[Rejected] Aurora Certified Developer (ACD) - Bootcamp series for LATAM


Aurora Certified Developer (ACD) Bootcamp is a coding training that verifies the abilities of participants. During the 5 days training people have to develop a new smart contract and run it successfully on the Aurora Network.

Open Web Academy has been piloting NEAR-certified bootcamps and development with Solidity in AURORA (see pilot) (see proposal in NEAR), and its members have worked for the last year on NEAR Protocol educational projects.

In this document is proposed a 3 months program to take cover of Aurora Certified Developer. This is written on a monthly basis with its own tasks.

About Open Web Academy

OWA is an educational DAO (see DAO dashboard) that runs Web 3 education programs to teach people how to develop and launch projects.

Our team includes:

Website: ow.academy
Youtube: youtube/OpenWebAcademy
Twitter: https://twitter.com/owa_academy
Discord: Open Web Academy

Value proposal

Teach smart contract developers the benefits of building on the Aurora Network, promote building web 3 with AuRORA, and give the Aurora Network a body of certified developers who can build on their blockchains.

ACD Bootcamp contents

The Open Web Academy team proposes the delivery of the AURORA Certified Developer with Solidity, complying with the following contents.
Each bootcamp takes place over 5 days, each day a topic is addressed in a 1-hour video call and a study guide is also provided in Spanish with theoretical and practical content on the Notion platform.

  • Unit 1.- Introduction to the development of smart contracts in the Solidity programming language and the AURORA Network.

  • Unit 2.- Interaction, compilation and deployment of a smart contract using Remix in the AURORA Network.

  • Unit 3.- Migration of a smart contract developed in Remix to an IDE for programming and developing test functions in HardHat.

  • Unit 4.- Configuration and deployment of a smart contract in the AURORA Network

  • Unit 5.- Demo Day.

Monthly deliverables

  • Active marketing campaign of the ACD Bootcamp through Open Web Academy channels. (Twitter, Discord and Web page)
  • Individual certificates in NFT format for all those who have accredited the necessary basic knowledge of the AURORA Certified Developer
  • Evaluations and feedback of each participant by email with the details written in a PDF document.
  • Learning path in text document indicating previous work, goals and previous resources for taking the AURORA Certified Developer with Solidity certification and future work.
  • Reading link for the work guide (Readings, tutorials, resources and activities of the participants mounted on the Notion Platform.
  • Public YouTube playlist with each day of certification
  • Weekly office hours sessions focused on AURORA within the OWA Discord channel

Key Performance Indicators

  • 100 people registered for bootcamps in the quarter
  • 15 people certified in the ACD
Month Activity Budget required
Month 1 Marketing campaign for launchment of ACD. $3,800 USD
Monthly Aurora Certified Developer Bootcamp
Weekly Office Hours sessions focused on Aurora Network
Month 2 Monthly Aurora Certified Developer Bootcamp $3,000 USD
Weekly Office Hours sessions focused on Aurora Network
Month 3 Monthly Aurora Certified Developer Bootcamp $3,000 USD
Weekly Office Hours sessions focused on Aurora Network
Total Funding Request $9,800 USD

Wallet for funding: open-web-academy.sputnik-dao.near


Nice proposal :clap:, it would be an honor to work together @irvingcong!


Great job @irvingcong !

Hope to see soon this on Latam!

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Keep building ! Congrats @irvingcong


This will be amazing! Hope we can see this soon


Of course yes, we are organizing and giving content right now :partying_face:


Congrats guys!

This proposal is fantastic!

Bootcamps are the central entity for education that creates new developers to build their dApps into the Aurora ecosystem. Bravo!



Unfortunately we cannot provide you a grant for now.

Feel free to resubmit proposal next quarter.

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Where can I look for the quarter goals of Aurora?

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