[REPORT] Aurora Venezuela December 2022

Previous proposal
([Approved] Aurora Venezuela - December/January)

Approved amount in $

$5000 (split in two months/December/January)

Currently report: December


Guild name:

Aurora Venezuela



Main Content


11 Articles (https://auroravenezuela.medium.com/)

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AMA 1 : 6-Dec-2022 CoinEx visita Aurora Venezuela Telegram channel 15 participants
Link: Here

AMA 2: 13-Dec-2022 Satoshi Tuesday - Podcast NFT/ Live - Youtube 14 live participants and 52 views
Link: Here

AMA 3 : 20-Dec-2022 Satoshi Tuesday - Podcast Monster Comedy Club el proyecto NFT de Venezuela? / Live - Youtube 6 live participants 19 views
Link: Here

AMA 4 : 26-Dec-2022 Herramientas de seguimiento de activos; DeFi, NFTs y más, 18 participants
Link: Here

Giveaway, Contest

Please see our detailed and transparent table:
Giveaways & rewards
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Date, Giveaway name, Channel, Nº Participants, Winners, Event Links, Contest Link, Total Reward (USD), Prize (USD), Prize (AURORA), Telegram user, Wallets, transaction hash.

(Contest organizer, promotions & flyers design)

Total Giveaway budget executed

Grant distribution

Activities Description Budget
Activities questionnaires, giveaways, contests, quizzes, games, contests organization, arts $200
Staff salaries Project Manager, Medium Manager, Twitter Manager, TG moderators(4) $1200
Creation of 10+ blog posts on Medium Aurora Venezuela AURORA articles, translations, projects, (500 to 1000 words each, 7 writers and translators from community) $600
AMAs, Podcasts, Workshops AURORA Network and ecosystem, AURORA projects, Workshops $500

Staff distribution

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Aurora Venezuela Team for this period**

Activity Member
Project Manager: Ulises Marin @ramgor
Telegram group moderators: Julián Mostacero @bacohorse, Alejandro Moreno @alejandrom, Francisco John @Francisco, Gilbert Betancourt @gilberthbetancourt
Twitter Team: Frank Cárdenas @devilhorse, Nabiaska García @Pochis22.
Medium Content Curator: América Castro @ame9986
AMAs / Workshops organizer: Fritz Wagner @fritzworm
Medium Writers: Francisco John @Fracisco, Milly Rodriguez @MillyR06, Nicole Adames @Nicole, Yaneisia Hernandez @YaneisiaLHF, Alejandro Moreno @alejandrom, Juan Peña @jeph, America Castro @ame9986

Daily Content / Growth

(rounded numbers, no decimals)

Twitter (@venezuelaaurora)

(TWITTER Inc. corrected the users subtracted before by mistake and gave us back more than 100 users at once)


  • Nov 481, Dic 799 +318 (monthly goal +125)
  • Progress in followers 66%
  • Progress according to our goal 254%


  • Posted tweets_ Nov: 130_ Dic: 108 Progress -20%
  • Impressions:__ Nov 16.7k Dic: 18.5k Progress 11%
  • Mentions: ____ Nov. 402. Dic: 438 Progress 9%
  • Profile visits : _ Nov 13.9k. Dic: 14.2k Progress 2%

Telegram News Channel - Aurora Anuncios en Español:

Link: Telegram: Contact @anunciosauroraES

  • Followers Nov: 29. Dic: 37, +8 . Progress 27%
  • News posted: 130

Telegram Group (Telegram: Contact @venezuelaaurora)


  • Nov: 387, Dic: 522, +135 (monthly goal +100)
  • Progress in followers 35%
  • Progress according to our goal 135%


  • Messages :________Nov: 6338, Dic 9107, progress 44%
  • Online participants:__Nov 62, Dic: 58, progress -6%
  • Monthly Active Users Nov 242, Dic: 247, progress 2%

Medium (https://auroravenezuela.medium.com/)


  • Nov: 60, Dic: 87 +27 (monthly goal +10)
  • Progress in followers + 45%
  • Progress according to our goal 270%


  • Our goal for November: 10 articles. We achieved 11 articles
  • Progress according to our goal 110%


  • Readings Nov: 250 Dic: 275 –Progress 9% (monthly goal +250)
  • Views Nov: 628 Dic: 571 — Progress % -10 (monthly goal +600)

We keep track of our statistics as a metric to advance in our mission, emphasizing the needs of spreading the message rather than focusing on getting new followers as our only goal. Keeping what we have built to date.

Our compromise is to make more and more people meet about the Aurora ecosystem.
We are so grateful to the Aurora grants program for Their support. We will keep building a strong, participative, and enthusiastic community for Aurora in Venezuela.


thanks for a good job :pray:

Aurora Venezuela community is growing! :green_heart: and our next steps are - to become stronger all together:)
let’s cooperate more with other guilds, and exchange events with Aurora Latam in discord on the common-language server, as well as on Twitter; i’d also recommend doing the same for Eastern Europe and Ukraine Guilds , because i believe in the power of collaborations for web3-communities :blush:

great new stickers :wink: but I couldn’t notice it was a contest in your events, right?

also, can’t say that AMAs were very successful. as an experiment you’re able to make common AMAs with other regional guilds or/and ecosystem projects)

have a great day!


your guidance is also part of those results :pray:

The whole team will engage with the discord channel in spanish that we have now in common ! :muscle:

they were provided by a community member as a collaboration! :blush:

I Agree with you! we can do better here!
we are always trying different formats and styles. Sometimes I don’t like the results of what we do, after done . we are all learning from our own mistakes everyday :face_with_monocle: