[REPORT] Aurora India October

Aurora India has been actively working on online, and In-real-life events, and activities to support our mission to onboard active users, developers, and projects onto the Aurora Ecosystem. We’ve managed to gain 300+ members on our Telegram group, and 500+ Twitter followers, and further took an in-real-life initiative to spread more awareness about the ecosystem which resulted in 11% traffic from the Indian region on Aurora’s website.

Here’s a quick update regarding our socials

Telegram - 910

Twitter - 1300

Medium - 25

YouTube - 28

1. Twitter

Total Tweets: 98

Tweet Impressions: 28000

Profile visits: 21600

Mentions: 2449

New Followers gained: 424

In the month of Oct, we focus to have more active collaborations and spaces to build an engaging audience. This helped us take our space listeners from 10 to 25+. We’ve also kept updating the community with ecosystem news, collaborations and other updates on top of our priority. We’ve also started engaging with other projects as well to understand and connect to build synergies.

We are further planning to work more on Twitter and increase the followers with new forms of content.

Events with Twitter

Diwali NTF Minting Competition

This Diwali, Aurora NFT Club & Aurora India to bring an NFT contest for all the NFT enthusiasts across the world to create NFT Diwali Gift Cards in collaboration with 3six9 NFT Marketplace with a bounty of 60 USDT.


We had an AMA with Chainstack to understand more about how Chainstack is helping Aurora’s Ecosystem. Allen Joseph - DevRel from Chainstack joined as a speaker and talked about how developers can focus to build new projects.

Impressions - 700+

Engagement - 50+

Space Listeners - 25+

Link - https://twitter.com/aurora_india01/status/1581889479907758080?s=20&t=-wiIApnclOefgr5UinCN4g

Credshields x Aurora India Twitter Space

Threats and hacks are not new to the web3 industry, but how we tackle them is important. Credshields has developed Solidity Scan to help dApps scan their smart contract to detect bugs, and threats and make their contract efficient.

Aurority Space

Indian web3 market is growing rapidly even in the bear market. We had a conversation with Authority on how Aurora’s vision can be aligned with the growing market and what new initiatives Aurora India will be working on to bring new projects, users, and developers to Aurora Ecosystem.

Impressions - 2000+

Engagement - 400+

Space Listeners - 66

Aurora Insider

To spread the word in the community, we had a space with Aurora Insider to talk about the visions and goals of Aurora India, and how the Indian market can strengthen the Aurora Ecosystem with a community reward of 100 USD.

Impressions - 3000+

Engagement - 250+

Space Listeners - 59

Link - https://twitter.com/aurora_Insider/status/1577843007080259584?s=20&t=-wiIApnclOefgr5UinCN4g

2. Telegram

we have been doing a pretty good job in sharing all the relevant and current happening on Aurora to the Indian community. We will continue to do the same for the upcoming months and have a few more interactional activity events together with the community.

Total Members: 658 Members

New Members: 304 Members (+46.2%)

Active Users: 272 (41.65%)

We had 3 events with our telegram channel

AMA with LM Dao

LM DAO is an active community of YouTuber who is updating the community with new NFT airdrops with 6000+ members on the Telegram group. We ran an experiment to understand how we can explore new ways to bring new users to Aurora. We conducted a Telegram Text AMA to spread awareness and educate users about Aurora, Rainbow Bridge, and other features of Aurora & shared how Aurora is growing with 100 USD as a reward.

Impressions - 7000+

Engagement - 750+

Messages - 1000+ within 30 mins

New Telegram - 100+

Link - https://twitter.com/dao_lm/status/1580681479918858240?s=20&t=-wiIApnclOefgr5UinCN4g ****

Telegram Weekly Quiz

We organized a Telegram Quiz with 100 USD as a reward for Aurora Ecosystem to keep the community active about new things happening in the Ecosystem and encourage them to be active with new updates and news.

Messages - 800+ within 60 mins

New Telegram - 100+

Link - https://twitter.com/dao_lm/status/1580681479918858240?s=20&t=-wiIApnclOefgr5UinCN4g ****

Aurora Name Changer

We ran a community engagement event to boost awareness about Aurora, the event was simple where users were asked to add the aurora logo along with their name on Telegram & Twitter. We received almost 92 entries and rewarded 50 users with 2 $DAI

Impressions - 1000+

Engagement - 150+

Participants - 90+

Link - https://twitter.com/aurora_india01/status/1585593706459328513?s=20&t=AQrm1S15uX7m-bpZRSeSbw

3. Medium

We have been constantly doing content translation and giving out more importance for the Weekly updates making sure it reaches each and everyone.

Here is the complete details

4. Youtube

We constantly help and educate users to understand Aurora. Last month we managed to make only one video because of the availability and comments received from the Aurora Team. We have restrategized to market the video to the wider community.

5. Projects Onboarded

1. Credshield

CredShields is a web3 security organization and we’re building a range of security tools for the web3 space. Solidity Scan (https://solidityscan.com) is our first product, which audits Solidity-based smart contracts.

We conduct manual audits as well, our clients being CAPX, Persistence, Gitopia, PStake, etc, you can find more details at https://credshields.com.

2. Knit Finance

Knit Finance is a unique web3 protocol for developing cross-chain wrappers to make crypto assets interoperable. Knit Finance plans to deliver a blockchain network for all-market bridges to ensure fluid cross-chain asset transfers and to allow institutions, developers, farmers, and traders to tap into interoperable crypto ecosystems through Knit Finance’s blockchain network.

3. Bitscrunch

In talks with Bitscrunch to find possible collaborations and synergies

Activity September October Links Payouts
TwItter https://twitter.com/aurora_india01 $500 inc Graphics designing
Followers 850 1250
Impressions 21K 28K
Tweets 87 98
Telegram Telegram: Contact @auroraindia $550 for 2 Mods
Followers 350 658
Medium 8 Artciles 10 Articles with Weekly updates Aurora India – Medium $300 For content Translation
411 View 368 view
Youtube 2 Videos 1 Videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxrcpFXLz16A7U-E5FffFjQ $500 for TPG
200 views 197 Views
Online Events 4 Events 8 Events ( 5 AMA, 1 Quiz, Aurora Name changer, Diwali event) $850 For online events
Mangament and strategist , Collab, Strategy $550
AMA Host, Strategizing $300

Thank you @ell and @Alex_J for the opportunity. Aurora one LOVE.


thank you for the good work and the same report :pray:


Those are some impressive numbers Aurora India. I’m following you on the Twitters now. Keep it up! :100::100::100:


Aurora India been doing great work actively with contests, educational content, workshops etc. Thanks for summing it up in report @Sachinmurali03 :india:


hey fam!
i see by your Twitter, you’re busy, beautiful new posts and contests are there that I like very much :green_heart:

hope your November report is also coming soon :wink:
funds distribution is expected there most of all

analyzing these results i’d recommend to pay more attention to weekly AMAs/videos
also hope that your idea about podcasts will start to be realized
and probably it will be easier to put fewer numbers in planned metrics?)

thanks for your work!

mention the Proposal here to hyperlink it to each other


Thanks, @johanga for your kind words.

Yes as planned we had 3 AMAs each in a week. Unfortunately, the last AMA with StaderNear got shifted to next week because of the clash with Alex’s weekly live.

We always collaborate with TPG in making videos. Since they were busy with the Hackathon ETH India. The video is under preparation and can be out anytime soon.

Yes. The whole intention of the Podcast is to bring core team members and understand how the grants process works. You were the go-to person for us to know and understand the core team working time. The last few months were hectic for the core team and we will start planning out the schedule with the team to make it happen this month.

We have also mentioned it in brief in the November report.

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