[Report] AURORA SPACE - Soup to Nuts ( Mid September to October Month Report ) NEW Corrected

Hi everyone,

Our entire Team is excited to share the report for the month of September & October with the community. We had groups and platforms across Instagram, Telegram, YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit.
We had fun forming this new community as a part of Aurora Space. Looking forward to growing the community

Guild Name: Aurora Space ( Soup to Nuts )
Previously Approved Proposal: [Approved] Aurora Space - Marketing Budget September 2022
Approved amount $2500 for a 1 month
Guild Name: AuroraSpace
Target wallet: aurora space.near

Manager: @Paolo
Marketing Head @Anushka
Onboarding & Outreach: Tatiana & other Team Member

**Link to the social media accounts: auroraspace | Twitter, Instagram | Linktree
Month : October

Please Find Below The Analytics and some initiatives taken by us in October:

TOTAL POST :slight_smile:

Twitter: 120
Instagram: 35
Reddit: 20
Youtube : 3 Video ( 2 Unlisted )
Telegram Growth Channel: 200+
Telegram Group: 60


We are just hitting the Profile Visitors - 50K


In terms of Instagram, we saw people like to see reels whether is a post or informative, so from next month we are going to focus more on the side of the reels


We believe Reddit is the top channel to get engaged and communicate after Twitter, that’s why we announce the post reels and videos and cross our milestone of 200 followers


Future Output !!

  1. Starting Aurora Weekly News Letter ( Includes Weekly Updates | Community Task )
  2. Starting with AuroraSpace to Start educating through making content on Aurora and Aurora Plus
  3. Plans to have 10 AMAs - ( 5 Ecosystem Projects | 5 Community Driven )
  4. Start Engaging the community on the telegram community

@Vladislav_vl25 @johanga @Alex_J