blush:

oh !! it’s so much exciting !! even a short description could be taken as a kind of roadmap.
so why do you think to start with website but not from working on dapp? :slight_smile:
by my experience, participation in web2 socials is quite enough for catching new people, when website by itself needs with additional attention, smm and funds, and i’m not sure if today it creates better outreach and really benefit. but it’s just my thoughts, not pretending for being truth )) as for me i love to notice more experiments on web3 applications :slight_smile:

Thank you, but the problem is we need either the same enthusiasts who can work for the idea, or they need to be paid, which is a minimum of 2 people with a salary

But many issues are addressed with the grant

Do you have a roadmap for your project?


At this stage, the first in our roadmap to receive a grant)


Dear @yeeeeeeeeehor thank you for your proposal. Unfortunately, I cannot support your proposal at the moment. Rewards are not reasonable for posted list of marketing activities. Thanks

Can we review our proposal with the team and change the requirements?
In principle, we can carry out marketing at our own expense.

We are in the process of developing a roadmap

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