[Rejected] Venezuelan Aurora Innovation Challenge [Hackathon]

Hey! I was thinking on how to keep growing the ecosystem, about development, marketing and expousure…

A hackathon can be a great way to build exposure for Aurora and Aurora Venezuela Community, let’s engage with the developer community. It can provide opportunities to showcase projects, software development expertise, network with potential clients and partners, and demonstrate the power of Aurora. Additionally, it can provide a platform for us to find talented developers who may be interested in developing on top of Aurora on future projects.

However, hosting a hackathon requires careful planning and execution. In this proposal I will share some light into the theme, set of rules and guidelines, and I will show some pics of the venue. Important topic is the funding, we also need to secure enough funding to cover the costs of the event, including food and drinks for participants, prizes for the winners, and any other expenses.

In summary, a hackathon can be a great opportunity to expand Aurora in Latin American countries where Venezuela is on the top in terms of Blockchain users, so let’s network with others in the industry, and find talented developers to work with.

***Please note that this draft plan for the Venezuelan Aurora Innovation Challenge is subject to change and refinement. The purpose of this document is to serve as a starting point for discussions and feedback, and the final version may differ from what is presented here.


Location: Tecnologia Financiera Centre
Date: End of June
Duration: 4 days
Participants: Up to 45 developers
Prizes: Aurora Tokens as rewards for the top 3 projects
Additional benefits: Mentorship opportunities, exposure to investors

This event provides a platform for developers to showcase their skills, network with industry leaders, and win rewards for their innovative ideas. With mentorship and exposure to investors, participants will have the opportunity to take their projects to the next level. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to be a part of the growing Aurora ecosystem!

Guidelines to launch the event

  1. Purpose: is to support the development and growth of the Venezuelan technology community and aimed at driving the growth of the Aurora ecosystem through fostering innovation and collaboration among talented individuals in the tech community. By providing a platform for developers, entrepreneurs, and creative minds to come together and showcase their ideas, we hope to drive the growth of the Aurora ecosystem and support the development of new and exciting projects.

  2. Objectives:

  • Encourage innovation and creativity in the technology sector by providing a space for participants to demonstrate their skills and share their ideas.
  • Foster collaboration and networking opportunities among members of the Venezuelan technology community.
  • Promote the adoption of cutting-edge technologies and best practices in the Venezuelan market.
  • Provide a platform for the recognition and reward of outstanding achievements in the technology sector.
  • Drive the growth of the Venezuelan technology industry and contribute to the development of a strong and thriving technology ecosystem.
  1. Target audience: Developers.

  2. Timeline: 29th June, 30th June, 1st July, and 2nd July. The deadline to deliver the projects will be at 11PM of 1st July. The judging and awards will be happening the 2nd July.

  3. Prizes: Aurora Tokens as Rewards for the best 3 projects. Mentorship opportunities, and exposure to investors.

  4. Evaluation criteria: Originality, creativity, technical feasibility, and overall impact. We are looking for a 1 million user web3 application.

  5. Judging panel: GlobalDV will provide the top 3 judges, it is a development team with proven track record building on top of NEAR and now taking steps into Aurora. #auroraisnear

  6. Rules and regulations: Here some of the most important rules, we will expand on the rules topic on the following section.

  • Zero Cost Participation - Devs simply fill out the required form and wait for acceptance to join the Venezuelan Aurora Innovation Challenge at no cost.
  • Admissions are subject to our discretion and all participants must be at least 18 years of age or older.
  • Participants must bring their own laptops, and we will provide excellent wifi network.
  • Non-developers are welcome to attend the event as spectators and must pay an entrance fee.
  • To ensure an optimal experience, we will limit the number of developers to 45.
  1. Promotion: Venezuelan use of Instagram is huge, we will use Instagram platform, but also Twitter because Twitter is the Crypto social web2 platform. We will run a campaign for developers to propose participants and judges in order to be taking in (free) as participants. We will paid for Instagram Ads as well.

  2. Support and resources:


  • Prizes: we believe it could be Aurora Tokens
  • Food & Drinks for participants
  • Investors and Mentors
    Details to be determined after event approval and sponsorship acquisition

Already discussed and approved:

  • Venue :white_check_mark:
  • Judges :white_check_mark:


  1. Eligibility: The hackathon is open to individuals aged 18 and above, who are residents of Venezuela and able to travel to Caracas to be in the event in place.
  2. Theme: The hackathon will focus on the development of applications and solutions using the Aurora Network.
  3. Team Composition: Teams may consist of up to 3 members.
  4. Submissions: Participants must submit their projects by the deadline indicated in the hackathon materials. Late submissions will not be accepted.
  5. Ownership: Participants retain ownership of the intellectual property rights in their submissions. By participating in the hackathon, participants grant a license to Aurora Venezuela to use their submissions for promotional purposes.
  6. Judging Criteria: Submissions will be judged based on originality, creativity, technical feasibility, and overall impact. The decisions of the judges will be final.
  7. Prizes: Prizes will be awarded to the top teams as indicated in the hackathon materials. Prizes are non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash.
  8. Conduct: Participants must behave professionally and ethically at all times during the hackathon. Any disruptive or inappropriate behavior may result in disqualification.
  9. Data Protection: Participants must comply with all applicable data protection laws and regulations.
  10. Changes: Aurora.dev reserves the right to make changes to the rules and regulations of the hackathon at any time, without notice.

Hackathon materials

We will develop a website where all the development tools and guidance will be available, this is part of our tasks once the project is aproved.


Our partner Tecnologia Financiera will take the lead here to promote the event, taking advantage of their 365.000 followers.

We will also create and/or use Aurora Venezuela networks to run the marketing campaign.


  • Main Instagram Post about the event has to be retweet and replied by participants who wants to be involved, they have to replied taggin the most experienced developers they know promoting them as Judges
  • Bi-weekly InstagramLive
  • 5 Instagram Reels from the Venue (in collaboration with TF)
  • Main Instagram Post will be used to run Paid Ad promotion


  • Main tweet about the event has to be retweet and replied by participants who wants to be involved, they have to replied taggin the most experienced developers they know promoting them as Judges
  • Daily Tweets about the event, including captions and pics
  1. The Aurora Challenge: Pushing the Limits of Technology
  2. The Aurora Code Sprint: Building the Future with Cutting-Edge Technology
  3. The Aurora Digital Odyssey: Charting a Course to Next-Level Solutions
  4. The Aurora Development Sprint: Pushing the Envelope with Web3 and Beyond.
  5. The Aurora Tech Quest: Exploring the Boundaries of Innovation
  • Tweet Thread featuring Aurora key projects
  • Bi-weekly TwitterSpace

Telegram (VenezuelaAurora)

Will serve us as the support group, to solve questions and provide guidance.

Event details

Venue: Tecnologia Financiera

TF, or Tecnologia Financiera, is a premier technology institute located in Venezuela with students in the whole LATAM. With a strong focus on innovation and cutting-edge technology, TF has established itself as a leader in the region and a hub for entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re looking to develop your skills, network with other like-minded individuals, or simply stay on top of the latest advancements in the tech industry, TF is the perfect place to be.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tecnologiafinanciera/

I am choosing the Venue in the “Tecnologia Financiera” centre because I am part of their team leading the Blockchain courses, as you can check here

Developers participants space

Conference Room for Speakers

Organization Place Pics

Food & Drinks

Details to be determined after event approval and sponsorship acquisition.


As we continue to refine the details of this exciting Venezuelan Aurora Innovation Challenge hackathon, I want to highlight the importance of funding, specifically in the area of prizes. Our goal is to attract a wide range of talented participants and make this event as impactful as possible. With the support of Aurora, we are confident that we can provide attractive prizes that will incentivize the best and brightest minds to join us and push the limits of technology.

Funding proposal: $8,000 USD in Aurora tokens.

Let’s work together to make this a truly memorable event!


@FritzWorm has proven to be a tireless regional blockchain activist, demonstrating a strong leadership, by representing us at major events, such as Last Nearcom held in Portugal.

This proposal that he presents on this occasion is a fundamental activity to promote growth in use of Aurora in the technical area, by promoting our ecosystem as a top technology to develop web3 dapps. And the T.F spaces are an ideal place to organize technological events like this. The Aurora community will be more than happy to participate and collaborate in achieving the objectives set for this event.


Of course, hackathon is an good way to organize developer and community engagements.

POV; But I didn’t see any metrics or outcomes clearly stated after the program in your proposal, and how many people do you expect to attend? And try to breakdown your funding request especially how much are you going to give out for prize, food and drinks, other refreshments mentioned.

Best of luck dude.


Hey! Appreciate your feedback, and I am glad you agree with running a Hackathon as a good way to organize developer and community engagements. :white_check_mark: :cowboy_hat_face:

To solve the concerns

Metrics: I said we can host up to 45 developers in place, I think we are going to be full because of the prizes, organization, and marketing as we count with a big community (+300k) a venue and soon we will also count with funding to promote. How many I expect to attend, more than 30 devs, so it will be successful in that sense achieving 30 devs and because teams are up to 3 there will be at least 10 projects to receive.

Funding breakdown: 4 days food and drinks should be around $3000 and this is counting with sponsors, and prizes should be at least $5000 to be distributed between the best 3 teams ($3500/$1000/$500).

Keep in mind I shared the proposal as a draft because I want to receive more feedback like yours and discuss all this points to make it the best fit so feel free to keep engaging and sharing your ideas.


I completely agree with your response; the reason i asked for clarification was because I’m seeing what’s going on with some proposal rejections, and the funding request and metrics need to be aligned most of the time either it’s a short term growth or long term. Depending on the plan and arrangements, hackathons require lots of funding.

Wish you best of luck dude, and I hope your proposal will get approval.


Que genial esta propuesta cada vez que las veo me parecen geniales muy bien definida, organizada y con una idea totalmente excelente.

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Hello All,

I am so glad to see the Venezuelan community being so active! I really like the idea of the hackathon, but I would like to clarify a couple of things:

  • Four days is usually a long time for a hackathon, are all days intended to be in-person at Tecnologia Financiera’s offices? If so, can you give a little more information about the activities to take place during those days?

  • Are you planning to hold workshops or training activities to get developers up to speed on Aurora basics?

  • even though I think developers should take any project they want to develop, it would perhaps be useful to have some bounties that can nudge devs in areas that we think have more potential, while always keeping a free category.

  • Perhaps you plan to do it in the future, but it would be nice if the evaluation criteria provides more specific information, sometimes words like “impact” can be very subjective.

  • If you want and if you don’t mind it to be remote, the Aurora devrel team can also provide a judge

Let us know if you have any questions!


Thank you for your interest and questions. This helps us to better communicate and shape the idea together. :white_check_mark: :cowboy_hat_face:

We aim to incorporate elements from the successful NEARCON hackathon into our event, to provide a similar high-quality experience for our participants, such as speakers, food, drinks, services and judges.

In the Conference Room for Speakers, we aim to host engaging discussions with experts and share 5 hours of presentations per day on topics such as web3, community building, project development, connecting with venture capitalists, latest technology advancements, artificial intelligence, the metaverse, gamefi, and more.

Yeah, we count on you Boris for office hours and of course to help us to onboard developers and deliver them the tools and show them light into the ecosystem

Agree, that would be more friendly and inclusie for new devs to come and try.

That will be AWESOME!!!

Now that I am seeing good interest in the idea, I will start creating a detailed budget. Big hug!

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Perfect @FritzWorm once you are ready and let’s discuss a schedule for office hours, etc. And once you have the detailed budget let me know so we can look at it without delay, seguimos en contacto!


Unfortunately we cannot approve your proposal now
Feel free to apply next quarter


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