[Rejected] Aurora Ecosystem Website

Project Name: Aurora Ecosystem Website

Project Description: We have an idea of developing an Ecosystem Website for Aurora that will provide a summary & information regarding Aurora network projects. The ecosystem Website basically provides deep information regarding the project based on Aurora to investors, traders, users, other projects, & partners. There is a perfect example of an Ecosystem Website (https://www.chainlinkecosystem.com). Here you can find ChainLink provides all information regarding its partners, projects built under them, etc. It saves lots of time.

On the Aurora Ecosystem Website, you can find the following information.

  • List of Projects Uses Aurora (projects details, token details, website link, social media links, voting/ranking options,
  • List of exchanges that support Aurora
  • Token price with chart
  • List of Swaps & bridges that support Aurora
  • Aurora Grant details & progress


  • Description
  • Header with links
  • Footer with links
  • List of 10 trending projects on the basis of Votes
  • List of top 10 active projects basis of active users/tvl (01node Reward Rates | Staking Rewards)
  • List of 10 new projects (cards
  • List of summary of projects category wise
  • List of Social media (we will create social media profiles & manage it, for example Sui Ecosystem website has their own Twitter page which is very active https://twitter.com/SuiEcosystem)
  • Subscribe option

On each project details like Small Description, Logo, Category, Price, Name, any social media link, and vote count.

Explore projects

  • Display all projects (Grid or List)
  • Ascending/Descending (top side) (token price, marketcap, date added, and name)
  • Filter option (left side) (Status, Category, chain, vote, number of users, TVL)

On each project details like Small Description, Logo, Category, Price, Name, any social media link, and vote count.

Project page

  • Banner, Images 3 to 4, Video, Logo, Description
  • Category
  • About
  • Token price, marketcap, cmc rank, top exchanges
  • Links: Website, social media, announcement, other
  • Share on social media option
  • Links to articles
  • Vote
  • Report
  • Suggest edit

Currently, there is a page “https://aurora.dev/ecosystem” on the official website that provides basic information but still it lacks in providing brief information. For now official page only provides information like “List of projects, category, Name of project, visit website link, and logo.” With our proposal we are able to provide more concrete and informative details regarding what is getting built on Aurora.

Creating Social Media Accounts For Ecosystem Website
We will create Twitter profile for Aurora Ecosystem website where we will share new development on Aurora, new projects getting built, new listed projects, partnership announcement, etc.

The best example of having and its benefit can be seen from Sui Ecosystem Twitter profile (https://twitter.com/SuiEcosystem) They are able to attract more than 340K followers.

Funding scheme: One Time

What Benefit It Will Bring To Aurora Community?
As of now it is not easy to know what projects are built on Aurora. Current available resources are providing limited details. By having Ecosystem Website Aurora community will get benefits in many ways.

  • It will put all Aurora based or partnered projects at one place
  • Developers or projects can find different tools/projects build on Aurora
  • More detail of each project so no need to go on different websites like CoinMarketCap
  • Connecting different projects at one place.
  • Please add any benefit that you think Ecosystem Website can bring to Community

Funding Details

Total requested amount is $2890

  • Timeline: 2-3 months
  • Expense Estimate: 2890 USD
  • Hosting Cost estimate: 160 USD per year (including domain)
  • Web Development: 1500 USD one time
  • Website management: 90 USD per month (1080 per year)
  • Research of ecosystem projects: $150 one time
Project Expenses
Development and Design $1,500
Domain & Hosting (1 year) $160
Research on Projects $150
Website Management(1 year post) $1,080
TOTAL $2890


  1. Near Wallet ID
  2. YOUR name Akhilesh Mishra
  3. Telegram handle @welovedcrypto
  4. Email akhileshmishra368@gmail.com
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Please can you check your total amount.


thanks for pointing out… updated.

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Thank you for your proposal! Unfortunately, I can’t support it now.

Thanks for update. You can always reach me when need for an ecosystem website arise. I am also working on Push Ecosystem Website hence I believe we can discuss more in case budget is an issue.

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