Hey Aurorians,

Cc @ell @Alex_J

Funding scheme: Monthly

My name is @dk_51. I’m a computer engineer pursuing my bachelor’s education. I’m gaining knowledge in web 3 and learning how to do digital marketing in the new era of web3.


  • I’m the Team Lead of the Near Media & News community in Near protocol where we promote all $NEAR projects.
  • In addition to this I’m working as an ambassador of NearStater.
  • Also I built state level Educational Community of students, In which I’m having
    • Instagram: 40k+ Followers
    • Telegram: 11k Active users
  • One of the most active members of the AURORA & NEAR Ecosystem

And now I’m representing AURORA LINKEDIN + QUORA OPS and I’m happy to be here to introduce. I hope we can do great things together! Let’s see more details below!

What problem is the Linkedin proposal solving?

  • LinkedIn is the best platform for blockchain marketing because It lets you connect with other professionals in your field and share your blockchain-related content with a particular audience. Also, LinkedIn lets users target specific groups and individuals with their content, which can help to spread it and make it more effective.

  • When it comes to Twitter and Telegram, we are able to target a large audience but, when it comes to Linkedin, we may have a lower number of users even though Linkedin has a certain type of user base that includes students, tech recruiters, professionals, and so on.

  • Aurora Communities can be found on Telegram, Discord, Reddit, and Twitter, but not Aurora Linkedin at the moment.

As a solution, we are building a Linkedin page for Aurora.

How is the problem being solved?

As you can find on LinkedIn that there is not much talk about aurora on the LinkedIn platform so we will focus on mainly two types of content

1. Aurora-Related Content

  • Important News
  • AMA (like Aurora X Brave)
  • Events
  • Collaborations
  • Latest Update

2. General Blockchain stuff

  • Related NFTs
  • Crypto Market
  • Latest News
  • Educational Stuff

3. Every News of AURORA Community News Stream

In addition, Aurora is compatible with Ethereum and NEAR, which enables us to engage with a more extensive audience through the use of our LinkedIn page because everyone is familiar with these chains.

KPI as below:

  • As we are starting from zero and there is no mention of Aurora on the LinkedIn platform, we anticipate 150 to 200 followers on our LinkedIn profile, with a total of 50+ approx posts per month.

  • We will attempt to maintain a 1:1 ratio between aurora-related posts and other web3-related posts. This will allow us to present aurora to people who are unfamiliar with blockchain and cryptocurrency or are new to this blockchain/crypto field.


    • Total followers in the first month:- 200-250
    • Total Post:- 50+ Where
      - (25+ Aurora Related Post)
      - (20+ web3 Related Post)

LinkedIn Examples of elder Famous Projects : the blockchain forum

  1. Content Post:
  • This Project is Helping to grow the overall Web 3 Ecosystem.
  • I have been following him for quite some time and every time his posts teach me something new.
  • You might be thinking that I could see this in other social media platforms but you forget Linkedin is the best platform for targeting Selected audiences.
  • They Post Web3world, News, NFT, and Web 2.0. 3.0, Blockchain Cryptocurrency Ecosystem Related data, and much more types of content are posted there.
  • Some Other Examples of Projects/Pages
  1. https://www.linkedin.com/company/blockchainedindia
  2. https://www.linkedin.com/company/blockchaincouncil
  3. https://www.linkedin.com/company/indiablockchain
  4. https://www.linkedin.com/company/cryptofunding1
  5. https://www.linkedin.com/company/thenewscrypto

Well, that’s how I want to do Aurora’s Ecosystem too.

Funding details:

  • We will be focusing on starting the Linkedin Page first and inviting members to join and engage.

350 USD - Managing the Linkedin account, marketing, and promo strategy of the account development, creating collaborations, and Tools.
250 USD - For AMA and giveaways
150 USD - Graphic design

Funding Amount For LinkedIn - 750 USD /1 month

Aurora QUORA

  • Quora is a question-and-answer social media platform where users can ask questions, get answers, and interact with other users. It was founded in 2009, and now boasts millions of users and hundreds of thousands of questions on questions topics

  • Quora is a unique marketing platform where businesses can share knowledge to build their brand and engage their target audience with industry thought leadership and content marketing. Businesses can also influence high-intent buyers with relevant, highly targeted ads on the platform.

  • One of the best ways to use Quora for marketing is to conduct research . You’ll be able to learn about what people in your industry are saying, track topics and have questions sent to your inbox. To begin, type a keyword into Quora’s search box that you want to follow

How is the problem being solved?

  • We will ask a question every day from Aurora’s weekly Update Newsletter and submit the answer every 12 hours. By doing this, the question will be shown to people globally, And the question ranking will start on the Quora platform.

And Question is start to ranking in Quora then it shows in all of those countries & you can show here Quora Traffic rate…

KPI & Responsibility

  • We are hoping for 100+ followers in the first month
  • To answer all the questions related to the aurora ecosystem
  • No. of Questions & Answers: 30-40 / Per Month

Quora Examples of elder Famous Questions:

Funding Amount For Quora Managing & Marketing, and answering all the questions related to the aurora ecosystem - 400 USD /1 month

Our Social Link: Aurora Linkedin

Aurora Quora (We will share the Quora profile link in a few days)

Total Funding Amount For LinkedIn & Qoura - 750$ + 400$ = 1150$

Email: dk51islive@gmail.com
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @dk_51
Name: Dk
Wallet: dk_51.near



Planning to create a guild on linkedin or something like that???

As talking about official Aurora Linkedin community we already have that: https://www.linkedin.com/company/aurora-is-near/

Maybe we can check with team and ask them to post more updates from the official one.

Regarding Quora, the idea is good and asking questions and giving detailed answers makes the community aware about Aurora with that we can post educational content too time to time for user to get more familiar with the ecosystem.

All the best👌🏼


Thanks for the attention @rahulgoel007 :innocent:

Yes ser :raised_hands:

Yes sir, we also think the same way But unfortunately we are not able to contact there, As you can see, there have been only 6 posts in the last 8 months😐, We have not any problem with the official account but we feel that there should always be someone in official account support for the linkedin platform… & We hope that the result will be good, Let’s see what happens next.

Have a Great day :blush:


Yes its an unfortunate that team is not posting much on linkedin maybe core team can try to reach out to them @ell @Alex_J .

All the best :white_check_mark:

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Unfortunately we cannot provide you a grant for now.
Feel free to resubmit proposal next quarter.

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Thank you sir for your valuable time,
we’ll do it in the next quarter.