[REPORT] Aurora Turkey August 2022

Hi everyone, I am happy to share our first report for the Turkish AURORA community with you.

As mentioned in my proposal [Approved] AURORA Turkey August / September 2022 we have created a Telegram, Twitter and Medium Aurora Turkish account for our community.
Please make sure you are following the correct social media accounts, to make it easier I’ll post them here :slight_smile:

Telegram chat: Telegram: Contact @auroraisneartr
Telegram news: Telegram: Contact @auroranearhaber
Twitter: https://twitter.com/auroraisneartr
Medium: auroraisneartr – Medium

This is a summary report of all our activities for August:

We’ve created the Aurora Turkish group and invited our community members. Most of them are from the Near Turkish community group Telegram: Contact @near_tr and different turkish community groups we are partnered with. We are sharing the Aurora turkish group continuesly there.

Some Statistics:

We are in contact with Aurora Community core team and sharing all news on our social media accounts in time. All news are also shared on auroranearhaber

Planned AMA with Kriptotutkunlari, AMA details will be shared end of september!

We’ve created the Aurora Twitter account.
Posted tweets: 41
Profile visits: +10000
Followers: 245
More details:

Followeraudit report:
Twitter Follower Audit: is a platform that accurately predicts the number of fake followers from any public Twitter account. You can review our audit here:

The audit helps us to identfiy fake followers and remove them. Useful for everyone in my opinion, you can review up to 5k followers in the free plan.

Twitter event:
To celebrate our new turkish community, we have organized a giveaway on Twitter. Giveaway date 04.09.2022

Medium articles
We’ve created the Aurora Turkish Medium account auroraisneartr – Medium and shared articles.
Amount of articles: 9

News portal articles
Amount of articles 6

Total amount: 15
Exptected amount: 6

Youtube video Aurora staking
We’ve shared an educational video on youtube about how to stake Aurora with NEAR.
Aurora Staking

My next report will be at the end of september.
Thank you for your support!
@ell @Alex_J


There is also no information about the various giveaways or how the grant money was spent.
The article about LiNEAR is not about Aurora, and is more about NEAR.
Active news channel in Telegram, but few subscribers.It takes work on attraction.

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Hi @Vladislav_vl25

first of all thank you for your feedback!

we’ve announced the giveaway winners in this tweet: https://twitter.com/auroraisneartr/status/1566507306354974723?s=20&t=11_em7vKU8VPQ8FicfPUUA
Giveaway link can be find here: https://app-sorteos.com/w/6432OZ

Total requested amount for giveaways was 300$ → August + September
The proposal was written for two months and we didn’t receive the payment in time, thats the reason why there is no detailled information.
At the end of september I will write a more detailled report about how the money was spent.

You are right, I made a mistake copying the link, I will move the article to NEAR Medium.

The news channel is linked to the Aurora group and the community reads the news directly while communicating in the chat. In the first two months we focus more on building content and keeping the group active. However, we will work to increase the number of members and viewers in the news channel as well.

Btw. @Vladislav_vl25 I see you comment almost the same in all reports. please note that you sent the topic on how to make a report one week ago, I’m not sure all guild leaders are aware of this. My proposal and report was written according to this topic
Maybe a pinned message in the forum would help to let all members know about how to write a report, otherwise you’ll have to write the same thing multiple times here in the comments. It’s just a suggestion to make better use of your time :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Howdy, cizi.

Thanks for the explanations.

It’s great that you pointed out the winners in Twitter, but that’s why we need reports, so that some information is available to everyone.

Sometimes people appreciate a more personalized approach, to have someone remind them. :wink:

We will certainly pin a topic about the report and look forward to the detailed reports next month.