[Approved] Aurora Venezuela - February/March

Greetings Auroreans! ! :wave:

Following our guild’s success last period (December/January), we want to continue the work of growing and maintaining the community of Aurora in Venezuela, according to our December/January proposal and showed in our reports.

[REPORT] Aurora Venezuela December .

[REPORT] Aurora Venezuela January


2. Country: Venezuela

3. Links to social media and how many members they have according to our last report (January):

Twitter @venezuelaaurora

Followers: 924

Telegram @venezuelaaurora

Members: 622

Telegram News Channel - Aurora Anuncios en Español:

Telegram: Contact @anunciosauroraES

Members 55

Medium Aurora Venezuela

Followers 109

4. Aurora Venezuela Team for this period

Activity Member
Project Manager: Ulises Marin @ramgor
Telegram group moderators: Julián Mostacero @bacohorse, Alejandro Moreno @alejandrom, Gilberth Betancourt @gilberthbetancourt
Twitter Team: Frank Cárdenas @devilhorse, Nabiaska García @Pochis22
Medium Content Curator: América Castro @ame9986
AMAs / Workshops organizer: Fritz Wagner @fritzworm
Medium Writers: Francisco John @Fracisco, Milly Rodriguez @MillyR06, Nicole Adames @Nicole, Yaneisia Hernandez @YaneisiaLHF, Alejandro Moreno @alejandrom, Juan Peña @jeph, America Castro @ame9986

5. Funding scheme: 2 Months

USD$2,500 February

USD$2,500 March

6. Proposal summary Metric/KPI to track results

For us, it is essential to deliver accurate results, and here we can present the following metrics for this period :

  • Grow our Aurora Venezuela Telegram Group:
    Members reported 622, we will add 100+ members monthly

  • Grow our Twitter Account: @auroraVenezuela
    Followers reported 924, we will add 100+ followers monthly

  • Grow our Medium blog: Aurora Venezuela
    Followers reported 109, we will add 10+ followers and 600+ views Monthly and 200+ Readings

  • Write 10+ articles monthly, guides, and how-to guides on our Aurora Venezuela Medium Blog

  • Held 4 AMAs (minimum) monthly, inviting other communities to explain and introduce Aurora’s ecosystem and Aurora’s projects

  • Create and run: weekly quiz(4+), giveaways, contests, to promote Aurora in the community.

  • Translating every single news and announcements published in the @awesomeaurora Telegram Channel to our Channel: Aurora Telegram News in Spanish @anunciosauroraES Aurora Anuncios en Español:

7. Links to similar proposals on the forum

__ [Approved] Aurora Venezuela December/January

__ [Approved] Aurora Venezuela - October/November


__ [REPORT] Aurora Venezuela December

__ [REPORT] Aurora Venezuela January

8. Funding Details

For these activities, we are keeping the same $2500 monthly payment scheme, distributed as follows:

Activities Description Budget period
Activities Giveaways, contests, quizzes, games, contests-organization, arts $200 monthly
Staff salaries Project Manager, Medium Manager, Twitter Manager, TG moderators(4) $1200 monthly
Creation of 10+ blog posts on Medium Aurora Venezuela AURORA articles, projects, (500 to 1000 words each) $600 monthly
AMAs, Podcasts, Workshops Introducing AURORA Network, Aurora ecosystem and its projects, to other Hispanic Crypto-communities and projects. $500 monthly

9.Total requested amount for two months in USD: $5000

( $2500 February, $2500 March)

10 Near Wallet ID: ramgor.near

11. Name: Ulises Marin

12. Telegram handle: @ramgor86

13: Email rogmarmarin@gmail.com

The Aurora Venezuela community is always grateful to Aurora, the Aurora Community grants program, and its team members: @Alex_J and @ell, for your support, And their team of mentors and collaborators @johanga and @Dk_51.

Thank you all for your compromise.

Our commitment will always be to keep going and building a strong, participative, and enthusiastic community for Aurora in Venezuela.



Your proposal is approved


Appreciate your support! :smiley:


Good evening! Moving to approved. Thanks for great job!


I’m glad to see our efforts turning into your appreciation and approval. :blush: