[Idea] A global event that will help boost network activity and bring more users to the network

Toward adventures with Aurora

Aurora is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) created by the team at the NEAR Protocol.
Aurora provides a similar developer experience to Ethereum on top of the NEAR protocol. Aurora’s EVM compatibility ensures that any project built there can be easily transferred to Ethereum, without having to change a single line of code.

The Aurora Network invites travelers to explore the expanse of the Aurora world.

Be active, explore projects, discover features of the Aurora+ model, and enter a global prize lottery.

Week 1 — Welcome to Aurora
Register on the Aurora+ platform (invite your friends) and learn the projects presented there.
Get 50 free online transactions.

Prize: NFT Adept

Week 2 — Bridges to connect us
Transferring assets to Aurora using the available bridges:
Rainbow Bridge

Prize: NFT Shuttle

Week 3 - Trade with reverence
Explore decentralized exchanges, swap assets in exchange for Aurora tokens, and steak Aurora tokens on the Aurora+ platform to earn cool rewards.

Prize: NFT Scout

Week 4 - Mills and Bastions
Learn how to lend assets and borrow in lending and borrowing protocols.

Prize: NFT Dragoon

Week 5 - Total Aggregation
Directing assets from pools to yield aggregators to accumulate more rewards.
BlueBit Finance
Pickle Finance
Beefy Finance
PinkPea Finance

Prize: NFT Archon

Week 6 - Beyond the Possible
(This task could use a variant of creating a NEAR Wallet using Aurora.)
Moving assets to NEAR using the Rainbow Bridge.

Prize: NFT NEAR Archon

Week 7 - Final Step
(final stage) - We mint our own NFT to commemorate past adventures.

Prize: NFT Final step

Whoever can collect an NFT in all 7 challenges will receive a final NFT to be used in the lottery.
NFT Templar of Aurora

It is optimal for such activity to involve the platform https://galaxy.eco/ for integration into our network.
This is a rough sketch of how the activity might have gone.

What prizes can be for the lottery, for example, tokens of some new DEX on Aurora with cool features, Aurora tokens, maybe a new collection of Aurobots with free transactions (but less quantity, such as 100 per month).


Great! Now I hope, after passing such a challenge I’ll start to understand all the activities that are described by weeks, not worse than you do :grin:

How is it planned to realise educational part in the beginning of each week/topic?

Yes, that’s a great idea. It is necessary to develop metrics for minimum amounts. And add projects, let’s say WannaSwap was skipped in week 3

This is a vector of movement for global events.
For our part, we probably will not be able to implement it. But to help Aurora’s marketing with this is fine.

We’ve already contacted our friends and passed the platform contacts to the guys from Aurora.
I’m hoping that maybe this will be some way to allow projects in our ecosystem to do these kinds of events on a regular basis.

We will also help with educational content, we will attract our Influencers and we will do something ourselves.

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Cool idea Vlad, we want to cooperate to bring more users to the event series through Aurora Vietnam community by translating those content in Vietnamese! :rocket:
Let’s me know if you interest! Thanks Vlad!

Here is our channel: [Approved] Aurora Vietnam community


@Vladislav_vl25 I’m not sure my connection is signed yet, correct me if am right, You mean like ETHDenver right? :wink:

It could have been an event on Galax, for example, or Layer3. :slightly_smiling_face: