[Rejected] November Content About The Aurora Ecosystem

Hello everyone :v:
I am a crypto-YouTuber from Ukraine :ukraine:

I have been in cryptocurrency since 2020, I buy cryptocurrencies, and I also have my own blog on YouTube.I am a crypto enthusiast and have made good money on cryptocurrency, and I also like to make videos about cryptocurrency.I have collaborated with such cryptocurrency companies as Gate io Exchange, KuCoin Exchange and some other lesser known crypto projects.

Link - https://www.youtube.com/c/CryptoEnjoyer/videos

I want to offer you a series of reviews on my YouTube channel about Aurora
My price for 1 video is $80. In my opinion this is a very fair price.

Topics on which I want to make a video:
1)Amaterasu Finance
3)Arken Finance
4)Rift Finance
5)Attarius Network

Total costs for November: 640 USDT

NEAR Wallet ID: cryptoenjoyer.near

If you have any questions please feel free to write to me.


I see value here🤩

Hello, thank you for your proposal! Unfortunately, I can’t support it at the time.

Hello @ell , please write the reason, it is very important for me to know, thanks :blush:

Hello @ell , please write the reason, it is very important for me to know, thanks

hi, i’m sorry your application is rejected for now,
at the moment Aurora community is already checking a few ways of working with media influencers. and if the experiment works well, we’ll definitely contact you in the future!
would be great if you can leave here your contact details :slight_smile:

have a good day!