[Rejected] Aurora Malaysia Guild OCT-NOV


Hello, Aurora Malaysia Council here! Our proposal ([Rejected] Aurora Malaysia Guild) was submitted on Aug 20 and was Rejected, but @Alex_J asked us to submit next quarter. As we understand Q4 2022 is Oct-Nov-Dec, we are resubmitting the proposal.
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Aurora Council is formed by

EY (Aurigami)

Azim (SekolahKrypto)

Yudh (Etherscan)

Haoxiang (Asia Pacific University Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Club, aka APU BCC)

Beryn (3six9 NFT marketplace)

Kelson (Octopus Network)

Antonio (Blockbit Academy)

J Leon Y (multichain defi connoisseur)

The council may vary based on initial months of journey and potential talented Malaysian candidates applying to join.

TavernDAO will not join the council due to stretched bandwidth of their members but has signalled its interest to support in all means they can.

Our socials:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/aurora_malaysia

Telegram Group: auroraMalaysiaGuild


These are some of the events we have lined up for October & November:

Several AMAs lined up (aiming to do at least one every 2 weeks): 3six9, Aurigami, Shardeez, NEARStarter, Arctic DEX, … and whichever protocol wants to!

Aurora-focused edition of myBuilders (Malaysian builders) meeting for brainstorming & networking. This event will be dedicated to “building on Aurora chain”. As always, projects from all chains are welcome to join and network. We are currently connected with several projects building on : Terra, Cosmos, Solana, BNBChain, NEAR/Aurora.

Aurora Malaysia Grand KickOff. Targeting ~200-300 attendees by co-organizing with sister entities of our council, like Asia Pacific University (APU), SekolahKrypto, Near Malaysia, ACCESS, …
WE will teach :

  • what is Aurora
  • how does it work
  • what is Rainbow Bridge
  • how to create metamask wallet / configure Metamask for Aurora Chain
  • how to get gas, use Rainbow Bridge, and do DeFi.
  • what other resources are avaialble if you want to know more
  • quizzes, ice-breaking games, and networking

Here are some examples of past events with APU and ACCESS that members of this council have organized before:

Study potential collaborations with Women In Blockchain Asia (WIBA) and other universities in the region (UNITEN)

Collaborate with SEED Academy on possible Solidity developer course.


Any excess funding would be rolled into next months, where we are equally planning:

Recurring myBUILDERS event.

Coding workshop (Solidity + Aurora) in partnership with SEED & NEAR Singapore Guild.

Other events in partnership with Asia Pacific University / TavernDAO / …


Over the next two months, the KPIs are to :

• Help connect at least 3 project founders create 3 pitch decks and connect to VCs.
• Help at least 3 projects submit Grant Proposal / Fast Grant in Aurora.
• Sign MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with MRANTI (govt linked institution), Asia Pacific University. Mid-long term target is to create bootcamps / hackaton for the students.
• Hit at least 500 members in Telegram and Twitter
• Hit 100 members in coders-only group

Do let us know if you have questions in the comments. @Alex_J, @ell.


EY, Azim, Yudh, Haoxiang, Beryn, Kelson, Antonio, Leon.

Aurora Malaysia Council.


Awesome you guys are doing great

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Hello, friends,
Thanks for nice proposal.

On Aurora, we will need more Solidity Developers. :wink:

Do you plan to create separate Twitter/Telegram groups for Aurora?
And I think you need more detail on the event you are planning.

Or maybe it makes sense to start with the growth of the community, and as it grows move to large-scale events?
Such an option, make the first step, show work, and then switch to events.


Unfortunately we cannot provide you a grant for now.
Feel free to resubmit proposal next quarter.

Is it possible to provide a reasoning?

we see other proposals being discussed thoroughly, this is the second time you guys reject with no reasoning whatsoever?

agreed that’s not so relevant.

However, above in the proposal, you can see: