[Report] Aurora Vietnam Feb, Mar 2023

Hello, Aurora community!

Cc @ell @Alex_J @Vladislav_vl25

Thank you for allowing us to build the Aurora Vietnam community in Feb, Mar’23!

Previous proposal

Approved amount in $

$3500*2 = $7000

Guild name:

Aurora Vietnam guild



Main Content:

Here is our report comparing between plan & actual of Feb, Mar 2023:

No Activity Plan Feb, Mar 2023 Actual Growth % Grant/ month
1 Twitter content strategy & execution Translate & stream unlimited news from AuroraTotal: 1200 followers Feb:160 post, 41K impressions Proof: image hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB Mar:238 posts, 35,4K impressions Proof: image hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB Total: 77K impressions 1802 followers 150% $1500
2 Telegram moderation 1250 organic members Feb: 117 announcements, 74 Discord news Mar: 166 announcements, 94 Discord news => 1234 members Proof: Aurora DAO Dashboard 98% $600
3 Medium article translation & creation 10 medium articles Feb: 8 translations, 2 creationsMar: 6 translations, 4 creations Total: 14 translations, 6 creations 200% $500
4 Online events 6 events Feb: 2 AMA, 1 community call, 3 events Mar: 2 AMA, 1 community call, 4 event Total: 13 events 210% $300
5 Tiktok 8 videos2400 views Feb: 4 videos, 4400 views Mar: 5 videos, 5415 views Total 9 videos, 9800 views 112% $300
6 Dev Solidity community building 2 events Feb: 1 event Mar: 1 event Total 2 events 100% $400
7 Aurora plus Extra:400 $aurora received Register 172 registration N/A
8 NEAR Social 100 followers from NEAR VN 104 followers link N/A
Sub Total per month $3600
Total 2 months $7200
Actual funding $7000

Detail explanation:

Thanks to the support and engagement of the local & global community, we have achieved all the targets successfully, minimum with some key highlights as below:

Our unique selling is delivering Expertise - Practical - Objective content in the local language and English on all social media channels.


  • Update the news stream from Aurora community core, with a weekly recap image on Monday.
  • Deliver a holistic view of the whole NEAR ecosystem on NEAR VN Twitter
  • Focusing on Aurora’s latest news on Aurora VN Twitter


  • Deliver degens news to the community for testing the product with incentive.
  • Defi news: FED inflation rate, Crypto general news, … weekly to increase engagements


  • Conduct a project review article before the AMA event, and an AMA recap afterward, both in EN/VN language
  • Deliver news with Dev point of view but easy to understand on medium article, notion

Online events:

  • Outreach to essential projects, conduct a review and 10 AMAs have been hosted both in local or English, with up to more than 200 listeners for big projects.
AMA OpenBisea AMA Cyber connect
AMA Metapool AMA Polaris Finance
Community call Community call
  • AMA with CyberConnect/Link3 to recruit new users to Aurora telegram. (Link3.to is a Web3 social network of verifiable identities to build meaningful relationships with communities. Built with @CyberConnectHQ_)
  • 7 community events, including
    • Learn to Earn
    • Follow to Earn
  • Establishment of NEAR | Aurora VN DAO (15 members) and conduct activities based on DAO proposal: XDAO – MultiChain DAO Ecosystem
    More activities will coming soon to retain the core DAO member engagements.

Dev Solidity community building:

  • Dev registration list as link Devs List
  • Host 2 online events for Devs for the below topic:
Solidity dev Design pattern Dapp Upgradable smart contract


  • Market trending is Layer 2 ETH, Liquid Staking Derivaties, AI, or Airdrop, currently we are not on the hype.
  • We try to find good projects on Aurora to endorse, and recruit new users for the whole ecosystem but it’s quite hard to find.

Thanks for reading! I hope our report will give you some inspiration after reading it!

And please feel free to give us feedback so we can keep improving the content & approach direction for recruiting more users toward the Aurora ecosystem.

NEAR VN | Aurora VN team.


Good morn!
Here is your work done in February - March

Socials February - March
No. of Followers Planned Achieved
Telegram 1250 1231
Twitter 1200 1802
Medium followers 53 62
Articles 20 21
Tik Tok Videos 8 9
Events 8 10
AMAs 4 7

Community Monthly Growth

Let’s invite community members to play the Aurora WORDL game, and also use Aurora Tip-bot for community rewards distribution too, Thanks for a great job!

#AuroraOneLove :green_heart: