[Rejected] Learn Aurora : January

Our Introduction: [Introduction] Learn Aurora

Note: Our proposal was rejected in the month of December, with the reason given being that educational grants were not the priority at the time. However, we are hoping to be accepted and receive the grant, preferably in January 2023. Hence, this proposal is published.

Before going to the actual proposal I also want to list our long term plans for the Learn Aurora.

  • Development of Learn and Earn ecosystem at Aurora Ecosystem

  • University Talks about developing on Aurora Ecosystem and blockchain job opportunity in general

  • Development of open source mini projects for The Aurora Community to use

  • Upskilling of developer within Aurora Ecosystem via Lesson Repository

If you guys have any questions about our proposal, or if this piqued your interest, feel free to comment here in the thread, thank you Aurora Community!


Learn Aurora aims to put the Aurora Ecosystem to the forefront of the industry, allowing it to be visible and accessible to a vast array of audience and potential builders. Learn Aurora projects this aspiration through the implementation of multiple programs and activities that will work cohesively, ultimately creating a one-stop-shop of information and interaction commerce within the Aurora Community!

Some of the projected activities that Learn Aurora plans to release in the future are the following:

  • Live Coding Tutorials where viewers are taught how to code and build in the Aurora Ecosystem

  • Articles, Learning Materials and Documents that focuses on teaching hopeful builders and enthusiasts processes taken to build their very own projects within the network.

  • Onboard new coders, students, and builders to Aurora Ecosystem.

What problems are we going to solve?

  • Onboarding of new developers and students to Aurora Ecosystem

  • Visibility of Aurora’s newly created projects and development tools

  • Creating a healthy learning community within Aurora’s Ecosystem

How are we going to do it?

  • Share constant updates on Aurora’s new project and development tools

  • Create an article that focuses on building and developing in Aurora

  • Create an informative lessons and tips for newbie developers

  • Onboarding of Learn Aurora students

  • Live Coding tutorial - topic: Prerequisite for developing at Aurora ecosystem

  • Live Coding tutorial - topic: How to make and deploy tokens in Aurora

  • Live Coding tutorial - topic: How to make Defi tokens in Aurora

  • Publish Coding tutorial Article each lessons

  • AMA session after each coding tutorial

Matrix to Success

  • Social Media Impressions

  • Social Media followers / subscribers growth

  • Number of students attending the Live Coding Sessions

  • Feedback from students that are going to take the lessons

  • Sample Projects repository within Aurora Ecosystem


Month Expenses - 4500$

  • Domain and hosting

  • Account/forms setups

  • Blockchain Teacher

  • Community Management

  • Social Media Management

  • Graphic Designing

  • Content Writing

  • Video Making / Video Editor

  • Contest / Events / Rewards

  • Live Coding webinar

  • AMA

Month of January = 4500$


Website: https://learnaurora.com/ (still work in progress)

Email: learnaurora@gmail.com

Twitter : https://twitter.com/LearnAurora

Instagram: https://instagram.com/learn_aurora

Facebook: Learn Aurora

YouTube: Learn Aurora Official - YouTube

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/learn-aurora-club

Discord: Learn Aurora Official

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @LearnAuroraOfficial

Medium: Learn Aurora – Medium

Wallet ID: learnaurora.near

Tagging our Aurora Community grants program team members

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Ell- @ell
Johanga - @johanga

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Hello! Thank you for your proposal. Unfortunately, learning programs are still out of the Community grant’s scope. Thanks!


Thankyou for the feedback ell, is it for this month or this quarter?

Thank you,

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