[REPORT] Aurora Turkey August 2022

Hi @Vladislav_vl25

first of all thank you for your feedback!

we’ve announced the giveaway winners in this tweet: https://twitter.com/auroraisneartr/status/1566507306354974723?s=20&t=11_em7vKU8VPQ8FicfPUUA
Giveaway link can be find here: https://app-sorteos.com/w/6432OZ

Total requested amount for giveaways was 300$ → August + September
The proposal was written for two months and we didn’t receive the payment in time, thats the reason why there is no detailled information.
At the end of september I will write a more detailled report about how the money was spent.

You are right, I made a mistake copying the link, I will move the article to NEAR Medium.

The news channel is linked to the Aurora group and the community reads the news directly while communicating in the chat. In the first two months we focus more on building content and keeping the group active. However, we will work to increase the number of members and viewers in the news channel as well.

Btw. @Vladislav_vl25 I see you comment almost the same in all reports. please note that you sent the topic on how to make a report one week ago, I’m not sure all guild leaders are aware of this. My proposal and report was written according to this topic
Maybe a pinned message in the forum would help to let all members know about how to write a report, otherwise you’ll have to write the same thing multiple times here in the comments. It’s just a suggestion to make better use of your time :slight_smile:

Thank you!