[Approved] Aurora Venezuela - October/November

Greetings Auroreans! :wave:
Following the success that our guild had last period (September), today, we want to continue the work to grow the community of Aurora in Venezuela, as we promised in our September proposal and showed in our report.


  2. Country: Venezuela

  3. Links on social media.

Members in the social media according to our last report:

Twitter @venezuelaaurora

Followers: 204

Telegram @venezuelaaurora

Members: 184

Medium Aurora Venezuela

Followers 30

  1. Aurora Venezuela Team

Activitie Member
Project Manager: Ulises Marin @ramgor
Telegram group moderators: Fritz Wagner @fritzworm , Julián Mostacero @bacohorse , Alejandro Moreno @alejandrom .
Twitter manager: Frank Cárdenas @devilhorse
Medium Content Manager: América Castro @ame9986
AMAs organizer: Arturo Hernandez @arturoadelante

Medium Writers

Milly Rodríguez, Francisco, Nicole Adames, Juan Peña @Jeph

  1. Funding scheme: 2 Months

USD$2,500 October
USD$2,500 November

  1. Proposal summary Metric/KPI to track results

For us it is important to deliver real results, so we are sure that we can present the following metrics for each month (October, November) as we did in September.

  • Grow our Aurora Venezuela Telegram Channel:
    Members reported 184, we will add 100+ members monthly

  • Grow our Twitter Account: @auroraVenezuela
    Followers reported 204, we will add 125+ followers monthly

  • Grow our Medium blog: Aurora Venezuela
    Followers reported 30, we will add 15+ followers and 500+ views Monthly

  • Write 10+ articles monthly, guides, and how-to guides on our Aurora Venezuelan Medium Blog

  • Held 4 AMAs monthly explaining Aurora’s ecosystems and Aurora’s dapps

  • Create and run: giveaways, contests, to promote Aurora in the community.

  1. Links to similar proposals on the forum

[Approved] Aurora Venezuela August/September


[REPORT] Aurora Venezuela September

  1. Funding Details

For these activities, we are keeping the same $2500 monthly payment scheme, distributed as follows:

Activities Descriptión Budget period
Activities questionnaires, meme contests, promos, games. $200 monthly
Staff salaries Project Manager, Medium Manager, Twitter Manager, TG moderators(3) $1000 monthly
Creation of 10+ blog posts on Medium Aurora Venezuela AURORA articles, projects, (500 to 1000 words each) $800 monthly
4 AMAs AURORA Network, Solidity, AURORA projects $500 monthly
  1. Total requested amount for two months in USD: $5000

    ( $2500 October, $2500 November)

  2. Near Wallet ID: ramgor.near

  3. Name: Ulises Marin

  4. Telegram handle: @ramgor86

  5. Email rogmarmarin@gmail.com

The Aurora Venezuela community wants to thank Aurora and the Aurora Community grants program team members: @Alex_J and @ell for your trust. We are committed to keep building a strong, participative, and enthusiastic community for Aurora in Venezuela.

Please, if there is any question, feedback, or word of support, we will appreciate it.


Hello @ramgor I’m so happy to contribute to Aurora Venezuela! Keep Building - mates


Proposal is approved


We appreciate your support and trust in our Guild. We will continue working to grow the AURORA community and spread its benefits. :muscle:


Proposal is approved


Good morning, please wait for an agreement on your email.


Ok I.ll be aware thanks!