[Rejected]Starting Aurora Book Club Guild

Hello Aurora community! @Alex_J @ell

Guild Name:
Aurora Book Club (ABC)
Using Aurora is as easy as ABC.

Funding Scheme:
Two Months

“Reading is the gateway skill that makes all other learning possible”

True to above quote by Barack Hussein Obama, the Aurora Book Club (ABC) is going to be poised strategically as an educational hub where, through reading and research, users, builders and enthusiasts will be onboarded onto Aurora.
Using incentivised reading and researching initiatives, coupled with engaging discussions in virtual spaces, Aurora Book Club will quickly bridge the knowledge gap between potential adopters and users of Aurora.
We will be focused on onboarding new users and also creating a space where people can learn and explore Web 3. The book club initiative has a clear target; we want to bring Aurora to over 3000 students and book lovers, extensively educate new entrants on Web 3 and other related topics .
Create a community of skilled users that can explore Web 3 and build innovative solutions on the Aurora platform.
We plan on compiling and sectioning the huge amount of educational resources available on the platform, coordinating reading groups with set monthly targets, organizing virtual workshops and discussion panels, and encouraging research work.
Our activities and work will be documented and stored as open source tools on the platform that can be easily accessed or used to corroborate other ongoing projects or develop new solutions within the network.

Our mission is to source, educate, and develop talent for Aurora, while fostering both academic and nonacademic discussions around Aurora. We will start conversations, build active communities, and encourage research within the paradigms of the Aurora network. There’s no down side to this initiative, from publicity benefits to its utility.


*Create an at least 50-member strong Book club on every tertiary institution campus in all over the world.
*Ignite a passion for reading in youths.

  • Onboarding of writers, and organising writing intiatives.
  • We plan on developing articles and other educational materials that help improve public understanding of the crypto space and, by extension, its
    *Serve as a platform where Aurora can directly interact with students all over Nigeria, then the whole world at large.
    *Identify and engage young talents that will build on the Aurora Protocol.
  • Create a library accessible by membership NFTs
  • Educational intiatives that will facilitate the use of Aurora Tokens and platforms for payments.
    *Explore mass onboarding opportunities and events.
    *Create an Aurora platform that students can relate with.
    *Metaverse Meetups and events centered on book discussions.
    *Producing of audiovisual versions of educational materials.
    *Minting of book related NFTS to be listed using Aurora Tokens to facilitate increased adoption of Aurora tokens
    *Opening a book store that links a physical book to an NFT that will be listed with Aurora tokens.
    *Simplifying and making knowledge acquisition interesting.
    *Working with developers to help build our book related game and hang-out space in the Metaverse.
    *Creating an Aurora comic character, building a story and series around the character with the aim of gathering massive Awareness for Aurora.
    *Production and minting of a quarterly magazine about Aurora.

Team Members
I’m Hephzibah. A crypto enthusiast. I studied English Language and Literary Studies, I am a project manager, a bibliophile, a writer, a chef, a fashion designer, a beautician, a singer, a farmer and a nature lover.
@mohens studied Industrial Mathematics. He is currently a business development and digital policy expert. He is also a literature buff and an adept writer who has written several articles and poems. Having recently written an article on Web3 for Near magazine, he is actively involved in educating people on blockchain technology and crypto currency.

Proposal Summary:

Project 1
Starting Aurora Book Club On Tertiary Institutions
This initiative targets ungerdraguates mostly. Starting from Tertiary institutions near us, I plan to revive the culture of reading and encourage Web 3 research and engagement by starting a Blockchain-themed Book Club.


  1. Create an at least 50-member strong Book club on every tertiary institution campus starting with Nigeria, then worldwide.
  2. Ignite a passion for reading in youths.
  3. Serve as a platform where Aurora can directly interact with students all over the country.
  4. Identify and engage young talents that will build on the Aurora.
  5. Expose young talents Web 3 and and Blockchain technologies.
  6. Explore mass onboarding opportunities and events.
  7. Create an Aurora platform that students can relate with.


This initiative will be executed in 3 phases where we will first need to ease into these institutions by hosting a publicity rally to create an awareness for the Book Club; second, inaugural Book Club meeting and onboarding event; and finally, regular monthly physical or virtual meetings and other activities.

More details on these phases are provided below:

Publicity Rally

First, we will traverse the length and breadth of the campus, handing out fliers, talking to people and inviting them to the Near Book Club’s first meeting and onboarding event. Pamphlets, fliers etc. will be distributed, gearing the students towards attending the event.


This event will be the official launch of the Aurora Book Club. The target is to have no less than 200 people in attendance. Activities lined up for the event include:

  1. A workshop/talk/AMA introducing Aurora to the students, including a showcase of some functionalities on Aurora and answering questions.

  2. A “How To Open And Fund A NEAR Wallet And Metamask Wallet’ demonstration/session.

  3. Quizzes to be rewarded with Aurora tokens, Aurora souvenirs and Aurora Book Club souvenirs, etc.

  4. Registration of Aurora Book Club Members.


After Club Members have been registered and established, regular monthly meetings will commence. Social media platforms will be created to foster continued engagement. Activities for the club will include:

  1. Monthly “Book Talk” Meetings
    The “Book Talk” (tentative name) Meetings will feature discussions on book(s) previously agreed upon by club members. Special Book Talk Meetings will be covered documentary-style and streamed on YouTube and the Metaverse.

  2. Building a physical and virtual collection of books (Library).

  3. Bimonthly “Aurora Book Club Rally”
    Members of The Aurora Book Club will take to the streets talking to people about the benefits of reading, asking them what books they last read, giving out books to a lucky few and inviting them to the Aurora Book Club.

Publicity and awareness $500

Logistics $500

Airdrops to facilitate opening of wallets $100

Prize for Quiz winners $200

Aurora Book Club Souvenirs & Merch(this is to facilitate continuous publicity and awareness) $500

Refreshments for attendees $300
Books $500
Camera work and Video Editing (For archiving and publicity) $200
Decorating of the venue (creating of info graphics about Aurora and projects building on Aurora) $300
Renumeration $500
Total $3600

Project 2
Main Activity 1.

“Get In Character” Bounty

A book reading marketing initiative with the two-pronged aim of generating content for social media marketing and awareness for Aurora and Aurora Book Club, and fostering community engagement, participation and activity.

A book or material or article is selected and announced on the Forum, and all our Social Media handles and accounts. The tasks are simple:

  • Open a Near Wallet and Metamask Wallet
  • Open an account with Aurora forum
  • Read the book (title to be disclosed later)
  • Make a 1 minute video of yourself stating the book title and the author, summarize your favourite points in the book or material.
    *Share the the video on your social media platforms and tag all Aurora Book Club Social Media handles.
  • Share the link as a reply to our forum post.
  • Attend a Metaverse Meetup for AMA on Aurora, premiering the entries, and announcing the winners.


  1. Creating awareness for Aurora, its ecosystem and the possibilities available

  2. Build out an active community of readers who are enthusiastic about books, sharing knowledge and discussing innovations.


  1. Generate material for social media marketing and awareness through the submission of entries.
  2. Onboard every participant
  3. Create a vibrant Telegram and Discord community.


  1. Secure at least 15 video entries

  2. At least 30 attendees of Metaverse Meetup

  3. Opening a minting store for Aurora Book Club

  4. Minting at least 3 NFTs

  5. Onboarding at least 15 new members

  6. Getting at least 500 views across our Social Media platforms.

  7. Getting at least 500 followers across our Social Media platforms.

Graphics, Animations for awareness, Adverts and Publicity- $200
Logistics $100
Prizes $320 (1st $100. 2nd $70. 3rd $50. First best 5 submissions $10 each, video with most engagement $50)
Total - $620

Main Activity 2.

Aurora Book Club Metaverse Meetup:

Location: Histopia (if possible) or Tama Island, Nearhub (Tentatively)

Aurora Book Club members and book lovers everywhere will gather in the Metaverse to discuss a preselected book, sharing insights and ideas. This month, the Metaverse Meetup will also serve as the the hub for premiering the entries for the “Stay In Character” bounty and many more Aurora-centric discussions (AMA and workshop for newcomers).


  • Educate noobs,
  • Create footfall for, and participation in, Aurora Metaverse platforms
  • Create a virtual hub for Web 3, literary, academic book discussions


  1. Organise an AMA with no less than 30 people in attendance
  2. Mint recorded discussions for archiving, development, etc.

Graphics, adverts and publicity - $200
Moderation - $100
Renumeration - $500

Total - $800

We are kicking off all our Social Media Platforms.
Instagram, YouTube, Telegram, Discord, Tiktok, Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter and Tamastreams.
Production of Aurora Book Club’s first series of audio and visual Books

  • To raise membership and followership across our all our Socials to at least 600.
  • To make posts daily to keep our platforms active.

Management × 8 social media platforms for two months: $1500
80 graphics @$10 per post: 800
Audio and Visual Books $1000
Total: $3100

Problem we are solving

  • We are attempting to solve the problem of crypto adoption which is truly an education problem.
  • We are also solving the problems of publicity, penetration, awareness, and engagement on Aurora (especially the use of its token).

How is the problem being solved?

  • We plan on getting people to read materials that help improve public understanding of the crypto space and, by extension, its adoption (particularly Aurora).
  • We plan on, developing articles and other educational materials that help improve public understanding of the crypto space and, by extension, its adoption (particularly Aurora).
  • We plan on engaging in mass publicity campaigns in several strategic and physical locations. We are also extending these campaigns to social media platforms.
    We plan on getting people to read developing articles and other educational materials that help improve public understanding of the crypto space and, by extension, its adoption (particularly Aurora).
  • We plan on building an active community on the platform through the use of book club initiatives.
  • We plan on creating traction and engagement for Aurora token through our book club activities that necessitate the use of crypto payments.

Wallet ID

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