Aurora x Encode Hackathon: Challenge for Regional Communities

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Hello friends,

The time has come to see who is a real Aurobot and who is an AuroNOT :ninja:

As you have probably heard Encode Club - a very popular education platform with a lot of activity across many blockchains - is organising a Hackathon for Aurora.

The Opportunity

Aurora is an 1-1 EVM solution that offers best in class User Experience and performance. The only reason why solidity developers and existing projects are not deploying on Aurora right now:

  1. They don’t know much about it yet
  2. They don’t know if it has a vibrant community to support them

Let’s use the Encode x Aurora hackathon as an entry to point to get as many solidity developers and EVM based products to experiment with Aurora.

The Challenge for Aurora Regional Communities

Which Aurora Regional Community has the most activity? The most ideas and ability to execute? The most welcoming and supporting developer community?

A LOT of resources have been going into supporting and nurturing these communities. Now is the time for these communities to show that the money invested is generating real value and that they have an active base that can be mobilised for events such as this one.

Competition is healthy. Keep us active, creative, motivated, and pushing the boundaries.

Next Steps

  1. No need to ask for permission. Start taking action TODAY (promoting + registering people to hackathon).
  2. Twitter Space to discuss Ideas for Hackathon? Anticipation and Momentum. I’d be happy to host on my personal account.
  3. Should we create some sneaky incentives for communities that go above and beyond in their onboarding efforts of new developers and projects?

P.s - reminder that under the proposed $Aurora Token Economy 2.0 a portion of fees would be used to burn AURORA. It is in everyone’s best interest to be very aggressive in onboarding new devs, projects and pushing Daily Active Users and total txs through the roof.


We can plan a space with Aurora Africa

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